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  • On Saturday, I hiked 10 miles in the Wasatch back country with some buddies. It was so awesome! I love getting outside in the winter.
  • Well, the Super Bowl has been decided and we aren’t thrilled with the final two teams. I don’t know who to cheer for.
  • Thanks for all of the book recommendations for Caleb on last week’s post. We already went to the library and checked some new books out. If you need book ideas for an 8-year old, or around that age, check out the comments in this post.
  • I finally saw the new Star Wars, it was great!


  • New this week, a healthy sweet treat that’s great for on the go, a chili recipe that will warm you up, and EASY homemade biscuits that you will love!
  • Ordering this in the charcoal leopard color. Or maybe all the colors:)
  • Is anyone else in major cleaning/organizing mode? Every day I have been tackling one area, cabinet, drawer, etc. of the house and it feels SO good! My office is finally in order and it feels so good! While I was cleaning, I found my stationery and sticker collection from grade school. Any other Lisa Frank fans out there? I was obsessed!
  • Fall asleep faster.
  • Grey’s and A Million Little Things are back on tonight. I can’t wait to watch! I am also watching Cheer on Netflix. Everyone was talking about it so I had to:)
  • Since we aren’t that excited about the teams in the Super Bowl, I guess we can focus on the food:) I am not sure what we should make this year. Should we do pizza, a few kinds of chili, or do a bunch of fun appetizers?? Hmmmm. If you are looking for a crowd pleaser, these are always a hit!
  • We just ordered the cutest valentines from Minted. Use the code for VDAYESTWO for Free Expedited Shipping! I am also printing a few of these for the boys! So fun!
  • Love this cozy pullover and it’s on sale!
  • This dessert? WHOA!
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  1. Wow! How can you NOT love Patrick Mahomes????!!! Such a great young quarterback, and a pretty awesome guy in real life, too. Chiefs all the way!

  2. I am cheering for the 49ers, if only because Jimmy Garapalo was a Patriot and I’d like to seem him get a ring as a starting QB, I have been in a cleaning mode lately too. Love the Lisa Frank stickers for sure, I think I had it in trapper keeper in middle school. (look at me dating myself) Do they even still make those? LOL

  3. I love having appetizer meals. We so rarely make appetizers for our house of crazy busy kids, that when we can have just a bunch of appetizers, it’s an awesome treat. (And then I have lunches for hte week!)

  4. Also a Pats fan but cheering for the 49ers, simply because of Jimmy G! Excited to try your vegetarian chili recipe, it’s so hard to find a good vegetarian recipe for it. I’m not a vegetarian, but I like to use meat as a side component to most of my meals, and I love cooking vegetarian when I can.

    Thank you for sharing an accurate article about sleep hygiene! I work in sleep medicine, and its so important to share accurate information, especially with so many people using wellness as an excuse to spread inaccurate info. Great tips from a great source!

  5. Hi! I have been following your site for quite awhile now and like to check in for your His/Her posts and recipes of course! I have to say, after Christmas the first thing I wanted to do was clean an organize and purge my home! Instead of waiting around for spring cleaning, I thought why not now. I am mostly through the upper level of my home and I agree with you, it feels great! Good luck with the rest.

    1. I am glad you are enjoying our posts! Nice work on organizing your house! It always feels so good!

  6. hey y’all- great list! Maria- I loved Lisa Frank back in the day to! So cool- I am loving ur cook book- great job!!!

  7. I’m from KC so of course I’m cheering for the Chiefs. It’s so refreshing to have someone other than the Patriots in the big game!