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1. Β This is really funny about gyms.

photo (3)

2. I have some bad news. I tore my MCL while I was skiing on Saturday. Β We are hoping there is no ACL or meniscus damage. I am on crutches and I have a huge brace on my leg. It’s been tough getting around, but Caleb has been a big help.

photo (4)

3. This was the view from the day I tore my MCL. It was a great day until I was injured. I really hope I heal soon. I don’t want to miss out on ski season!

4. I’m pretty bummed the Chiefs lost last week. Now I am cheering for the Panthers, Patriots, and Chargers.


1. I am currently obsessed with the show Property Brothers on HGTV. Have you seen it? I started watching it over the holidays and now I am hooked. They turn fixer upper homes into dream homes! I am always impressed with the outcome. They have great style. I want the Property Brothers to build us our dream home. Someday:)

2. I will never get tired of this salad.

3. I don’t paint my nails that often because I hate that the nail polish chips in 24 hours. I like having pretty polished nails, but it’s not worth the effort if they are going to look horrid in a day. Any tips on keeping nail polish from chipping? Share your beauty secrets with me!

4. I am having a major carb craving for this Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Bread.

5. Free Printable 2014 Calendar. I already printed mine! I like to plan my life the old fashioned way. I can’t keep my schedule on the computer. I like to be able to jot down notes and make changes in pencil.

6. Josh got me this bracelet for Christmas and I am loving it! A little bling makes me happy!

7. We are starting to plan our 2014 travel adventures. We really want to go back to Hawaii. We went to Maui last year and LOVED it. Should we choose a new island or go back to Maui. Any suggestions?

8. 16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year. I haven’t read any of these books. I better get busy because I always like to read the book before I see the movie.

9. I need this veggie burger in my life.

10. And finally, do you want us to continue on with our This and That posts in 2014? Do you like them or are we just boring you to death? Please let us know! Thanks!

Maria Lichty

I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. I do enjoy This and That. If you two don’t mind writing, I will continue to enjoy reading it. I have enjoyed watching Caleb growing up.

  2. Love these posts! Keep them coming! Oh no- Josh, I hope you get better fast. Hawaii is amazing. You should definitely see some of the other islands Kaui and Oahu are just gorgeous.

  3. Hi Maria, I follow your blog, even though I might not leave comments often, I wanted you to know that I enjoy it very much…as you may or may not know in March SLC is going to host cookie decorators from everywhere…can you suggest a nice mid priced restaurant that serves an American cuisine…thank you in advance…Maria W

  4. I like the posts, though I wish Maria’s would include pictures instead of all links, I tend to skip most of the links when they are all links. Maybe click the pic if you want more info.

  5. Please continue This and That — unless it is too time-consuming. I really enjoy reading it! I enjoy all of your recipes, too!

  6. I love reading these posts on Thursdays! πŸ˜‰ Hope you get some good mani tips, because I need them too!
    Feel better Josh!

  7. YES, please keep the This and That. Love the family pictures and the insight into your lives. For manis, I use a base and top coat and for the color, I use a very light pale pink so that when it chips, it really doesn’t show. So sorry to see that Josh is injured. Heal fast!

  8. Yes – please continue with this and that.

    So sorry about your MCL — take it seriously and make sure it is healed before skiing again!! You may do better skiing with the brace on.

  9. Love your Thursday posts! So enjoy your Caleb pictures too! If you go back to Hawaii, Kauai is a must see. And Oahu’s north shore and Pearl Harbor is a must too. We day tripped from Kauai over to Oahu. Chipping polish is why I only get my nails buffed or wear clear. Hope someone has a secret remedy! Feel better Josh.

  10. Please keep posting. Love hearing about your cute son. I am a new mommy to a son and love heading about your little guy. Love hearing about travel, home and of course food!!

  11. I love this and that Thursdays! I’ve found alot of interesting sites and links via them! Stuff I never would have happened upon online by myself! πŸ™‚

  12. I look forward to your This and That post. I love all the pictures, stories about you and your family and recipes. I too would like to see more pictures from Maria instead of just links. Keep up the great posts and blogs!!

  13. I do a lot of gardening Maria so snap re the nails. Essie and OPI are the best enamels I have used and always with a base and top coat. Do you have Shellac in the US? It’s indestructible. must be professionally applied though and needs soaking to remove (use a reputable salon) but very good for special occasions etc.

  14. I love that it looks like Spiderman is shooting a web from under Josh’s leg. Like he’s stuck or something. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  15. I love your site. I always read this and that and find that I really like that I discover things that I would not find on my own. I love the book picks, travel, jewelry ….
    I hope you can keep it coming.
    Also-your sister and her family are in my prayers.

