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  • Our garden isn’t done yet and the boys have been eating raspberries from the yard all week.
  • So cool.
  • What are you guys doing for Halloween this year? We aren’t trick or treating and need to come up with something fun for the boys to do.


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This and That

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  1. Some fun Halloween ideas I’ve seen:
    – Scavenger hunt for Halloween eggs filled with candy. We’re probably just using Easter eggs, but there are glow in the dark eggs on Amazon if you want to do it at night.
    – Halloween-themed food for dinner
    – Zoom costume contest with friends
    – Pumpkin decorating contest

  2. Halloween movies with Halloween snacks – popcorn with M&Ms and candy corn; caramel apples or apple slices with caramel dipping sauce.

    We love Bedknobs & Broomsticks and the Ghost & Mr Chicken – watch them every year. Also we like the Canterville Ghost – there are LOTS.

  3. A Halloween idea I’m encouraging all my family to do: Don your costumes and take bags of treats to homes of friends or someone who might need a little “sugar” in their lives right now.

  4. I say YAY to the denim dress. You have the perfect figure for it. With the booties, maybe a smaller light weight fabric scarf tied at the neck too. I think it would look great on you.

  5. Our neighborhood is having houses put up card tables at the bottom of driveways, with spaced out candy, that kids can walk by and grab. If a family is already at the table, you will wait until they are well past to take your turn. So we’re still kind of trick or treating. Our neighborhood is tucked away and very hilly so we don’t get many trick or treaters. Imagine not a solution in a more crowded area. And our park district is also doing a Halloween egg hunt–for $20, they’ll come and hide 24 eggs in your yard on the 30th, with treats inside. Between those two things, hoping it makes up for the disappointment my 11 year old is feeling with not getting to go to the “crazy” Halloween neighborhood with a giant group of her friends.

  6. We always played a “candy game” because we lived in the middle of nowhere and Mom and Dad didn’t take us to other neighborhoods. Take a game like Sorry, assign different candies to different cards, and when that card is pulled everyone gets that piece. Be sure to assign a card or two where they have to give a piece BACK to the candy bowl! This also solved the potential issue of candies we didn’t like – Mom always bought us our favorites!