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  • The boys finished ski school for the season and had a blast. I can’t believe how much they progressed in one season. We hope to get a few more fun days in before the snow melts.
  • Crazy the NBA is suspended but a good call until they can figure things out. Bummer about Rudy.
  • I bought a few boxes.
  • I agree with this!
  • The boys are looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day. Maxwell already put a leprechaun trap outside our front door. I hope he catches him, ha! It’s also the one day we let them eat sugar cereal for breakfast, Lucky Charms!


  • New this week, the recipe you’ve all been waiting for and our family’s favorite dessert!
  • Daylight Savings week is always a doozy! Everything is just off! I hope we adjust soon.
  • Three great jackets for spring! One, two, three!
  • I watched Alex’s goodbye on Grey’s and I want a do-over. Letters and flashbacks weren’t enough for me. I won’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but he was on the show for 16 years. I wanted more!
  • Protect yourself! Good tips!
  • Ordering this for summer!
  • Goodbye boring salads! #7 might look familiar.
  • The cutest top!
  • We had a fun photo shoot at our house this week and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!
  • I’m addicted!
  • Things we did as kids. Made me laugh!
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This and That

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  1. Totally agree with you about Grey’s! I realize they probably did the best with what they had, but I did not like the way his story ended at all.

  2. hey y’all- great list! People act like this is a new thing -washing our hands! Three words- Trust in Jesus!!

  3. I love the spring jacket recommendations but I can’t open the first option which I am thinking may be from Gap? Would you be able to provide a new link?