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  • We make homemade pizza almost every Friday night. It’s a fun family tradition. We are still loving this pizza oven. It’s spendy but we use it all of the time.
  • A different way to travel. Pretty cool.
  • Gardening makes you happy.
  • We have been doing a lot of yard work over the past couple of months and I think we are finally at a resting point. I hope, ha! It’s looking good and the garden is growing.


  • New this week, a refreshing summer salad, an easy homemade dressing, the perfect pasta salad, and a FUN summer treat!
  • I ordered this in pink dip dye but I love a lot of the colors.
  • Caleb asked for a PB & J quesadilla for lunch yesterday. I was hesitant to make it but he promised he would eat it all…and he did! I think I will stick to our favorite quesadillas🙂
  • The perfect summer bag.
  • I’ve always wanted to make these!
  • Pick up a copy of The Pioneer Woman’s magazine, the summer issue, and look for us! We are so honored to be featured in Ree’s magazine!
  • Breezy linen top!
  • I really need a new TV show. Send me all of your suggestions!
  • Need this for pool days!
  • Random question, do you like root beer floats? I am not a fan. I think the root beer totally ruins the ice cream. One of the few desserts I will not eat…ha!
  • Good reminders.
  • Father’s Day is on Sunday and we plan on spoiling Josh with all of his favorites: this for breakfast, these for dinner, and these for dessert!
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This and That

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  1. Have you watched Never Have I Ever? It’s Mindy Kaling’s (she is not in it but is the creator/writer) new show and it is so good!

  2. Arby’s is running a special $1 for Root beer Floats – but they’ll also make them with Coke for Root beer haters. I’ll take mine with root beer!

  3. I have been watching In the Dark on CW Thursdays at 9. The main character is blind and she has a seeing eye dog….they are trying to solve a crime and I am all caught up. I also watched the series Little Fires Everywhere on HULU and absolutely loved it….love Reese Witherspoon, and Kerry Washington.

  4. Currently watching Six Feet Under. I’ve seen it all but it’s my wife’s first time. Must watch TV. Maybe the best ever..

  5. Good Girls in NBC – Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix. Also loved Travelers and Love on Netflix – binge watch all 3 seasons of both!

  6. I don’t like rootbeer BUT I love Chocolate Ice Cream Coca Cola floats! (Sonic will custom make them.)

  7. Love root beer floats! I think that it makes the vanilla ice cream taste better 😉 I love root beer freezes more though. My husband and I watch some shows together (we have much different taste) and one that we recently watched that we both really enjoyed was After Life on Netflix. There are two seasons, but they are super short. I’m currently watching Jane the Virgin for about my fourth time, haha (I love the lightness of this show, especially during stressful times).

  8. I’m with you – rootbeer floats are kinda gross! I really liked The show Virgin River, but there has only been one season.

  9. What books have you been reading lately? We share similar taste and I’m looking for a new read 🙂