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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a NEW This and That..and it’s almost Friday. YAY! Today, we are sharing our usual fun finds and what we’ve been up to! Thanks for reading and leave a comment, we love hearing from you! Have a wonderful day!


  • The Utes are the Pac 12 Champs! It was such an awesome game, one we will never forget. Next stop, the Rose Bowl.
  • A good pullover.
  • Do you like eggnog? Maxwell loves it so I bought him a little container. The rest of us aren’t big fans. Maria makes this though and it’s good.
  • My favorite Christmas cookie, in case you were wondering.


  • New this week, a classic cookie, a holiday appetizer, a super easy cookie, a festive cookie, and a FUN holiday dessert! So many good ones:)
  • Funny…and so true, ha! And this is the best recipe.
  • The Warriors (my favorite team) were in town last night to play the Jazz so we went to the game. Curry didn’t play, but it was still fun.
  • Pretty sweater.
  • I didn’t do Christmas cards this year. I love getting them and so I am a little sad we didn’t send them out, but it was just one thing to cross off my list. It’s ok to not do it all:)
  • Sale alert: I love that this has pockets, good jeans, great bag, and cute sweater.
  • I started watching season 2 of Firefly Lane, anyone watching?
  • Good decluttering tip!
  • A good neutral plaid.
  • Cute set for Christmas.
  • It’s so dry in Utah, especially in the winter, and this lotion is my favorite.
  • Fun food for a holiday party. I also want this dip!
  • Have you started your holiday baking? Pro tip, plan for a dough day and a baking day! You can make several doughs, keep them in the fridge for up to 72 hours, and then have a baking day so all of your cookies are fresh! And it helps break up baking marathon:) Find all of my cookie recipes HERE! I have LOTS to choose from.
  • Get your cookie sweatshirt NOW if you want to get it before Christmas. We restocked a few green sweatshirts too! Thanks for supporting!!
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  1. Since I deliver cookies, I space them out. Baking one day and the next delivering to three or four. That way works best for me. Also, I get my cards out the Saturday after Thanksgiving, that also works for me.

  2. Great tip about having a dough day and baking day! I’m (attempting) making a bigger-than-normal amount of cookies this year, and I think this tip will save my sanity! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!