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1. Haagen Dazs gave us tickets to attend the Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo in our “Moment for Me” box. We had a blast! I think we will make it a Christmas tradition!

2. Great Santa letters

3. Some good laughs here.

4. I love this Coke commercial.

5. This is so Maria!

6. Thanks for the comments on my ski video. I had a ton of fun. I went skiing on Friday and I’ve already noticed some improvements in my technique. I am so glad I took a ski lesson.


1. We normally share our This and That post on Thursdays, but Josh wanted to share his breakfast sandwich recipe on Thursday. So today we have a special weekend edition of This and That!


2. Haagen-Dazs sent us our last Moment for Me box. Inside we found two tickets to the musical Elf! Josh and I went this week and it was GREAT!

3. Inside our box, we also found my favorite holiday movie, The Holiday! We already popped some popcorn and watched it. I think I will watch it again today. I can watch this movie over and over.

4. Making this easy appetizer for the holidays. Or maybe it will be dessert!


5. I am not a fan of the snow, but it sure is pretty!

6. Get out the tissues for this story.

7. Heath Bar Crunch Chex Mix. I am making a pan for myself!


8. I helped Grandma Alice make toffee this week. She is my adopted grandma:) She makes toffee every Christmas and it’s the best! We had a fun day in the kitchen.

9. Love this Christmas tablescape!

10. I want a big fat piece of this cake.

11. These baking fails made me laugh.

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  1. I’m a Netflix marathon watcher, too. I love finding a show I love and then watching episode after episode. Then once the show is over I feel like something is missing in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I bet Elf the Musical was a fun date night! The movie is funny and I can only imagine how fun it would be to see a live rendition of it!

  3. The baking fails link at the end was hilarious. Been there many times, including the exact Dulce de Leche bars. They looked and tasted terrible!!

  4. That Coke commercial. I watched it 4 times. That’s my hubs and me, only we are 48 years later. Eventually, the kids bring their kids, and the fun gets to be even better. And yes, we Netflix via Roku every night.

  5. So fun. I love the photo of y’all with the Christmas lights. Such a precious family!!! I hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas. I know Caleb will have so much fun!!!

    Wishing I could send you a huge hunk of cake! Thanks for sharing!

    Love to you guys! xo

  6. Thank you for the baking fails link! I’ve been Facebook messaging with a friend all morning because she’s having trouble with her cutout cookies, and it made us both laugh.

  7. Josh, loved your section this week. I needed some laughs and you delivered. Anyone feeling overwhelmed with the holiday, take a minute to look at his suggestions. I’m wearing a smile again.

  8. Thank you for posting the baking fails. It made me laugh and also made me feel better. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned.