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1. This guy is pretty funny about being parents.

2. I have seen this video going around and I would have thought this was awesome 15 years ago, but now I just think this kid is crazy and is going to die.


3. Beard week 3! I am enjoying having a beard. It may stick around for the winter if I can keep Maria away from my razor.

4. Interesting read.


5. Snowbird opened yesterday.  I skied my first run of the year yesterday. This will be my second season skiing and I hope to get as good as I am on a snowboard.

6. Next week are headed to California to see my family. I am super excited to meet our new nephew.



1. I went to Deer Valley Resort for their winter tasting. The food was incredible! I am still dreaming about dessert-Salted Caramel Panna Cotta with Cashew Caramel Corn. Like WOW!


2. Our little buddy has been sick:( At first, I thought it was kind of nice because he was snuggling with us, but then I just wanted him to feel better. Poor Caleb!

3. Oatmeal pie. I don’t think I can wait until Thanksgiving to make this one! YUM!

4. Looking for the perfect holiday dress? I think I found one. Actually, I think I found 8.

5. Love this quote.


6. Don’t open a bag of Cookie Chips. Ok, open a bag because they are SO good, but be careful. You will eat the entire bag in a day. I haven’t done that, just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Chips are crazy good!

7. Fall at it’s finest! Love this dish!

8. Stackable rings. I need!


9. Since Caleb has been sick, we’ve spent a lot of time on the couch watching cartoons and movies. Goonies came on so we had to watch it. We own the movie, but when a movie is on TV you HAVE to watch it. I always get sucked in!

10. Shades of grey.


11. This month’s Haagen-Dazs Moment for Me box included a spa gift certificate for ME! I spent an afternoon at the spa this week and it was heavenly! Just what this mama needed! I think I need to make massages a monthly thing.

12. I want to gobble these cute turkey cookies up!

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  1. Every time I get a massage I’m like – “I should do this at least once a month”! It never happens ๐Ÿ™ The life of a Mom.

  2. Me again…forgot to add that I LOVE your quote board!! I have a journal of quotes I have “collected”. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cookie CHIPS?!? Oh my goodness….I’m in trouble! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks so much for linking to the turkey cookies!!! Gobble, gobble!

  4. Your comment about the skateboarding video is spot on. All I could do is cringe and squint to see if he actually was even wearing a helmet. I don’t think he was. I’m getting old…and smart. I like it!