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  • The boys had a blast on Halloween. Maxwell continues to wear his costume every day.
  • I am bummed the Patriots lost but the Utes are still going strong.
  • Thanks for all of your vehicle suggestions last week. We are still trying to decide. Maria is not very good at making decisions..ha!
  • The world we live in is hurting our ears.
  • Find the love in what we do.
  • You guys are loving this recipe right now.


  • New this week, a super easy recipe, just beware, they are addicting. And the perfect holiday salad!
  • Halloween, sugar overload, and daylight saving time. Whew, what a week! It gets dark SO early and I am ready for bed by 8 p.m.
  • This coat is GOOD and a good price too!
  • Pass the pasta!
  • I am guilty of this!
  • The NBA has been interesting so far. I am beyond bummed that Steph Curry is out with a broken hand, but I am still a Warriors fan, it’s just a very different team. They will be back someday! I am really enjoying the Jazz this year!
  • The coziest!
  • Black and white.
  • Love this list!
  • When do you decorate for Christmas? Before or after Thanksgiving? We always wait until after Thanksgiving but I feel like so many people already have their trees up. And the stores are playing Christmas music and have all of the holiday merchandise out. One holiday at a time people:)
  • A Coatigan! LOVE!
  • Great tips for traveling with little ones.
  • If you live in Utah, I am doing a book signing at Hearth & Hill restaurant in Park City on November 14th from 6-8pm. They will be featuring recipes from our cookbook, so come eat and say hi! Details HERE!
  • I am having some girlfriends over tonight for a little cookie party and I am excited. I am showing them how to make the chocolate chip cookies in our cookbook. Plus, I am baking a few of my other favorite cookie recipes. I will share some behind the scenes on Instagram stories!! I wish you could all come over and bake with me!
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This and That

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  1. Where is the recipe for the cookies in this picture? They look amazing! I went on your site but the M&M cookies don’t look the same as these. Did you add more to these? I would love to make them! You are always a goto for my meals! Keep up the delicious recipes!

    1. Its the CCC recipe from our cookbook but I chopped up LOTS of Halloween candy and mixed it in! They turned out great!

    2. The recipe is our chocolate chip cookie recipe in our book but I added LOTS of Halloween candy. I chopped up several kinds of candy bars and stirred them in. M&M’s too! The boys loved them!

  2. The tabs! Oh my gosh! I thought that I was the only one! I have had to tell my kids many times”No! Don’t close my tabs!”

  3. I want to leave up Thanksgiving/fall decor until after Thanksgiving – we’re hosting dinner so it would seem weird to have the house decorated for Christmas while we are enjoying our turkey, you know??? But I did start listening to Christmas music today and I’m SO happy about it! And those look like your CCC from your cookbook but with M&Ms? Is that right? I have a bunch of leftover M&Ms from Halloween so I think I need to make those this weekend!!

  4. I am the worst offender of leaving so many tabs open. My husband gets after me and says it slows my computer down. Then I do something – I don’t know what – and I lose them all. I feel like my life is over when that happens…
    On another note…there was a nice article in the Park Record Nov. 9th about the book signing and dinner at Hearth & Hill (one of my favorite restaurants, BTW) but it lists the time from 5-7pm. Just thought you better know…
    Thanks for all the sharing you do!