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1. Caleb was talking and giggling in his room and when we went to check on him we found this. He put his monkey on the changing table and was saying monkey socks. He took all of the socks out of his drawer and three them on his monkey. Funny guy.

2. Are you ready for some football!? NFL season starts tonight. Yes! My favorite team this year is the Kansas City Chiefs. I am hoping for an excellent year. The other teams I will be cheering for all have previous University of Utah players. They are the Carolina Panthers and the San Diego Chargers. I also always cheer for the Patriots, Robert Kraft seems to be a good guy and I like the Patriots.


3. Check out this giant slip and slide party we went to last weekend. We had a blast.

4. I don’t think this is for real, but I was cracking up. Caleb was laughing also. He may have been laughing because I was though. Maria didn’t think it was funny.


1. It’s September. How did that happen? I am really not ready for fall, but I am ready for football, cooler temps, and Pumpkin Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes. 


2. When we were in Jackson Hole, I found a card with the most perfect saying. I think I need the print for our kitchen.

3. Dorie Greenspan is my idol and this video makes me smile. It also makes me want to bake all day!


4. My good friend, Kristen, inspired me to take the “Live More, Weigh Less” Challenge. The challenge is free and the goal is to learn how to have fun, eat well, and live the good life. Every day we are given a challenge by Sarah Jenks. So far I’ve bought myself flowers and made a green smoothie. See, they are not hard, but they are important! My life gets so busy that I rarely take time to enjoy the little things in life. I need this challenge! If you want to join me, you can still sign up! It’s ok if you are a few days late! You can follow my daily challenges on Instagram with the hashtag #lmwlchallenge.

5. I was getting ready to go get my haircut yesterday and I had a dilemma. Do I wash and style my hair or just go in with my dirty do? What do you do? Do you “do” your hair before you get a new “do”? I ended up washing my  hair because I just worked out and was all sweaty, but I didn’t style it. I just feel embarrassed not doing my hair when I go into my stylist. He probably thinks I have no clue how to do my own hair, which is partially true, but I also want a day off. It is my day to be pampered. Ok, enough rambling!

6. I have a little project planned for Josh, DIY Photo Clipboards. I haven’t told him yet! I guess we will see if he really reads my part of This and That:)

7. Breakfast, dessert, or both? I need this cake.

8. Caleb’s second birthday is in a few weeks. Crazy, I know! Any fun birthday ideas for a 2 year old?

9. Cheesy Zucchini Enchiladas. Yes! Good thing we still have zucchini to use up!

10. So when do all of the fall shows start? I am looking forward to Parenthood and Grey’s. Anything other shows I should get addicted to this season?


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  1. I can’t wait for parenthood’s new season to start! I love that card you found! Oh and depending on the time of my hair appointment I often leave the house as is – if it’s early enough and I don’t have to go anywhere I don’t wash and style but if its later in the day then I feel I have to was and style! I am going to check out your challenge!!!

  2. Still can’t get over that slip n slide! So fun!

    I have had that dilemma, mostly because of sweaty workout hair. I would have washed it too, but not styled it.

    Oh those zucchini enchiladas sound so good!!!

    Have a great day friend! xo

  3. Loved the Dorie video and the DIY pictures. My daughter is doing a digger cake. Her little guy can’t get enough of Mighty Machines. I can’t believe they’re two already. Thanks for linking to my cake. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.

  4. Go Chiefs!!!!!

    And Maria, I’m pro going with “dirty” hair. My rationale is that they’re going to wash it anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚ Counting down til Parenthood!!!

  5. I โ™ฅ all of Curly Girl’s stuff…the illustrations, colors, quotes and sayings, it’s all good! I have that butter card in a simple square mat and frame, hanging in my kitchen with another favorite Curly Girl piece. Love.

  6. Maria, my hairdresser told me, washing your hair before going to get it cut etc is like cleaning your house before the maid comes!

  7. As a life long Chiefs fan I was excited to see that Josh is also a fan. We have had some pretty tough years but everyone in KC is so excited about all the changes. Go CHIEFS!

  8. I never wash my hair before going to the salon – even if I’ve just worked out. I may rinse it, but not wash it, because I don’t want it washed twice in one day (or one hour sometimes).

  9. If you like Grey’s Anatomy, give Scandal a try, another one of Shona Rhimes shows. The first two seasons are on Netflix right now and new episodes do not begin until the beginning of October.

  10. I have short hair, so I’m able to strike a decent compromise — if the hair is just a day old, I let it be; if I’ve sweated in it, I wash it and do a slapdash job of styling it. I don’t need much product, and I need NO ironing time, so it’s only a few minutes wasted. My hairstylist doesn’t earn enough to touch my gross post-workout hair!

  11. Yay football! I’m so stoked right now!

    I don’t do my hair before I go to the salon. I justify it by saying it’s not good to wash your hair twice in one day. I might have made that up, but it makes me feel better :).

  12. I go with the dirtiest and most disgusting hair – I am sure my hairdresser hates me but I’ve been going to her for over 20 years! I get it coloured and she always says the colour holds on better to dirty hair.

    I have already made those enchiladas and they were delish. I used the leftover sauce for a small Mexican lasagne which my family loved.

    I am looking forward to Sarah Richardson’s new design show – love her stuff.

    Oh and Go Pats!!

  13. I don’t wash/style my hair before going to the salon if I go on a Saturday morning. Otherwise I am going after work and I have washed/styled my hair for work.

    Caleb dressing the monkey is too cute!

    We are always ready for football season in Pittsburgh. But this fall was are equally excited about fall baseball after 20 years of loosing records. Let’s go Steeler and Pirates (and Pens)!!!

  14. I actually wash mine (usually) before I go to the salon, but only because if it’s greasy or has products in it, the color/dye won’t soak in as well. (Or so I’ve been told.) But I usually just wash and don’t style it and then apologize to my hairdresser for coming in with such crappy-looking hair!

    I love Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood. You ought to check out Modern Family.

  15. Don’t worry, husbands LOVE when you surprise them with projects! Lol at least mine does! I’m so excited you found my Photo Clipboards, and thanks for sharing! I hope you love them as much as I do!

  16. The milk and cookie party idea above reminded me of the cutest little brothers who came to my door one year on Halloween. Their mom had made their costumes, and one was dressed as a cookie and the other one was a carton of milk!

  17. Oh my gosh, those enchiladas and that cake! I need them both.
    oh and never do my hair before I go…I’m lazy ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I don’t wash my hair before going in for a style or color either. It gets washed while you are there. Looking forward to Parenthood starting again and Revenge. Love them both. Also Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal!