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  • The boys went outside to sunbathe and we were dying. Maxwell even took out foil, ha! We asked him where he came up with that and he said he saw it on a commercial. There is never a dull moment at our house.
  • We can’t party right now, but the animals are.
  • I have been busy working in the yard. We added some raspberries, blackberries, lilacs, peonies, and some other flowers. Next up, the garden!
  • Caleb finished reading his first Harry Potter book so we watched the first movie. He has already started book two.


  • New this week, a healthy and delicious meal and a famous cookie recipe you don’t want to miss!
  • I finished reading Love & Gelato and I loved it! A fun, easy read. So fun story, I shared I was reading the book on Instagram and the author messaged me. It turns out we know each other! We used to go to the same gym years ago, but I had no idea the gym Jenna was the author Jenna. Such a small world! She lives 5 minutes from me and I can’t wait until we can meet up. I am going to read her other book next!
  • The perfect spring meal. We made it last night and I can’t wait to eat leftovers for lunch!
  • Mother’s Day is coming up and here are a few fun gift ideas: our cookbook (obviously), gorgeous roses, cozy pants, cookie baking set, this top, picnic basket, a monogram necklace, affordable Dutch oven or a splurge (it’s so pretty), my favorite hand soaps and lotions, sweatpants, and this pretty pitcher.
  • We have been doing a lot of snack meals lately!
  • Have you guys tried JOJO’s chocolate? I am obsessed and now they have BITES! I have been loving the bites after lunch, when I need something sweet. They come in Original, Peanut Butter Delight, Goes Hawaiian & Raspberry Dream. The Peanut Butter Delight and Original are my favorite. The bites are low in sugar, have added protein and taste amazing! WIN!
  • I made these this week and I think I officially turned into cookie monster:)
  • Is anyone watching Outer Banks? I think that will be my next show.
  • Love the sleeve detail.
  • Making this for pizza night!
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This and That

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  1. Maxwell is living my best “get ready for 1987 grad” life with that tinfoil. Throw in some baby oil with iodine and he’ll have the best glow. I highly do not recommend this!

  2. I just love the joy and fun you guys have with your boys. Children should grow up as yours are – surrounded by love, with lots of time to play and use their imaginations. They remind me so much of my kids when they were small – my youngest is about to turn 30! You will be so glad you have all the pictures and documented memories later.

  3. We watched Outer Banks, it was a good series, I’m hoping they have have a 2nd season also. The tinfoil cracked me up. Your boys are funny and handsome. I have copied your cookie recipe, and will give it a try.
    Thank you