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1. This month’s Haagen-Daz Moment for Me box was great! I received tickets to the University of Utah football game on Saturday. It was a great game until the end when Arizona State took the lead. Bummer!


2. When we were leaving the game we saw the most beautiful sunset.

3. Can you believe this?


4. Week two beard update. No shave November.

5. How to be Happy. This is powerful. I believe it, do you?



1. Last weekend Josh and I went to Snowbird for a little getaway. I love that it only takes us 20 minutes to get to such a beautiful place! Don’t tell Caleb, but we rode the Tram. He would be so jealous. It’s one of his favorite activities.

2. Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo-a pasta that will make me skinny? Sign me up! ๐Ÿ™‚


3. Gathering eggs from our own backyard makes me happy, especially when they are so pretty! Keep up the good work chickens:)

4. The perfect fall look.

5. I want this office space, minus the cat. Sorry, cats are cute, but I don’t want a cat. And when Caleb asks for one in a few years, I can blame Josh’s allergies. I am glad it will be daddy’s fault…ha!


6. Currently snacking on these little jewels!

7. 10 Pumpkin Desserts for Thanksgiving. Or anytime. Do we really need a holiday for pumpkin?


8. Killer boots, man!

9. Quote of the week. A good reminder.

10. Holiday giveaways, yay or nay? We are trying to decide if we should play Santa on our blog this year:) Do you want to see some giveaways? If so, anything you are dying to win?

11. I just got back from a last minute trip to Hollywood. I will share more about my trip on Sunday. Stay tuned!

12. “I am a champion and you’re going to hear me roar.” Not really, but Katy Perry’s songs is stuck in my head. I have ROAR in my head and it won’t get out! Maybe I should just go ahead and roar so I can have my thoughts back:)

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  1. That sunset was GORGE! i was driving and couldn’t get a good shot but saw some amazing photos on IG.
    And seriously ROAR… not a fan of getting into the popular songs, but this one is so dang catchy and powerful…. and very similar to Brave by Sara Barielles

  2. I would love more giveaways but maybe some for the international readers (I live in Canada)! So jealous of the sunset but not of the snow you’ve received! HA

  3. So much to comment on with this post. 1) That sunset is stunning 2) Your eggs are so pretty. They look like easter eggs! 3) I’ve been snacking on pomegranate jewels this week too. They’re so good plain and taste lovely in salads too!

  4. Of course we want to see giveaways! Of all sorts! I’m personally in the market for some Le Creuset. I’m also on the lookout for the best non-stick pan in the world. Any ideas?

    Also, having your own chickens must be divine! Those eggs are lovely.

  5. I am wondering how you have chickens in your back yard. I grew up with chickens and had to gather eggs. Found a snake in the nest one time. I would look in chicken house and if I could see an egg would hurry in and get it but if I did not see any eggs just old my mother that we had no eggs that day. The snake broke me from liking eggs.

  6. I think your blog is wonderful without giveaways. Some blogs are getting to be mostly giveaways, and I guess I don’t feel that’s really the purpose. What you share here is worth a lot more than that. Beautiful eggs from your chickens! And love the little bare knees between the plaid shirt and Daddy’s boots in the picture — very cute! My girls used to like to play in Daddy’s Army boots.

  7. I love the sunset, and your eggs are beautiful. How do you care for them in the winter? Do they just stay in their pens ? Giveaways are always fun, but I enjoy ones for quality item like Le Creuset,, nice appliance (food processor! slow cooker! juicer,). Or a selection of favorites,

    Love your blog and either way I’ll continue to follow. I know if I need inspiration for food ideas you will not disappoint.

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