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Happy Thursday! We have another fun This and That post for you today! We love sharing what we’ve been up to, what we are loving, what we are cooking, and MORE! We hope you enjoy this weekly posts. If you ever have any questions for us, leave a comment! We love hearing from you! Have a great day!


  • Ski school is over and it was a success. The boys improved a lot and had tons of fun. We can’t wait until next season.
  • We attended an event with Traeger this week. They launched a new Timberline grill and it’s rad. I can’t wait to cook on it.
  • I love a good road trip.
  • Kind of random, but Maria has been using this skin product for awhile and she finally convinced me to try it because I have bad eczema. It works. I am using Jojobae. Use this code for a discount if you want to try it: TDETWOPEAS.
  • Spring break is next week for us but we aren’t going anywhere. How about you?


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This and That

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  1. My husband now has the new Treager grill on his wishlist! We have one of the oringal Treager smokers and we have made so many good meals on it!

  2. I love to go to the library or bookstore to look at books. Currently, for the reading challenge that I’m in (and of course, way behind), is to find a book with a bird on it… I’l lhave to go investigate soon!

  3. Ohhh so happy to see trager finally added a side burner! We love the idea of their grills but I wouldn’t but one because I use a side burner most of the time I grill for sautéed onions, mushrooms, or heating tortillas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the library. I like just looking and usually find a new author to try besides the ones I like. I’m reading It Started with a Dog by Julia’s really good so I think I have found a new author.

  5. hey y’all- great list! yummy food and cute clothes! And that book looks really interesting Maria- I put it on my wish list on Amazon-ha. I wish we had a really good library, but we don’t (not in the best neighborhood-ugh) I miss going to the library.

  6. I have been reserving books at the library for the past year or so. As soon as I see a title on Instagram or a website, I reserve it. I figure I have saved hundreds of dollars!! I am first in line for the new Emily Giffin book. So excited! My local library has gotten me through the pandemic for sure!!!!

  7. As for a favorite grocery store, I can’t really decide between Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s! Maybe TJ though because of all the fun items they coke up with and seasonally too!

  8. Lucky me, we have driven through all the parks listed on this link, except Denali of course where we took the Denali bus tour!