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  • We had some awesome ski days over the long weekend. Maxwell did his first black diamond. I can’t believe how much the boys have progressed in just one season. They also insisted on wearing jerseys to ski because all of the cool teenagers wear them, ha!
  • Keep moving.
  • Warming winters are affecting everything.
  • Excited they are doing another movie.


  • New this week, what I am currently loving, an easy sheet pan dinner, and a simple side dish that we make all of the time!
  • This top is so pretty!
  • I forgot how good this is. I made it the other day and I am hooked all over again.
  • Ultimate comfort food.
  • I loved To All the Boys 2. I wish it was a TV show instead of a movie series though. I could easily binge watch it. I am really annoyed with Grey’s. I don’t like the Alex situation and they keep doing crossover episodes. I think they are finally out of content, they can’t do another plane crash:)
  • Love this chunky sweater.
  • Craving this pasta.
  • Love the sleeves.
  • I have to go to the dentist to get a mouth guard today. I guess I grind my teeth at night. I am not looking forward to wearing it, I am worried it will bug me so I won’t sleep. Maybe that is how they work, no sleep, no grinding:)
  • We teamed up with Albion for a fun giveaway! Go enter HERE!
  • These look dreamy!
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    1. It feels more natural and your upper lip doesn’t bump out. I found that when I first got a mouth gyy it and I’d find it on my bedside stand in the a. m here and there. Now I feel naked without it. Lil

  1. you may have trouble sleeping for a night or two. I’ve been wearing a night guard for 20+ years and now can’t sleep without it.

  2. Don’t worry about mouth guard..I was dreading wearing it too and not being able to sleep. It’s totally fine. Wear it week nights only..break on weekends or while on holiday… just because! Brush it with toothpaste in morning to clean; soak it in hot water to soften while brushing my teeth before bed. Good luck!

  3. Man, that sheetpan dinner looks ahh-mazing! Totally saved it to try! I have sweet potatoes I need to use up so I’ll be looking into those recipes too.


    1. I couldn’t sleep for the first two nights with a mouthguard. Now, I notice that when I fall asleep reading when I’m not wearing it, my jaw is sore because of the grinding.

  4. Hi , Wish you much success with your mouth guard. Patience will be the key word until
    you are adjusted to it. Maybe I missed something where oh where is the recipe for those chocolate cookies. I am drooling.

  5. hey y’all- great list! Maria I’m going to have to get that onion chopper- I hate chopping onions to so i just get dried chopped onions in a container! ha