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Every Thursday, we share what we are loving, what we have been up to, what we’ve been cooking, and SO much more! We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of This and That! Have a wonderful day!


  • I hope you aren’t tired of my skiing pictures, ha! We’ve been on the slopes a lot. We even went night skiing this week.
  • The NFL playoffs have been wild. So many good games. I hope the games on Sunday are just as good.
  • Football food ideas: one, two, three, four!
  • Are you playing?


  • New this week, a fun baking recipe, a dinner favorite, all of the BEST soups, and my new favorite recipe!
  • This is in my cart.
  • I got a haircut yesterday, nothing drastic, but I always love a fresh cut. How often do you get your haircut? I think my last cut was October.
  • I want this in every color.
  • Kitchen appliance trends. All of these kitchens are gorgeous!
  • Stripes: one, two, three!
  • The most popular baby names of 2022. We aren’t having anymore babies, but I still like to look at the list:)
  • Classic LBD.
  • Craving these and this. Balance:)
  • Thoughts about dinner parties? I definitely agree about dessert and I always make too much food.
  • I want to put this on all the things.
  • What does the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie look like for YOU? Leave a comment and let me know. There are lots of recipes and varieties out there, but what ccc recipe is your VERY favorite and why?

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  1. I LOVE chocolate chip cookies! My favorite are thick and chewy. I also love any Levain copycat (and the real deal, of course)!

  2. Love, love, love the cookies found in the NY Times Cooking titled – Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies- they are crispy and chewy. The scoops of dough is rolled and refrigerated over night which forms the crispy layer on the outside when baked. So Yummy!

  3. My family and I prefer a puffy, chewy ccc with lots of chocolate chips! Our favorite recipe is from your cookbook. I made the Doubletree ccc recipe yesterday for the first time. Tasty for sure, but prefer the other one.

  4. hey y’all- great list! I enjoy seeing the skiing pics. So pretty! I would so love to visit Utah someday. I have to have me some chocolate chip cookies! a little crispy, a little chewy, thin and lots of chocolate chips!!! yes please……

  5. I am always searching for an amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe! I don’t like them thin or crispy. Thick, slightly salty, chocolatey, a little bit soft and dense… that’s where it’s at!

  6. Our family favorite comes from the back of the Ambrosia chocolate chips you can get from Costco. I’ve made different recipes ( including Levain) and did a blind taste taste, and this recipe still won! There’s a high butter to sugar ratio, only 1 egg, and is baked at a slightly higher temp so the cookies don’t spread too much. I always chill the dough for 24 hours and break off chunks rather than pressing dough into a cookie scoop.

  7. My favorite is a slightly thick and chewy cookie, maybe with crisp edges, and definitely sprinkled with salt and not too sweet. Maybe a mix of different % cacao chocolates. Never milk chocolate, and 99% of the time, NO nuts.

  8. haven’t had a haircut since september!! :0(
    and coincidentally – I just made my appointment for a cut this morning….

    I prefer a slightly cakey chocolate chip cookie that has mini chips. I’m not much for a mouthful of dark chocolate. I’ve made levain copycats and I’ve enjoyed them (but never had the real thing…)

    although my preference is listed above, I’ve NEVER turned away a soft chewy buttery chocolate chip cookie either!!! :0)

  9. Thick and chewy- cooks illustrated
    They are perfect, no need to refrigerate- so
    Good. Always always get compliments

  10. Do you have any Valentines Day dessert recipes that are easy to make but taste really delicious? I am looking for a cake or cupcake.