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  • I think I need to start using this because I have thrown away a few “important” masterpieces.
  • I always wear my ski goggles. Works for me.
  • We are having friends over for dinner tonight and I am firing up our outdoor pizza oven.
  • Utah is so green right now. I really love every season here.
  • I am still doing physical therapy for my tennis elbow. It’s helping a lot.


  • New this week, a super fresh recipe, a great summer dinner, the perfect salad, and a FUN treat!
  • Spotted a few cute summer dresses! One, two, three, four!
  • What do you eat when you are home alone? I usually go for avocado toast, a veggie scramble, or cereal. And always cookies from the freezer:)
  • Super cute top! Comes in chambray too! I also love this one.
  • My peonies are so close to blooming. I am getting impatient. Hurry up already!
  • Pretty skirt and a good basic.
  • Adding these books to my summer reading list.
  • I plan on living in these all summer long.
  • FINALLY! Who’s excited?
  • Did you watch This is Us this week? The ending! Whoa, lots of questions. I am sad there is only one season left.
  • Tried these this week and they are very tasty! They ship nationwide and would make a great gift!
  • I am obsessed with this scent.
  • Any fun plans for the long weekend? I think we are having a small BBQ on Monday with friends. I will probably make this, this, this, and these for dessert! But I might try some new recipes too. I can’t decide, ha!
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This and That

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  1. I need to make the pictured chocolate chip cookies at the top of the post. Can you fill me in on which of your many yummy cookie recipes you used?
    Thanks and have a fun, pizza filled holiday weekend.