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  • Still enjoying summer! Utah is a beautiful place to be!
  • The boys had basketball camp this week and I think it’s been the highlight of their summer, or at least at the very top of the list.
  • Has anyone seen the new Lion King movie? Do you think it is too scary for Maxwell? He wants to see it, I am just curious if there are dark parts.
  • Speaking of Maxwell, he turns 5 on Monday and I can’t believe it.


  • New this week, a summer favorite that is so simple to make and my new favorite tacos!
  • The Nordstrom Sale ends Sunday, see all of my favorites here. I also added these and this to my cart! So pretty!
  • Did anyone watch the series finale for Jane the Virgin? No spoilers, but I am really sad the show is over. It was a fun one!
  • Making these this weekend. Seriously, my favorite!
  • We went to a cooking class last night at Traeger Grills and it was so much fun! Amanda Haas taught the class and I just love her and her recipes. Make sure you check out her new cookbook, it’s fabulous!
  • The coziest!
  • Sign me up for a piece of this!
  • Maxwell’s birthday is on Monday and he requested a dinosaur party. Wish me luck:)
  • Dying over these bars!
  • Loving the fall vibes in this dress.
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  1. Oooh! Do love that dress! Love the length!
    The price…a bit steep…just to buy it with no “special” events on the horizon this fall….so pretty tho’!

  2. I don’t know if you’ve found these on pinterest but when my son requested a dinosaur party for his 5th birthday his favorite part were dino eggs – you use coffee grounds and flour and put a plastic dino toy inside. It was easy (for me) and the kids all LOVED cracking open the eggs to find the dino

  3. I saw the Lion King last Saturday with my husband. I thought it was great and loved the digital animation and new voices, but there were scary parts for me at age 58, so I definitely think it is way too scary for a 5 year old!!

  4. Happy birthday to Maxwell on Monday! Good luck with the dinosaur party and I want to try those cookies. They look delicious!

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