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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a NEW This and ThatToday, we are sharing our usual fun finds and what we’ve been up to! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or you just want to say hi, we love hearing from you! Have a wonderful day!


  • We got a lot of snow over break. We went skiing, sledding, and even played football in the snow. The boys went back to school yesterday and the house sure is quiet.
  • We are sad the Utes lost in the Rose Bowl, but they had a great season. Sending prayers to Damar Hamlin, his family, and the Bills team.
  • Basement update, we are putting up the tile backsplash this week. It’s looking good.


  • New this week, two soup recipes, one and two! I have been craving soup like crazy and these are both winners. Find all of our soup recipes HERE.
  • I made scones and they were quite tasty. Want the recipe?
  • I ordered this shirt.
  • I finished Bad Sisters and whoa, such a good show. I am glad there will be a season 2.
  • Order now before they sell out. I also love the bowls.
  • I haven’t made any resolutions or set any big goals for this year. I don’t know if that is good or bad, ha! I am easing into 2023.
  • Let’s chat about a question I’ve been getting a lot lately, “Are you writing another cookbook?” The answer is I don’t know. Cookbooks are SO much work. IF we do another book, what do you want it to be about? I’ve heard a lot of requests for a cookie cookbook and also a “Best of Two Peas” cookbook. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. We do appreciate you wanting another cookbook, your support means a lot! If you don’t have our cookbook, you can get a copy here.
  • These are a must for the cold, dry winter.
  • 10 health tips! I agree with these.
  • I want to live in this cozy robe.
  • Sign me up for a big plate of this!
  • Pretty sweater.
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I'm Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. Hello. You said “I made scones . . . . want the recipe?” Yes I do! What kind is in the picture on this post?

  2. I would LOVE to see a cookie cookbook from you! I read a lot of cooking/baking blogs – particularly for cookies – but I find yours to be the absolute best!! I’ve baked SO many of your recipes, and a lot of them are family favorites now. The recipes are amazing every single time, my absolute go to. Thank you for all your work, and for sharing it with us!!

  3. I love your recipes, many have become staples in my cooking and baking. I would love a BEST of Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook!!!!

  4. Your newsletters, particularly Thursdays is like my calendar. This morning I was “Oh, it is Thursday not Wednesday because This and That is here”. I am curious about those heel socks …

  5. Yes please on the scones recipe. Both cookbook ideas sound great, but I think I would probably buy the cookie cookbook. I have made quite a few of your cookie recipes and love all of them! My coworkers, kids and grandkids thank you very much:)

  6. Thanks for all the recipes – I’m especially loving your soup recipes! And yes please for the scones recipe. 🙂

  7. Well I love reading your This And That and look forward to seeing what recipes you are offering but today was just tooooo much. I couldn’t find your scones recipe but I’m sure it was due to the pop up ads that made searching for your recipe and reading your experiences impossible. This isn’t just happening to you but also experiencing it when searching for most recipes. I have had to just give up a number of times which is frustrating.

    1. You can’t find the scone recipe because I didn’t post the recipe:) It is a new recipe I tested this week and will share it soon! Sorry you are frustrated.

    2. It’s not for clicks. I tested out a new scone recipe and loved the photo so I shared it. I will share the recipe soon, but I have to type up the recipe and write the post. It takes some time to get the recipes up.

  8. A “best of” cookbook would be great! I love your first book so much 🙂 I have a lot of cookbooks, but yours is one of my go to’s!

  9. Your cookies recipes are always great so that would be great. Also a vegetarian cookbook would also be great!

  10. I love a good scone recipe, and I’m sure yours is wonderful.

    I can understand your hesitation about producing another cookbook. They are so much work, and yours is beautiful! However, I would love to see a cookie cookbook, and one featuring “favorites” would be another great idea. I use so many of your recipes and, we’re never disappointed.

  11. Gosh…I love the idea of a cookies cookbook or cookies and other desserts…I love your recipe for flourless chocolate cake. I use it for special occasions and find it both easy and super yummy.
    I find that your cooke recipes always turn ot well. The only suggestion I have is to develop recipes that have a smaller yield amounts…18 as opposed to 24/36. I find myself often cutting your recipes in half if the ingredients allow for that to happen easily.I mostly make cookies to give away to friends and to service people…the young guy that clears the snow, the postlady, delivery people at Christmas. I like being able to make smaller batches of many doifferent kinds.
    I get that developing a cokbook must be a ton of work and that oyu ahve to weigh that against the reward.
    Again , another fun and informational This & That.
    As I write this, cable news is reporting that Damar Hamlin is steadly inproving…he is awake, neurologically unimpared and holding is parent’s hands.
    Amazing medical care and so many prayers seem to be working.

  12. A cookbook with vegetarian versions of some of your family meal recipes would be great…even a section on recipes with vegetarian substitutions.


  13. hey y’all- great list! Love the family pic- the snow looks oh so pretty! Yes I would love for y’all to come out with another book!! Ooh a cookie cookbook yes that one would be great!! Can’t wait to see the basement…… Don’t keep us waiting long-LOL

  14. I think we all want that scones recipe! 🙂 a cookie cookbook also sounds great, or a even a “best of” from the site, your go-to faves! I look forward to T&T Thursday and must admit I get drawn in by the short cooking videos on your site, which are inspiring and show us all how simple cooking can be! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Both soup recipes look amazing and I’m not sure which to try first. Yes to the scone recipe. Either idea for the new cookbook sounds good.

  16. Thanks for the fun weekly posts! Yes, I would love that scone recipe, looks delicious!
    On the cookbook, I love the ease of being able to search your site for recipes and not having to grab out a physical cookbook and try to remember if the recipe I want is actually there or in a different book. I love your site but probably wouldn’t by a new cookbook. I did check out your cookbook from the library and it was lovely but the ease of the internet far outweighs the beauty of a physical cookbook for me.

  17. Hi Maria. You requested in the most recent This and That readers’ thoughts about a new cookbook. I love your cookbook, and have gifted some as well. I also love the plethora of old and new recipes you share each week via email, which I always read. I tend to look things up on my iPad, phone or laptop to access your recipes, using ingredients I have or recalling recipes I have used previously, or new ones you share. (Some of those are probably in the cookbook.) It seems easier to access online, at least for me. Given you shared a cookbook is a lot of work (I can only imagine!), I thought I would give you some feedback. I use your recipes all the time and have not had any I wouldn’t make again. I just tried the Pretzel Bites and wowed my family (and me!) with how fun they were to make and how delicious they are.