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  • The boys school is out until May 1st now, if not longer. We are trying to keep them busy. We have been going to the high school every morning to run the track, stairs, and do football drills. They love it! P.E. is their favorite class so far, ha!
  • Maria’s dad has been FaceTiming the boys every day to help with their homework. Maria sends him Caleb’s math worksheets so he has them to look at and they go through the problems together. He also tells stories to the boys. It’s nice because they get a break from us and papa is more fun. He’s awesome!
  • This is cool.
  • We are officially Buccaneers fans!
  • We finally got Disney+. The boys are liking the old school Disney movies.


  • New this week, an easy breakfast and a new favorite bread to bake!
  • So many of you made our chocolate banana bread and cinnamon rolls last week. What should we bake next? I am thinking these and these. And maybe I will bake the chocolate chip cookies from our cookbook on Instagram stories. What are you baking?
  • Rereading your childhood favorites. We are reading Charolette’s Web to the boys and Caleb just started The Boxcar Children. What were your favorite books as a kid? I might have to start The Babysitter’s Club. I loved Stacey and Claudia:)
  • I really miss my gym classes. I have always been a group fitness gal. I am still doing workouts every day, but it’s just not the same:( Peloton’s app is free right now with a lot of great workouts (you don’t need the bike) and Kristin’s workouts are still my go to.
  • I made these for dinner last night. One of my all-time favorites!
  • Obsessed with this dress!
  • Love these tips for working at home.
  • The This Is Us season finale, SO many new discoveries!! I want to start Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu. Is anyone watching? Loved the book.
  • Loving all things tie-dyed! This, this, and this!
  • I am going to try and create more recipes with 5 to 10 ingredients. Let me know what ingredients you are keeping on hand and I will get cooking.
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  1. I loved the Beezus and Ramona books as a kid – not sure how old I was when I first started reading them, but they were fun. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was also another fun one that I read multiple times (long before the movie came out).

  2. I read my girls the Swiss Family Robinson book and of course, Little House on the Prairie series. My girls loved the Dear American fiction series, history genre. They are male and female “diaries” of different eras. Have they seen the movie, Homeward Bound?

    1. We have lots of recipes on our site that use tomatoes…marinara sauce, lots of soups, Mexican rice, easy chicken tacos, pastas, etc.

  3. Disney+? Watch Shop Class with the boys. They’ll love it!
    (My husband is a middle school woodshop teacher from Oakland and will be on in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait for his episode!)

  4. Still can’t believe that Tom went to the Bucs, So many theories about that here in New England. We will watch him, we just can’t cheer for him if he is playing the patriots 🙂 Oh forgot all about the boxcar children, loved the babysitters club. Oh what about Shel Silverstein books, always loved them. I have had such a craving for banana bread. Will definitely have to get some the next grocery run, whenever that will be.

    1. Ha!! We love Tom Brady, so we will cheer for the Buccaneers, but it is sad for the Patriots.

  5. It is amazing to me how the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew has survived the years – my son loved them, and I’ve passed them along to our neighbors kids who adore them! Baking? I have a meyer lemon tree in our backyard, so it’s lemon everything! Pie, angel food cake, cookies brownies, bread, muffins….

  6. As a New Englander and a long time..very long…Patriot’s fan, I am still grieving TB12’s move to Tampa Bay. My head knows it was time for him, best for him, to move on but my heart…well, that is broken.
    We were fortunate to have 20 amazing years with him. I was watching a video a local station put together about Tom’s time here. Watching his first start, his first TD pass, his first win and that very first Super Bowl, he looked so young, so brand new. Pat’s fans had no clue of the 20 year ride we were about to experience. I can’t wait to see what he does Tampa Bay.
    I have no doubt he will retire as a Patriot. When he is ready, he will sign a one day contract and
    leave from Gillette. Until then, I will be rooting for him and hope he gets one more ring.

  7. Where the Red Fern Grows was a favorite when I was growing up & my kids loved it as well. I still pull it out every once in awhile to read again. I think your boys would love it.

  8. My son loved Goosebumps and the Indian in the Cupboard. I think there were more to go with it. I loved Nancy Drew, they were so good. Your egg muffins are on my list to make, they look delicious.

  9. I loved The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins/High! I haven’t read Little Fires Everywhere yet; on the e-book waiting list thru my library and it’s probably a mile long! I am watching it though. It’s intense and Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon are superb. I definitely recommend it!

  10. hey y’all- great list! Glad u are staying safe and healthy- praying this will blow over soon- God is in control!!

  11. THANK YOU for opening my eyes to the Peloton App!! I had no idea how extensive their workout library is. I will definitely have fun with this! I also lovvvved Babysitter’s Club and I also loved Nancy Drew. Stay safe and stay healthy!

  12. I tried this recipe with my daughter, swapping in almond flour in an attempt to be gluten free. Delicious, and super easy to follow. My daughter loved mashing the bananas.