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  • We went to one of my best friend’s wedding in El Paso and had the best time. It was so good to see him. We also went hiking and ate some great Mexican food.
  • The NBA Finals start tonight. Go Warriors!
  • Has anyone seen the new Aladdin? We want to see it.
  • The world’s most valuable brands.
  • It has been raining in Salt Lake for weeks. I am wondering if we will ever get some sun.


  • New this week, my favorite salad dressing, you only need 5 ingredients, and the best salad topper! And did you see the post about our new favorite kitchen appliance?
  • We had fun in El Paso, Texas. If you ever go, here are our recommendations. Stay at Hotel Indigo. It is a fun hotel with a cool vibe. The rooms are clean, spacious, and comfortable. They also have a fantastic pool. Eat at Elemi, it is a MUST! We both LOVED it! We ordered the cactus salad, brussels sprouts with salsa mocha, balsamic, agave, and goat cheese crema, veggie taco, and fish taco. Everything was amazing, especially the fresh blue corn tortillas. I can’t stop thinking of our meal! We also ate breakfast at 150 Sunset and it was good. If you like to hike, El Paso has a lot of options. We hiked one morning and it was so pretty and perfect weather too!
  • Hoping to start this book soon. Anyone read it?
  • We had friends over for dinner on Memorial Day and I made brownies and blondies for dessert. Are you on team brownie or blondie? I had both, so I am neutral:) Recipes are coming soon!
  • I need to do this for Maxwell. So smart! He gets it right most of the time, but I still have to check sometimes.
  • Important things to teach our children.
  • My peonies are about to open and I am giddy with excitement!
  • Love this textured lightweight hoodie.
  • Gorgeous pie!
  • I came down with a stomach bug this week and was in bed all day yesterday. I am supposed to go to Vermont today. I hope I can make it. I am taking one hour at a time.
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  1. I have not read Next Year in Havana but have heard great things and have it on my to be read list! Can’t wait to hear how you like it.

  2. I hope you feel better! VT is one place my family and I visit 2-3 times a year…we really like it there! Where are you going while there?

  3. Just finished Next Year in Havana and iI thought it was excellent. I also just read Lost Roses and I loved it. I learned a lot about the historical facts of the periods in both books.

  4. I am planning to read Next Year in Havansh – have had it in my library cart for ever – Haha- hope you feel better soon

  5. UGH….feel better quick….no fun! I love those little shoes and I never used the sticker trick, what a cute idea.

    I hope you have safe travels if you are able to go. I also love that hoodie!

  6. hey y’all- great list! The food in El Paso looks amazing! Maria hope your feeling better- I’ll be praying for you today.

    1. Thanks! My dress is from ASOS but I am pretty sure it is sold out:( Maybe they will restock?

  7. What a great picture of you two. Maria, your brown eyes are just beautiful. Love reading your blog a nd hearing all the exciting things you are doing. You take care of yourself. Gail R

  8. Hope you got over your stomach bug! Traveling + tummy issues= major bummer. Make sure to take your boys to Aladdin. Action packed yet feel good movie! My second grader loved it. Loved your dress(?)…great colors on you.

  9. OK, I just got the hoodie in the mail. They had a big sale and shipping was free so I HAD to get it, right? It is so darn cute! I went back and forth between the red and white and I ended up getting the white. Now after seeing it I need the red too! You always find the cutest things!

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