  16. For Your Nails —> get a gel manicure or a shellac manicure! They can last 2 weeks to a month…just depends on the polish and how well it’s applied. My thanksgiving manicure lasted a month, no chips, it had just grown out!

  17. I love these posts, please keep doing them! I read them every week and find a lot of links to recipes that I otherwise would not know about.

  18. Keep up the posts, they are fun and I usually find something new. If you are doing a diy manicure at home one thing I do that keeps the polish from chipping is putting a new top coat on every day. It seems to keep my polish chip free for at least 5 days but that is the max. I am afraid of the gel manicures because of the uv lights…

  19. I love the Thursday this and that! One of my favorite days of the week πŸ™‚

    As for nail polish – I am with you. Very rarely paint unless special occassion. I have done the gel manicures and they do last but I find they do a number on my nails. As for the uv lights, there is virtually no damage from them since it is such a short time with your hands under them. One of our derm fellows here at the hospital actually did some research on it and that is what she found.

  20. I look forward to This and That every Thursday – it’s one of the highlights of the bloggy week! I especially enjoy the book and TV show recommendations! It’s also great to see what Caleb is up to – he’s adorable! Keep up the great work in 2014! Hope Josh is back on the slopes soon!

  21. Love the This and That Posts! The only thing I would suggest adding is the actual picture that goes along with the link so that you don’t necessarily have to click on the link if you don’t want to. You must read the Gillian Flynn books that are on that list. Love them!

  22. I really like the This and That posts as long as they don’t have a bunch of promo for sponsors. Don’t like all the posts where it is sponsor related. If going to Hawaii, try Kauai….gorgeous beaches. Hope Josh heals quickly so he doesn’t miss out on all the snow we’re getting now. Lucky us!

  23. Hi, I like This & That. I’m fairly new to reading them but they are fun.
    For nail polish, try Zoya. They are formaldahyde free and not expensive ($8-10ea) sold online (haven’t ever seen them in a store) but the top coat and bottom coat REALLY work to extend a polish job. It can be tough to choose a color online but they have a good “review” on the side that says how sheer or opaque it is etc which is helpful.

  24. Love This and That – please don’t stop! I love that you put links to items / blogs that you like. These have “widened my horizons” so to say!

  25. I really enjoy this portion of your blog. Your family is adorable and real! I’m a Utah local so I can relate a lot. LOVE your recipes too, this is by far one of the top blogs I subscribe to. Thanks!

  26. I am also addicted to Property Brothers and fantasize how great even my present house could be if they got their hands on it. But keep in mind, they almost never redo an entire house. So these people are left living in a house where some rooms are fantasy and the others are still a nightmare!
    Also, please keep up your This And That posts. I can get recipes anywhere, but it’s nice to see and get to know the people behind the recipes.

  27. I love this and that!! I have read both books by Gillian Flynn and I loved them!! Great stories with lots of twists! Highly recommend!!

  28. Woo hoo! So excited to be following you now via RSS. More excited about the recipes and there are so many I can’t wait to try out!

  29. Absolutely love This and That!!! Josh has an amazing way of finding the most hilarious stuff. LOL I look forward to every one of them. Have enjoyed watching Caleb grow and your recipes are amazing!
    Keep up the good work.

  30. Hello! I am not usually a commenter, but I do have to tell you I enjoy your website and look forward to your This and That posts! I would love to continue reading them :). And I enjoy perusing your site for the fabulous recipes too.

  31. Yes, please continue with these posts! As for Hawaii, definitely do other islands. Kauai is beautifully lush and worth a visit, but the Big Island was my favorite. So many different things to do and see there. If you go, look into staying at the Holualoa Inn (B&B). GORGEOUS!

  32. I have to say, I just love your “this and that” posts! About the nail polish dilemma, you should try Julep’s Freedom Polymer top coat. I swear by this stuff! It keeps my nail polish from chipping for days! Amazing product! You can purchase it on or Sephora. It’s a little pricy compared to drugstore products but it is so worth it!!

  33. Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat is amazing! I can get nail polish to last for a week before chipping, and that’s with constantly washing dishes! Also, I highly recommend visiting Kauai. We were just there in October and the island is really great. It rains for a few minutes each day. You also get to experience a very quiet local life. It really is a neat little island!

