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  • We drove out to the Salt Flats for something to break up the day.
  • The NFL playoffs have been fun to watch so far. It should be another good weekend of games.
  • We are currently dreaming of a family vacation. Where do you like to go with kids? We want a beach vacation. Of course, this is all a dream right now. Maybe we can go someday.
  • Flying cars? Very cool.
  • New movies every week in 2021.


  • New this week, a 30 minute meal that my boys love and one of my all-time favorite soups.
  • Obsessed with granola right now. I made this one and this one to sprinkle on top of my smoothies and yogurt. I love a little crunch.
  • These pretty florals (one and two) make me happy.
  • Is anyone watching All Creatures Great and Small on PBS? I think I am going to start it.
  • I need a shed like this in our backyard to hide from the boys, ha!
  • I have been seeing these everywhere! I think I need one. There is also a heart one that would be fun for Valentine’s Day.
  • Need a little pick me up? Check out this list! So many good ideas.
  • Great for organizing all of the things.
  • My lips have been so dry! I am ordering this.
  • These look better than the original.
  • Love the texture on this sweater.
  • 6 Things to Stop Doing in 2021. I am really working on one, two, and four.
  • Yes to this sweatshirt! I want the pink for Valentine’s Day!
  • My friend Michael made this on Instagram the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it.
  • Ordering this dress for spring and summer!
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This and That

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  1. You are THE BEST!! I am so excited and honored to be a part of your This and That! Thank you so much, friend!!! Have a fab week.

    xo Michael

  2. I bought one of the little waffle irons a few years ago – I forget that I have it. Good for one person but not very practical for a family of four. I haven’t been able to get crisp waffles from it, after trying several recipes.

  3. I just ordered the J Crew dress, too! It’s too cute. Fingers crossed we’ll have places to wear them to by this summer.


  4. Myrtle Beach SC is great! Actually we like to stay in Surfside Beach which is adjacent to MB but with much less crowded beaches (but just as beautiful) and less noise when you want to be sleeping. It is within 5-10 minutes of all the other non-beach fun places in MB area. Don’t forget to take a Jet Ski tour of the intercoastal waterway.
    OR Hilton Head Island which is more relaxing, serene atmosphere.

    1. I used to go to Myrtle Beach every year when I was a kid. Great memories! Thanks for sharing!