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1. Caleb has been a little snuggler lately. He even laid down to take a nap with me. It is great snuggling with this little guy.

2. We love watching the NCAA tournament, but over the weekend there was a horrific injury during the Louisville vs. Duke game. Kevin Ware was the young man injured. Try not to watch a video of the injury, it will sour your stomach. Our hearts and prayers go out to Kevin and his recovery.

3. This film maker makes some fabulous short films on YouTube. Many are of extreme sports, but some are very creative and fun. I could not pick a favorite, so here is his main page. Check it out. And here is a best of video.


4. I have documented on here before that Steak ‘n Shake has my favorite chocolate shakes. Too bad there isn’t a Steak ‘n Shake within 1,000 miles of our home. Chick-fil-A has opened several locations in Utah recently and I heard they have good shakes, supposedly comparable to Steak ‘n Shake. Well, I tried a chocolate shake and yup they make a great shake.



1. We had a great Easter. Caleb loved dying eggs and going on a egg hunt with his cousin Aubrey. He didn’t really care what was inside the eggs, maybe because we didn’t put any candy inside. He wanted to throw the eggs like balls.

2. Old bottles, paper, and twine-even I can do this one! Now I just need Josh to bring me some flowers:)


3. Oh wait, Josh just did surprise me with flowers. Just because. I am one lucky lady!

4. Can we talk about coconut water for a second? I just don’t get it. I’ve tried to like it, but every time I take a sip I want to spit it right back out. What am I missing? Do you like coconut water? I love coconut, but coconut water you have me puzzled. I just don’t get you.


5. Avocado toast-best lunch ever. I am glad Caleb agrees.

6. I finished all nine seasons of One Tree Hill. Where’s my medal? I actually ended up liking the show. Lots of drama, but hey, I like drama…as long as it’s in a TV show.


7. Ending the day with a bath is always a good idea. Especially if the bath is in the kitchen sink with a mohawk.

8. April is National Grilled Cheese Month! I can’t decide if my favorite grilled cheese sandwich is our Parmesan Crusted Pesto Grilled Cheese or our Guacamole Grilled Cheese. I guess I better have a throwdown this month to decide. Bring on the cheese!


9. Caleb has been hard at work this week. He is currently researching horses. Little smarty pants! And don’t worry, Josh is standing right behind him:)

10. We are leaving on a jet plane to go to California today. We are attending an event with Driscoll’s and going to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Event. Should be a good time! Follow us on Instagram for trip updates! And Petunia Pickle Bottom makes packing A LOT more fun:)


11. Caleb found a mud puddle at the park. He was having a good time until we pulled him out. Boys will be boys!

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  1. I don’t like coconut water either, but recently did a half marathon and they were passing out chocolate-flavored coconut water. I really liked that! So maybe you should try some flavored coconut water before completely throwing in the towel on it.

  2. I haven’t tried coconut water. I have trouble justifying spending that much on water (yet I”ll happily spend tons of money on coffee haha). Your little pea- so cute! I adore the bathtub picture. Have fun on your trip

  3. I’m totally the opposite on the whole coconut thing. I hate coconut anything but for some reason love coconut water. I can drink it plain or flavored but oddly prefer the plain.

  4. Aww….Caleb gets cuter with every pic I get to see! It’ so great that you just enjoy the moment with him cuz it goes by so fast,( wish I would of did way more with my son)Love that he found that puddle lol and bath time well,just look at that face it says it all,Oh my gosh! I wish I was going with you to that Driscoll’s event I LOVE there fruit! lol sounds like the song ” Leaving on a jet plan” sung by Peter,Paul & Mary written By John Dever,(miss him,RIP JD)any hoo,Maria, I’d take that pic of Daddy and Caleb make an 8×10, frame it and put on the wall,just looking at that would put a smile on my face! Whispering in Maria ear,I can just tell your such a Great wife and mommie!(Plaease don’t think I’m some kind of Weirdo lol,I just think family comes first and I sooo love kids and my passion for food and cooking,well have great one!

  5. I am with you on the coconut water. My husband loves it but I think it sort of tastes like spit, especially as it gets warmer.

  6. I didn’t like coconut water at first, but then I found it was just a certain brand I didn’t care for. I would recommend the Naked brand of coconut water. I really enjoy the mango flavored one and always drink it cold because it’s nasty at room tempature! It’s so much better for you after runs/working out or if you’re sick than sports drinks loaded with sugar. I hope you’ll give it another try!

  7. I’m with you on coconut water! I can’t get on the plain coconut water train. However, I do love Zico’s chocolate flavored coconut water… It tastes like chocolate milk to me!

    And that injury was so awful. I had to turn away when they showed a replay and turned off the video, but my younger brother played a mean joke on me and sent me a picture of the injured player without warning! Ick!

  8. THE BEST chocolate shake comes from Mr. Burger here in West Michigan. Please try it if you ever make it over to the Mitten ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW, our little guy (4 months old), is a Cruze Caleb – great choice in names!

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