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  • The boys wanted to make paper snowflakes, but I think I ended up doing most of the work.
  • We watched Godmothered on Disney+ for family movie night and we all enjoyed it. The boys are also on the annual Home Alone kick.
  • What people Googled in 2020.
  • A must watch.
  • If you guys want to try MY favorite Christmas cookie, here you go!


  • New this week, a Christmas cookie I make every year, a classic, my new favorite cookie that you all NEED to make, a recipe for chocolate lover’s, and an easy treat! Tis’ the season for lots of sugar:)
  • I made these with the boys. SO easy and fun! I also made this and have been snacking on it all week.
  • The ultimate cozy sweater.
  • What smells do you love? Smells are so nostalgic! My favorite smell will always be my dad’s cinnamon rolls.
  • And while we are on the topic of nostalgia, I have been craving Little Debbie treats (no, I’m not pregnant)! Totally random! I haven’t had one in YEARS, but I saw them at the store the other day and it brought me back to my childhood. Nutty Buddy Bars, Caramel Cookie Bars, and Fudge Rounds were my favorite! Yours? I don’t know if my boys have even tried Little Debbie. I don’t know if that is good or bad..ha!
  • I need a new TV show, send me suggestions! This is Us was only on for a hot minute, A Million Little Things is just ok this season (I hope it gets better), and Grey’s is good, but kind of heavy. I need something new!
  • Good basic, comes in lots of colors.
  • If you need help getting into the holiday spirit, I found this post helpful.
  • Is your Christmas shopping done? If you need last minute ideas, check out our gift guides: women, men, and kids!
  • I think I am gifting this to myself.
  • I really want to eat this cake. Anyone want to bake it for me? I am too busy baking cookies:)
  • Anthro is having a 40% off sale on clothes this weekend only! I love this top, this cozy cardigan, this sweater, and this lounge set. Lots of good stuff!
  • This week, I am baking these and these.
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  1. We’ve picked up Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in recent weeks. It’s light hearted and pretty funny which is definitely needed

  2. Morning Maria,

    Just read your most recent This & That newsletter. You mentioned a cake you wanted to bake:
    You said: I really want to eat this cake. Anyone want to bake it for me? I am too busy baking cookies:)
    But the link on the word “Cake” brought me to a sweater! So curious as to what cake you wanted to make! This is the cake I’d like to make this Christmas:

    Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Fixed the cake link, thanks for letting me know:) That cake looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. We are planning to watch Godmothered this week too. Your coconut lime snowball cookies have been a family favorite every year for the past several years. Thank you for that! 🙂 totally impressed by your snowflakes Josh. Haha. Looking forward to trying your new recipes Maria!!! Bring on the sugar!!!

    1. It is a cute movie. So glad you like the snowballs. We made them for our wedding. We really love them!

  4. I’ve enjoyed the Unicorn (started off a little slow but it’s gotten better), zoeys extraordinary playlist (starring back in January!), and supermarket sweep.

  5. Whoa, Josh those snowflakes are epic! I taught kindergarten for many years and we often did a small unit on snowflakes. There are plenty of fun books to read and a few that explain the science of how a snowflake is formed and why each is unique. we taught the kids to make paper snowflakes to decorate our windows. Once they got the hang of it and remember not to cut across the fold there were some pretty cool creations.
    Your THIS & THAT posts are great, especially Maria’s fashion links…saves me time searching for cute, trendy stuff.
    TV wise, I love the Good Doctor. It is unique and Freddy Highmore’s protrayl for an autistic surgeon is quite extraordinary. I would recommend watching the pilot and first season and see if you want to continue.
    I also loved Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. It is funny, very quirky, unique and quite heartfelt. After the first season ended, I went back and watched all the episodes a second time. I had missed so many little connections that I clearly noticed the second time around. Zoey’s relationship with her dad will melt your heart. It has been renewed but is not as yet in the NBC schedule.

    1. Josh is the crafty one. I can only bake cookies..ha! Thanks for the suggestions! I will look them up!

  6. Maria,
    I always love to make your dads cinnamon rolls they are the best! We have been watching Virgin River its not bad. Just started season 2.

  7. hey y’all- great list! Maria I love Little Debbie snack- I miss the lemon wafer bars they use to make. I grew up real close to the factory in Arkansas!

  8. Away on Netflix is really good! I just finished season 1 and am sad that they aren’t doing a second season, probably due to the pandemic.
    Also Emily in Paris on Netflix is a nice escape!

  9. Dash and Lily on Netflix is really cute. Going deeper… Uncle Frank on Prime and Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix excellent!