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1. Our Chariot arrived! I am excited to get Caleb out on the road with me.

2. I finished my first Olympic triathlon in 9 years and did well. I seriously only had 30 days to train and some of those days were filled with traveling and a lost shoe. Regardless, I DID IT! I finished in three hours. My favorite part of the triathlon was coming back through the transition areas and seeing Caleb.  He would get really excited and throw his cute little arms up and down when he saw me. I had to stop and give him a hug and hold him for a second each time. I didn’t care about my time. I love being his dad.

3. My one year old Hyundai Elantra with 20,000 miles broke down this week. The transmission went out on it. I am very frustrated and their service department has been less than favorable to work with. It is under warrantee and they are fixing it, but I am still not happy. I think we are going to get something bigger and more family friendly. I am trying to talk Maria into a van. We need one!


1. Caleb went swimming for the first time. He is a little fishy!

2. I bought too many strawberries. Oh darn, I will have to make these White Chocolate Strawberry Blondies.

3. Josh likes to keep the house freezing in the summer. I have to hide under my blanket to stay warm. He keeps the temperature at 75, but I think he secretly fixed the thermostat to read higher than the actual temperature. It seriously feels like 50 degrees in our house.

4. We kind of like cereal. Ok, we are obsessed. It was on sale, so we stocked up. Gotta love the “Breakfast of Champions.”

5. Mason Jars are all the rage. Love these 50 ideas for using Mason Jars.

6. Avocados were on sale 3 for $1. Grilled Guacamole is happening this weekend!


7. Josh rocked his triathlon! It was 104 degrees and I think I complained more than he did. Ok, I for sure complained more:) It was fun to watch and cheer him on. Caleb and I are so proud!

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  1. Congrats on your Tri, Josh! That’s amazing. Guess you’ve been eating your Wheaties ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I always think the SAME thing about Josh and the thermostat!! Congrats to Josh! You did amazing. Hope you guys had a great fourth

  3. Way to go, Josh! That is really an awesome accomplishment – you should be really proud of yourself. I loved seeing pictures of Caleb swimming on IG! Maybe he’ll be a triathelete someday as well!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And Maria, I like how you think… now I want strawberry blondies and grilled guacamole at 6:50am!

  4. Congratulations to Josh and to Caleb too – his first swim, how exciting ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are enjoying the cereal and avacados. Thank you for a lovely post.

  5. Haha, Josh is fueled by Wheaties! Love seeing Mary Lou on the box ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on the first tri Josh!

  6. Congratulations, Josh!!! What a huge accomplishment. Maria, I have been eyeing Lindsay’s blondies too…they look so good!!

  7. Congrats, Josh! Way to get through the heat, too. Racing in high temps is never that much fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Way to go Josh, that is awesome!! Some days I would love to live in a cold house. Ours always feels super hot, unless you are sitting completely still.

  9. Caleb is one adventurous little tyke! I love that he got to cheer his daddy on!
    Congrats Josh on your triathlon! Way to rock it! What a great example for your family!
    Maria, I’m jealous you got too many strawberries! They a my favorite! Are ya going to make freezer jam? That is my favorite thing to do with left over strawberries! Enjoy your blondes!

  10. Dear Dad,
    hugging your little Pea helped propel you through to the finish line with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. No doubt about it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. SO glad to see your hubby is a Giant’s fan!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ And major props on the triathlon… SHEESH! I don’t think I’ve done that much exercise in the past few years, much less in the span of a few hours!

  12. Caleb looks like he had so much fun swimming! Hes such a cutie! Great job on the triathlon too Josh! Especially after losing a shoe ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. We have a chariot too! I got it so I can train for my half marathon in November! I love it! Congrats on the triathalon. I don’t think I’m that brave!

    Also, I *love* mason jars!

  14. absolutely wonderful time watching my son compete in his triathalon, he did so well and made me so proud! and, what a great daddy he is, he just loves his baby boy so much, it is so endearing and sweet and heart warming for me. Maria is an absolute wonderful Mommy and is amazing at all she accomplishses in a days time! Love my sweet family.

  15. I always enjoy reading “This and That” and I had to come back to this particular post. I just received my July Parents magazine and as I was scrolling through it, I saw that the Chariot Bike Trailers have been recalled and I remember Josh’s post with Caleb’s picture stating “Our Chariot arrived!” I’m not sure if the Chariot that was recalled is the one that you have but I wanted to give you guys the heads up.
    Here’s the toll free number to call to see if your is one that is affected by the recall. 1-800-262-8651
    You can also get a free repair kit if it is affected. The article states that the hitch can break causing the chariot to become detached from your bike.

    Hope this was of some help to you all!
    Have a great summer!

  16. Triathlons in the heat shouldn’t be allowed. It’s extra cruel. I wish I saw deals good enough to stock up like you did with cereal! As for a van… I always vowed I’d never ever ever get a van. But after our first I realized how annoying regular cars/suvs etc can be especially when people park too close and you still have to get the baby in the car ugh. #2 was on the way and a seat wouldn’t fit behind hubs so a van it was and I’m glad we made the switch. Good luck!

  17. Congrats Josh! And Maria I’m sure you will love being able to get a workout in with Caleb – it’s the best thing ever for both me and the boys!