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1. Yesterday Caleb asked  me to put on a show for him and I asked him if he wanted to watch Monster Trucks and he said,  “Yes, Boss.” What? Where did that come from? I think he is the boss of us.

2. I really love the new iPhone software. Here are some advantages of new software. Maria is still too scared to switch over. I hope she will read this article.


3. We got our first egg. It was an exciting day at our house.

4. Our little dude turns 2 tomorrow. It’s been an exciting 2 years. He sure makes us laugh!



1. It looks like Caleb is ready for his own section of This and That. Our future blogger!

2. Today is the day we have all been waiting for. At least, it is the day I have been waiting for. The return of Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood! I think I need a big batch of Reese’s Peanut Butter Popcorn to munch on while I watch!

3. Are there any new shows I need to tune into this year? Anyone see anything good yet? I am already hooked on The Voice again. Adam does it to me every time:)

4. Sriracha Mac & Cheese. Yes, please!


5. I’m loving Fall, but I am really sad about the end of good watermelon. We are eating it up while we can!

6. Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies. I want one for each hand!

7. I am currently reading Marisa’s new book, Food In Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round. Marisa’s recipes are fabulous and she makes canning seem easy. I am not scared anymore:)

8. Don’t forget to enter our Instagram KitchenAid Mixer giveaway! Find all of the details here.


9. Caleb…our little climber!

10. 15 Things From the 80’s We Totally Loved. Totally true!

11. I have a blog crush on At Home In Love.

12. Tomorrow is Caleb’s birthday! We are ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!!

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  1. Happy birthday little man! So exciting that yall got your first egg-yayyy! I just downloaded the new software- not sure how i feel yet. Ill have to reas the article. I never want watermelon to end

  2. Love, love, love Grey’s Anatomy!! You have got to watch The Blacklist….action packed and thrilling. Kept my attention the entire episode (which is pretty hard to do).

  3. love love love. food in jars!!! this is the second season I took it out from the library and needed to add it to my collection…so I bought it. everything I have tried has been great and it is the perfect size for starting to can from my garden. I am looking forward to doing the daikon and carrots here in a few weeks when my daikon are ready. I used Pomona pectin this year so I changed up her recipes a little to have less sugar involved but friends have enjoyed the salsa and the salsa verde already this year.
    happy birthday Caleb! we are going to get chickens in the
    spring and I am so excited.

  4. I’m so happy Parenthood is back too!! I wait all summer for it to start again. Have you seen Sleepy Hollow? It’s a new supernatural show on Fox. Interesting, good actors.

  5. That little man of yours is just too cute!! makes me miss having wittle ones pattering around the house; )
    OK love the 80″s list…but erhmmm where you even born yet?

  6. Happy birthday Caleb!! Hope it’s a great day for all. And I totally recommend The Blacklist as well. Kept me on the edge of my seat!

  7. You should try canning stuff. The tomatoes are so much better than store-bought canned tomatoes! We’ve even made several cooked jams now, too. So yummy! A few years ago we made yellow pear tomato jam, because we had a bumper crop of pear tomatoes. This year we only had a handful. The weather was so chilly at the the beginning of the summer, and our tomatoes suffered.

    “Yes, Boss,” made me laugh! I’m looking forward to Big Bang Theory, which also starts tonight.

  8. I was hesitant to try canning until I attended a workshop, and then it all made perfect sense! The results are so yummy, and Food in Jars is a great book. Definitely worth it to get Ball’s Complete Book of Home Preserving too.

  9. Thanks so much for including my Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies! And those photos of Caleb are too cute!

  10. I love Parenthood too! I am so excited to watch tonight. Now I wanna make that yummy popcorn to celebrate. It looks so good! Happy Birthday to your little guy! (I have heard Blacklist is really good but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.)

  11. I can’t believe Caleb is going to be two tomorrow! And Kellan will be in a little over a month. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about both of us being pregnant. So crazy how fast it goes!

  12. Aww, thank you so much!!! I can’t believe I’ve never seen your blog til now. I’ll definitely be reading it from now on ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy birthday to Caleb!

  13. Oh yes Adam Levine!! I had the privilege of seeing Maroon 5 in a special concert last night at a convention I was attending. They and Adam were great.

    Happy Birthday Caleb!!