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  • Halloween felt really long this year, the boys had fun though. And now it’s November, every day gets closer to ski season.
  • Wow.
  • This is cool. We love our Traeger.
  • Maria is going out of town so I asked the boys what we should do. They want to play football at the park and make these.


  • New this week, a fantastic fall breakfast, a decadent cookie recipe, and a quick and easy meal!
  • I love a dress that is still comfortable! Maybe a good Thanksgiving outfit, if you aren’t wearing sweats, ha!
  • If you still have Halloween candy, make these! I am also saving some for our Christmas gingerbread houses:)
  • I want every color.
  • Did you watch the latest episode of the Morning Show? I didn’t see that one coming!
  • Perfect pot.
  • A good neutral cardigan.
  • I made this on Monday and have been eating it all week.
  • A few good kitchen finds: containers (love the lids), tray, and soup bowls (great quality).
  • I just got this book! So many fun ideas!
  • I ordered these to warm up my toes! Love these too!
  • I need your help, what Christmas cookies do you want to see on the blog this year? I already have A LOT of cookie recipes, but I am happy to share more. Just let me know what you are looking for!
  • I am going to Sun Valley for a girls weekend tomorrow! Our family went to Sun Valley in June and I loved it. I am excited to go back!
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This and That

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  1. Do y’all have any Traeger recipes on the blog? We have one but seem to be in a bit of a delicious but predictable routine with it and I’d love to branch out with tried and true ideas!

    1. We haven’t posted any on our blog, but any recipe you make in the oven you can make on the Traeger. Just think of it as an outdoor oven.

  2. If you’re talking about The Morning Show cliffhanger, I also did not see that coming! Wondering how it will play out.

  3. I did not see that coming on the last episode! I had to rewind and watch again because I was like what is happening?!?!

  4. My husb and I went to Sun Valley a few weeks ago for vacation! So relaxing and quiet. We swam at the YMCA every day and went to Atkinson’s about 25 times. Have fun!

  5. If anyone is looking for Traeger recipes, Hey Grill Hey is my go to blog. Susie and her hubby Todd are adorable and they have wonderful recipes that are easy to follow.

  6. Would love some peppermint/mint recipes! I have lots of peppermint extract and would love to use it!! Love your blog, thanks for all your wonderful recipes!