  34. Please keep This and That. I love it! Nails: try shellac polish. I don’t anything else and haven’t for the last two years. I can go 4 weeks without a chip and it’s as shiny as it was the first day after that time. The only reason I go in at 4 weeks (sometimes 3) is nail growth. Hawaii: Go to Kauai. It’s beautiful and a lot of fun places to tour. Also the big island, Hawaii, is awesome if you’re in to volcanoes and lava. It really is awesome to see.

  35. I love your this and that posts! So fun. Here’s my opinion on Hawaii- last year our family (2 adults and 3 kids) spent a whole month there, one week on each of the major islands. If you’re into lush nature go for the Big Island or Kauai. Ohau is touristy and big city like. Lots of night life if you’re into that. If we could go back we would just do the Big Island. Seeing red hot lava flow into the open ocean is a beautiful experience!

  36. Ouch! I tore my ACL/MCL skiing a few years ago. The recovery was surprisingly not that bad, but I had to have ACL surgery. I waited for the MCL to heal on it’s own before surgery, and it wasn’t too bad. I wore a brace and was diligent with my physical therapy! I hope the injury was limit to your MCL and you have a speedy recovery! …..And I LOVE property brothers too! I watched a marathon last weekend while I cleaned house!

  37. Maria!! I have the perfect solution for #3!! Jamberry! They’re nail wraps that are applied with heat and pressure and last up to two weeks without chipping or peeling. I also love having my nails look presentable, but get so annoyed after they inevitably chip after a day or two. I’m telling you- Jamberry is the best! My site url is above. Take a look around! I wear them and they’re amazing.

    I’m a longtime reader, so I’d love to send you a free sample- shoot me an email and I can get one in the mail to you!

  38. Keep This and That, please! Also, try the big island in Hawaii! You can go to the Kona area for beaches and relaxation and the east side for volcano adventures!!

  39. Get ready – I have strong nail polish opinions haha! First, I SWEAR by Seche Vite top coat…it’s available at Target. It is glossy and dries super fast. I paint my nails in bed before I go to sleep and never have blanket lines because it’s completely dry in 10 min or so. Worth every penny. I also always use a base coat – I use Seche Clear, also at Target. So re: colors, I have ZERO luck with Essie polishes – they peel or chip all the time so as much as I love all of their colors, I won’t buy them. Nicole by OPI is my favorite…for whatever reason, it lasts for days on me. Regular OPI is just okay. I painted my nails on Monday night and I’m on a computer all day, washing dishes, etc. and still no chips and barely any wear at the tips three days later. I have on occasion put another coat of top coat on after a couple of days just to make my polish last another couple of days. It gets a little thick but when I’m busy, this is a lifesaver. I’ve done shellac and I love the results except it wrecks your nails so I gave it up. Sorry for the length of my comment…I should have just emailed you. But I do love the this-and-that posts…please keep them coming! So sorry about Josh’s knee πŸ™

  40. I have the same issue with nail polish! When I worked from home I would just re-do them every other day, but now with an office job and a b**** of a commute, that doesn’t happen. I’ve found this top coat to work really well (, and I only use colors that will cover decently with a single coat, to limit the layers of polish (base, color, top). I found that the thinner it is, the less it chips. It still chips pretty quickly, but less πŸ™‚

  41. If your nails are long enough (1/8th inch of white) you can glue w/ crazy glue tissue to the underside, file off excess when dry. This will keep your nails from flexing and that is what causes the chipping. It’s like a silk wrap but on the underside so when it grows out you cut it off or it will pop off & then you replace. Really strengthens your nails too.

  42. I love this and that! Please don’t stop it! Also, I’m from the Big Island and would highly suggest it for a vacation. Lots to see and do while having great beaches to relax on!

  43. I’m having much success w/ the new Sephora X brand of nail polish. It does well for an entire week! In my opinion however, I don’t think you necessarily need the colored polish as much as you need the cleaner, base coat and top coat. These three from this line have done wonders.

  44. Uh oh about Josh, I pray its not anything serious. Your little dude reminds me of our grandson. We love Maui, and enjoy going back year after year. Of course the other islands are beautiful too, but my heart belongs in Maui. You stayed on the south end of Maui, ( the part where we love to go also) maybe try the north end by Kaanapali or Kahana. I enjoy seeing and hearing about your family and love all the links.

  45. I did nails for 5 years and I swore by Never Chip Polish Shield by European Secrets. My clients loved it and I practically had to chisel their polish off when they returned for a polish change. One coat base coat, two coats of polish-making sure to swipe the brush over the ends of your nail and adding protection followed by a coat of Never Chip- again hitting the nail ends, and then a coat of quick dry. Beautiful, shiny, protected, Teflon nails!

  46. Prayers for quick healing Josh!! I love your This and That posts – it is getting to know you better, bit by bit. The pics are great too.

