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1. Funny story: our van has a DVD player and we usually only resort to it under duress. About a month ago, I mentioned to Maria that Caleb doesn’t seem interested in watching his “shows” in the van anymore. He stopped looking at the screen, he only looked out the window. This week I got back in the back of the van to watch a show with Caleb and there was nothing on the screen. The sound was coming through the speakers, but I guess we forgot to to turn the monitor on.  Oops! Caleb seems to be enjoying his shows now that his silly parents turned the monitor on.


2. Our little farmer.

3. Our chickens are outside in their coop. They seem to be adjusting nicely. Caleb and I still go out and check on them multiple times a day.

4. My brother, his wife, and their little dude are coming to visit tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun time!


1. The flu bug got me and it got me good. I was sick all last weekend. It was miserable. I hear it is going around so stay healthy!

2. Since I only had water and a little cereal and toast last weekend, I think I deserve an entire pan of Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars.


3. We planted a garden with our neighbors and it is looking good! We planted kale, swiss chard, carrots, pumpkin, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers, peas, beans, tomatillos,  squash, and a ton of tomatoes. We are going to be eatin’ good in the neighborhood this summer!


4. While I was sick in bed I watched a million episodes of Felicity. I forgot how much I liked that show. Team Ben or Team Noel?

5. Caleb loves garlic hummus. I like it too, but I never realized how garlicky it was until Caleb gave me a few smooches. Yikes! I guess I better only eat it in private. I had Caleb get out his super cool Transformer toothbrush and brush away. He needed some refreshing!

6. My purse is always stocked with gum. My gum of choice is Extra Sugarfree gum. I stick to the minty flavors-spearamint, peppermint, winterfresh, polar ice, etc. I recently tried one of the dessert gums, apple pie, and it was just wrong. I love dessert, but not in my gum.

7. All about cherries!

8. My dream came true last week when New Kids, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men performed on the Today Show. Boy band heaven! My heart went pitter patter for Joey all over again! NKOTB forever!

9. Make sure you tune in tomorrow-we are sharing our first juice recipe…and we have a fun giveaway to go with:) And don’t forget to enter our Disneyland Giveaway! You can win an all expense dream vacation to the happiest place on Earth!

10. PB and J just got better!

11. I am on my way to Austin, Texas for BlogHer Food! This is my first time traveling without my guys so it is a little bittersweet. I will miss them like mad. I am looking forward to a fun girls weekend though! I’ve never been to Texas so I am excited! I hear Austin is a great city! Hey, maybe I will even spot Tim Riggins:) Make sure you follow me on Instagram for updates! And if you are at BlogHer Food make sure you say hello!

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  1. There is a nasty flue bug going around! Everyone I knew got it! Hope your feeling better. Can’t believe your a NKOTB fan! lol, too funny!

    Your tomato plants look good!!! have a great day!

  2. Have SO much fun at BlogHer! I’m glad you’re feeling better. I don’t like “sweet” gums either- all mint for me. I like Orbit and Trident. That is hilarious about the screen in the car- whoops. We need more pictures of the chicks!

  3. Be sure to go to the Congress Street bridge to see the bats fly out one evening. It is a great site!

  4. That garden looks like a dream! I so wish I could have one like that. We just have a tiny little fenced in yard on base housing and I’m not sure yet what I could even grow with it.

  5. Love your Thursday posts! I’ll make you a little jealous – I went to the NKOTB concert last week! So fun!

  6. You will really like Austin — it is much like Portland, Oregon. We lived in Texas for 4 years, I was allergic to everything there and hated everything about Texas — except Austin. If you are lucky, some of the wildflowers will still be in bloom, too.

  7. Team Noel for sure 🙂 Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the show as much after the first season…that didn’t stop me from hoping and watching it!

  8. I have garden envy! Since we just moved and still don’t have our backyard situated, I am just doing some potted herbs and maybe some jalapeño peppers this year. Your garden is awesome!

    My BFF and I are going to see NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in concert next week. We are SO excited it’s pathetic, lol.

    Have a great time in Austin!

  9. The only good thing about the flu is losing a couple of pounds. Kind of nice to feel the pants hang loosely afterward! I’m so envious of your garden. You’ll have your own farmer’s market at your disposal! Have a great time in Austin.

  10. Have fun in Austin. Live about 450 miles away but still livc in Texas. Have not been in Austin since 1977.

  11. Thinking maybe the story about Caleb and the blank monitor is pretty telling. Looking out the window, what a novel idea 🙂

  12. I see you have Marigolds planted, which I am assuming is to keep the tomato worms away. Another quick, easy, green way to get rid of them is to use a black light at night. I got a black light from Home Depot for about $20. If you use it at night, the tomato worms glow and they are very easy to pick off. Just thought I would give you that hint, I’ve been doing it for years.

  13. That sounds like something I would do… forget to turn the monitor on!
    a friend of mine was talking about not feeling good this week, which made me think of you having the flu to which I told her to stay away from me until she felt better.

  14. Garden looks great! Interested to see how your tomatillos grow, can’t wait for updates!

  15. Team Ben – he was with her longer 🙂 Although the last episodes of the whole show are totally wack with the time travel and everything, right? I think I’ve watched the whole series once a year since 2005 – I can pretty much recite each episode, haha! I even considered watching them when I was in labor to get my mind off of the pain, lol! 🙂