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  • The Giants have a big game tonight, we hope they can pull out the W. The Buccaneers are also playing.
  • The boys wanted this for dinner this week. I didn’t mind.
  • Do you have any good ideas for Halloween costumes? Caleb can’t make up his mind this year.
  • The boys have fall break next week. We aren’t going anywhere but we are making a list of fun activities to do at home and in our local area. Should be a good time.


  • New this week, an epic treat, a dinner winner, the perfect fall cookies, and a breakfast treat!
  • The perfect cookies for October!
  • I watched Maid on Netflix and LOVED it. It is a hard story, but powerful and so good. We have also been watching a lot of sports. There is always some kind of game on! We love this time of year.
  • Bring on the cozy, love this and this! And this is the most beautiful sweater for winter.
  • It’s snowing today. Of course, Josh and the boys are giddy! They can’t wait for ski season, but I am planning a vacation to somewhere warm, ha! And of course we are getting family pictures tomorrow. I hope it clears up and warms up a bit.
  • Love the pretty detail and this is a good basic.
  • Soup season is my favorite and this gadget is a must!
  • Looking forward to this book.
  • Oh, yum!
  • Stunning boots.
  • A fun idea for Halloween! This too!
  • This looks amazing!
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This and That

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  1. You have to check out Baking Impossible on Netflix. Even the boys will love it. It combines a baker and an engineer in each group and the competitions are so fun. The host is Justin Willman from Magic for Humans, and one of the judges is Andrew Smyth from Season 2016 of the Great British baking Show. He is an engineer and a baker. He calls this “bakineering”!

  2. hey y’all- great list! yummy food and cute clothes! I wish it was snowing here in Oklahoma- still to early though-

  3. Josh, I’m not sure how the boys feel about costumes other than characters they see on TV but we had fun doing theme costumes . . . . one year was New York (big apple, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, etc); another was characters from Alice in Wonderland (tweedle dee & tweedle dumb), Candy bars; plays on words like “the parting of the Red C”, to name a few.
    Let me know what you come up with. Are you all dressing up this year?