  47. Thanks everyone for your comments! We are glad you are enjoying This and That! And thanks for all of the nail and Hawaii tips! And Josh really appreciates the well wishes!

  48. I love Jamberry nails I have not affiliation with this company. I just love them. I gave them to everyone for Christmas. They are easy to apply and last over two weeks. I put a pair on, on the 20th, cooked and cleaned all Christmas week in them then spent a week in Puerto Rico, swimming and playing in the sand, etc. I am still wearing the same pair and they look as good now, as the day I put them on. If only could stop my nails from growing they would last longer. I love your Blog, other than great recipies This & That is my fave. Bummer about Josh’s knee, i hope he heals soon.

  49. I am new to this blog, but I love your This and That posts.
    Also to answer your nail polish post there is a product called Jamberry nails that you can buy. they are like a nail sticker and actually last for several days to a couple weeks. I know there are other of these types of products out there but have never personally tried them myself whereas I have with the jamberry nails products.

  50. I absolutely love your This n That, the format (his, hers), the variety, the glimpse of your life–fun when I use a lot of your recipes. Please keep them! You don’t overshare, but fun to see the bracelet someone got for Christmas, etc!

  51. It is great fun to have a peek into your comings and goings! I love it!

    As far as your nails go, I have always had the same problem of chipping. UGH! After years of having a professional manicure (costly! time-consumming!), I found out about the brilliance of doing my own gel nails at home! I bought a kit through, and I am completely sold! I have been doing my own nails since October-ish, and I still get a rush every time I look at my chip-free nails. Seriously. Sometimes I think I’m so shallow, but it really makes me so happy πŸ˜€ For an entire manicure, it takes me about 20 minutes from start to finish. Once they are done, they are done–no waiting for drying, etc.! If you want more details, send me an email!

  52. I love getting this!! I do agree, though, that I wish there were pictures instead of links. Like for food, recipes, or jewelry. But I will read it regardless. I also like how both of you write a post, not just one of you.

  53. I love the “This and That” posts. Please keep them coming! And I’d love for you to share all the tips you get for keeping nail polish on!

  54. I love This and That as long as you enjoy doing it!! Sorry to hear Josh got injured! I hope he can be back on the trails soon. Maria love your recipes. We are vegetarians too! But so sorry we can not get used to quinoa. We have tried so many times and just doesn’t work for us. In those recipes we do brown rice. Love watching Caleb grow!. Keep everything you are doing! You have one of the best blogs available.

  55. I really love the Sinful Colors line of nail polish (I get it at Target) — it’s cheap and honestly I think it’s one of the more long-lasting brands. I plan nail-painting around cleaning — I just wait until I likely won’t be doing much cleaning for the next few days πŸ™‚ That might be less practical for a food blogger and mother of a toddler than it is for me though!

  56. I LOVE, LOVE the Property Brothers too! I love the vision they have – I can’t see those possibilities in the homes– until they finish and WOW.
    We went to Hawaii (23 years ago) and love the big island – very interesting terrain from one side to the other.
    Feel better Josh.

  57. Yes, please do continue with “This and That.” If I’m busy (or get bored), I can always delete an email and the ones not wanting to receive it can do the same if they want to keep receiving recipes. Love reading your little thoughts, ills, and triumphs, not to mention the yummy recipes! Hope Josh gets a good report on his knee!

  58. I keep my nails real short so the polish lasts longer. It does help to have a base coat and finishing off with a top coat. I have done the shellac nails for a few months and then decided to take a break. It tools a few months for my nails to recover, they kept peeling.
    Kauai is a must!
    I enjoy This and That!

  59. I love these posts! for nails do shellac- doesnt chip for a week at least, and lasts up to 2 wks! ill never get a regular manicure again. plus no drying time!!!!! the best ever.

  60. I enjoy reading This & That. Please continue. Try using Seche Vite top coat (and base coat). I never liked to paint my nails because the polish would always chip. This is the best thing to prevent my polish from chipping. I can wash rice and it keeps my polish from chipping. Love it!

  61. I thoroughly enjoy the This and That and all your posts. I REALLY like this book to movie guide. I read the Monuments Men and LOVED it and cannot wait for the movie. Congratulations on your news!!!

  62. We love this and that. Keep it. We went to O
    Oahu in October and loved it but it was more touristy and reminded me a lot of Southern California. But the Polynesian cultural center was amazing and worth the trip. We had a great time.

  63. I like the this and that posts. They are fun to read and offer a lot of good
    information. Please keep doing these.
    Thank you,

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