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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a NEW This and ThatToday, we are sharing what’s new on the blog, some fun finds, and what we’ve been up to! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or you just want to say hi, we love hearing from you. Have a wonderful day!


  • The boys made their own Valentine’s Day boxes. Caleb went with sports and Maxwell went with KISS, ha!
  • We had a fun Super Bowl party, it was a good game, but now we are bummed football season is done.
  • This is a good book.
  • Do you prefer to read a book or listen to a book?
  • I like basic.


  • New this week, a classic, a family favorite dinner, and an easy weeknight meal.
  • I got a nasty stomach bug on Valentine’s Day and I am still recuperating. Not fun.
  • Comfortable skirt and I love that it has pockets.
  • How to choose throw pillow combinations. My boys always throw them on the floor and I pick them up 5 times a day, but I still love them:)
  • I want to try these muffins.
  • Cozy hoodie.
  • I wear this every day.
  • Colorful cardigan.
  • A good sale!
  • All-Star weekend is in Salt Lake City this weekend! I really want to go to a few events.
  • When I feel better, I want to make this.
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  1. hey y’all- great list! Yummy food. Love the pic of the boys- so cute! Hope you start feeling better Maria- I will be praying for you.

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon! On books… I am generally reading one and listening to one; I prefer to listen to biographies (especially when read by the author) or non-fiction and read fiction.

  3. Michelle, I noticed Maxwell’s untied shoes. Have you thought about getting him the tennis shoes with elastic laces that don’t have to be tied? Just a thought…

    Josh, the Chiefs came through. Those young QB’s are great!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! Stomach bugs are the worst! I want that sectional couch in the pillow McGee site! OMG GORG!!

  5. Hello sorry to hear you got sick. My sister’s been sick since Saturday. Please keep the new recipes coming always love new

  6. Maria,

    I hope you feel better soon! I look forward to “This and That” every week. Your boys are getting so big.

    I have two sons, also, but they are in their late 30’s. Ha! They are wonderful young men and are close even though one is in California and the other in Portland, Oregon.

    Anyway, take good care of yourself and thanks for all your wonderful recipes. I’m thinking I’m going to finally make the Chicken Pot Pie this weekend.