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  • We had a fun 4th of July. We made a special breakfast and then spent the day in the mountains. It was nice to escape for a day.
  • I built an outdoor pizza oven and have been tweaking it to get it just right. I fired it up this week and the pizza was awesome! I can’t wait to use it more this summer.
  • I haven’t gotten a haircut since Covid hit and everyone has been saying I look like Wolverine. The boys love it. Maria…not so much, ha!
  • Tracking the pandemic. I wish cases were falling instead of rising.


  • New this week, two summer salads you HAVE to make! Which one will you try first, this one or this one?
  • I need new shoes for working out at home. I have been doing a lot of HIIT type workouts and my current shoes are not cutting it. Any suggestions?
  • Super cute summer dress. This one too!
  • Gardening goodness!
  • I mentioned the Billie razor last week and got lots of questions. It seriously is the best razor and I love that it gets shipped right to your door (you pick how often). You can also choose the color and the magic holder is genius.
  • Love all of these flavors!
  • 100 screen free activities to do with the kiddos!
  • My kind of snack!
  • Loving these kids plates for summer.
  • Who’s watched Hamilton? Probably everyone but us..ha! It is on our to do list for this weekend:) I did start The Babysitters Club on Netflix. Caleb is watching it with me, but I think I am enjoying it more than he is.
  • A good summer reading list!
  • In love with this hoodie and dress! They both look super comfortable.
  • Excited to make this! It’s TIME!
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  1. Hi Maria,
    I made your chocolate banana bread yesterday and shared with some of my neighbors who were soaking their toes in a baby pool ( since our community pool is still closed), and they raved about it!!! This will be my go to along with your Zucchini Lemon bread which is such a hit as well ! Happy summer.

  2. hey y’all- great list! The boys are getting so big- love the pic! And that cake looks so yummy!!

  3. Hello, in the Summer issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine, I noticed a mirror in your entryway on page 37…do you have a source for the mirror? Great article of your home!! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! It is from World Market but I don’t know if they have it anymore. They might have something similar.

    1. LOVED that book! And fun fact, Jenna lives close to me:) She is fabulous and has a new book coming out this fall.

  4. I made your chocolate chip zucchini bread as muffins a couple of weeks ago to take to my sister’s. My 4 year old niece LOVED it and requested I make it for her birthday every time she ate one. Her birthday is not until January! Good thing I stocked some zucchini in the freezer!

  5. Love the wolverine comparison! My brothers hair has grown out really thick and curly so he likes the additional “height”. Even though he looks like a mad scientist. Thanks for the list of summer reads!

  6. Shoes… hmmm. Depends on whether you like more cushion or less. Ideally you want a crossover type shoe that allows for more lateral movement. I prefer less cushion and really like some of the inov8 shoes. The New Balance Minimus Trail 10v1 are probably my overall favorite – I’ve owned probably 6 or 7 pairs.

  7. I love my Reebok nanos for the HIIT training that I do!! Many people at my gym also rave about the New Balance Minimus 20v7’s.