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  • There’s a reason yeast is missing from stores. Luckily, we found some because we love pizza nights!
  • Brady and Gronk are back together! So awesome!
  • We introduced the boys to the movie Rudy over the weekend. They loved it, such a great movie.
  • We have a finch nest in our yard. It has three eggs inside and the boys love peeking in every day to see if they have hatched. Not yet.
  • The boys ask for nachos every Sunday and I am always down. Most of us like loaded nachos, but not Maxwell. Only cheese for him, ha!


  • New this week, a simple smoothie, my new favorite EASY dinner, and a snack that is easy to make at home.
  • The weather has been so nice this week. Sunshine and blue skies definitely make our days better. We love being outside and our tulips finally bloomed. YAY!
  • Mother’s Day is coming up, how are you celebrating this year? I think our cookbook would be a great gift for any mom…or yourself:)
  • So pretty!
  • Currently loving this for lunch! SO easy!
  • Good to know!
  • I started watching All American on Netflix, so far so good. I love high school dramas and if football is involved, even better:) We are going to start The Last Dance this weekend. I was a huge MJ fan growing up, so I am excited to watch it.
  • How to tie-dye at home!
  • I made my chocolate chip banana bread on Instagram stories yesterday! The stories are saved in a highlight bubble on my profile, in case you want to watch the tutorial. The loaf didn’t last long at our house:)
  • YES to these!
  • Thank you teachers.
  • Loving my new letter necklace! And the entire site is 30% off right now with the code MAMA30. Plus, free shipping and returns! A few favorites include: this tote, this jacket, this necklace, and this ring!
  • Josh loves these! I will have to make them for him!
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This and That

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  1. Glad Brady & Gronk are together again too. I kinda saw it coming, when Gronk was almost traded a few years ago. Now we will be rooting for the Bucs along with Pats. Who wouldn’t love nachos for dinner?! We have one in our house like Maxwell, no extra toppings. Loved Rudy, and another one is Remember the Titans. I agree with you Marie, sunshine makes all the difference with my mood, especially now.

  2. Brady and Gronk plus the other weapons Tampa Bay has will make for some interesting football…if there even is a season this year. I read that TB12 was pitching a duo to teams as he entered free agency. Gronk was traded to the Lions a few years back but avoided it by telling BB he was retiring. Once the deal fell through, Gronk reversed course and stayed. I knew he would not come back to the Pats but it looks like he has been cooking up this deal Brady for over a year. I hope they both have a great season…they gave NE so,so many.
    Just made another batch of your Cadbury egg cookies.I am using them in cookie bags party favors for my godchild’s 16th birthday “drive by” celebration. I rolled thenmin sprinkles to add a festive look. They are so yummy. I knew they would be perfect.

  3. hey y’all- great list! The food looks so yummy! We also have a birds nest (swallow?) Mama bird built it on the back porch above the window. No baby birds yet. Love the tulips. I only had one yellow one to bloom. It was so pretty while it lasted.