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  • The boys are on spring break this week. We didn’t go anywhere but we are still having fun. I love that we can go mountain biking and skiing in the same week. Utah is awesome.
  • Did you hear about this? Check your bowl before you take a bite.
  • Happy April Fools Day. Are you doing any fun tricks today? I am sure the boys will try to get us at some point.
  • Stunning lava show captured by a drone.


  • New this week, a classic, a brunch favorite, an easy side dish, and an easy lunch! Plus, a new video.
  • Lovely spring tops! One, two, three!
  • I need a new book to read, has anyone read this one?
  • TV talk, Grey’s just keeps getting worse. Do I dare watch tonight? Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy is too good. I want to be in Italy right now eating all of the things!
  • I ordered this for summer, great price!
  • PSA, if you see Siete’s Kettle Cooked Chips at the store, grab a bag…or two! They are SO good! I especially love the Chipotle BBQ flavor, but they are all winners.
  • We’ve had a few nice days and it is getting me excited for our garden. What are you planting this year? I also want to plant lots of new flowers. We need some good shade plants for a section of our yard. Any favorites?
  • So fun!!
  • Cute dress in a few prints and it’s under $20! I love this skirt too! Check out all sale items here, there are some good ones.
  • Everyone is making these this week! YAY!
  • I love the buttons! A great layering piece for spring.
  • What are you making for Easter? I have too many things I want to make, but it is just the four of us. I need to narrow down my list:) You can find all of our Easter recipes HERE if you need ideas. Have a great weekend!

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This and That

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  1. I highly recommend all the books by Sally Hepworth! The Family Next Door and The Mother-In-Law are both great, but my favorite so far is The Things We Keep. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

  2. My favorite shade plant is Hellebore. I’m on the central coast of California and they start blooming in winter when most other things are dozing. They might bloom a little later in your area. The blooms last for a couple of months as they slowly fade in color. The are mostly evergreen, but in the late fall they start to look puny and you cut the icky leaves off around the same time new ones start to emerge. They come in different leaf and flower colors. They take little care, other than cutting off the dead blooms in the spring and dead leaves in late fall.

  3. I agree with your assessment of Grey’s. The week prior to last, I did literally scream at the TV when Meredith remained on the beach chatting with Derrick. And tonight Lexi shows up. Lordy, how many dead characters can they dredge up? The novelty of the dream sequence concept has totally worn off. ..more than a few episodes ago. And I won’t even talk about the Teddi centric episode last week. The was torture as well. Perhaps as they head toward the season finale, Meredith will finally get off the vent and resume her life.
    Making your Cadbury egg cookies today…but just half a batch.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. It has been so bad. I really hope tonight is better and they can move on! Enjoy the cookies!

  4. Grey’s is getting on my nerves! My family is planning to go to Italy (in three years), so we are obsessed with Stanly Tucci’s show!!