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  • I took the boys mountain biking and they did great! Their little legs kept pushing and we enjoyed the view at the top.
  • Love this story.
  • So scary! It didn’t happen too far from us. Glad he is ok.
  • Congrats to the Lakers. It was a weird season, but props to the NBA for making the bubble work.


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I'm Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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This and That

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  1. I have sort-of an odd question! I know that you guys are big into your garden and was curious if you also do your own compost? I’m just starting to learn about it but if you didn’t – wasn’t sure if you had any tips/tricks.

  2. Love your issue each week. Especially like the pictures this Thursday. Tried the Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup this week and enjoyed immensely.

  3. Oh, my gosh, I watched that cougar video a few days ago. I knew the hiker lived because, obviously he did, but I was so tense by the end! How absolutely terrifying.

  4. hey y’all- great list! Utah looks so pretty- love to visit or move there someday! The food looks so yummy.

  5. I made your pumpkin chocolate chip bread last weekend. I made a loaf of bread and some muffins with the batter, and they turned out delicious! The best pumpkin chocolate chip bread I’ve made, and will definitely be adding the recipe to my yearly fall baking list! Was great with some white chocolate chips mixed in too!