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  • I took the boys to Yellowstone last week. We camped in Lamar Valley. We saw a ton of wildlife: wolves, bison, a coyote, a badger, bears, a fox, pronghorn, deer, frogs, a moose, and even a snake. It was so awesome!
  • I will say that camping for a week is a lot of work. A lot of work before, during, and after, but so worth it. I just wish we could get Maria to join us, ha!
  • A cool place to watch a baseball game.
  • The new donut flavor is a good one.


  • New this week, our favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City, a fun summer pizza, and the best summer dessert! And don’t miss our big giveaway on Instagram. Tomorrow is the last day to enter!
  • If you are in Utah, don’t forget to go to Hires Big H this week for our Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake. It is available until Saturday and it is incredible. If you don’t live in Utah, you can make the cookies at home and make your own shakes:)
  • A very good basic and a pretty floral.
  • We have millions of peaches, for real! I guess it’s time to make this, these, this, and this! Oh, and the peach cobbler in our cookbook. I might make jam too. What are your favorite peach recipes?
  • Lightweight, a great for transitioning to fall.
  • Are your kids back in school? Ours start on Tuesday! If you need lunch box ideas, here you go!
  • The prettiest air fryer!
  • I started watching Modern Love on Amazon Prime and I am enjoying it. I finished White Lotus and I didn’t love it. Kind of an odd show.
  • Cute top! And this one is gorgeous!
  • I know the boys will love these!
  • It rained all day yesterday and it made me a little excited for fall.
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  1. I grew up about an hour away from Dyersville and when in high school a bunch of us loaded up and went and played a few innings one day. It was fun, we had lots of laughs, and quite a few pictures of our “skip day”. We got a few peaches this year and I made a peach crisp. Growing up in the North I am much more in a mood for a good crisp than a cobbler, which is all I get now living in Mississippi.

  2. Your peaches look gorgeous!
    We have only a few this year and they tend to go bad really fast. So, no baking/cooking with them this year. I guess it rained way too much this summer (I’m in central europe).

    Loved the link to the lunch box ideas! So many good options.
    At the beginning of a new term I always make a list with my kids for each food category and put it up on the refrigerator. This way I know what they like at the moment so that I have options to choose from when packing their lunches and making my grocery lists. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Josh,

    I know this sounds a bit dorky, but I have a ?
    I would love to visit Yellowstone one day (I live in California). I’m honestly a bit scared of wolves and snakes as you mentioned seeing. If I visit Yellowstone, is it generally a safe place? I don’t want to get bit by either animal. Again, I know I may sound silly, but I just don’t want to get attacked by wildlife!

  4. So impressed that you camped for a week! Our boys are young (3 and 1) but we’re looking forward to that one day. What campground did you use in Lamar Valley?