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1. I am off crutches and it is hard for me not to limp. I have been told I am not supposed to limp and it is tough. I was fitted for a knee brace yesterday hopefully that will help.

2. Tax season is creeping up on us and I have a mess.

photo (4)

3. Caleb had a really high fever for about 24 hours over the weekend. It hovered right around 102.9 degree with Tylenol and Ibuprofen being rotated every 2 hours. We were pretty scared. But look at this guy. He is cute even when he is sick and sleeping. I watched him sleep a lot. That is probably pretty creepy?

4. I had no idea Ironman could also sing, did you?

5. Inspiring story about a family helping their children build a better future.

6. I will be cheering for the Seahawks on Super Bowl Sunday!


1. On Saturday, I went to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. I attended a party with Southwest and Today’s Mama and saw a private screening of Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here.’ I loved it! Great soundtrack too!

2. 18 Daily Habits That Make Life In the Kitchen Better. Lots of great tips!

photo (8)

3. Josh came home with a bag of my favorite bagels this week. Einstein bagels are a staple for me right now. I can’t live with out them. Josh earned mega bonus points!

4. This is my kind of soup!

5. I got my haircut yesterday. Nothing drastic, just a trim, but I still feel like a new woman. I love getting my haircut!

6. Cannoli Cream Puffs. Holy Cannoli!

7. 14 Ordinary Things to Do in 2014. Love this list! I am going to try and be more ordinary this year.

8. I am 12 weeks pregnant and finally able to function. My nausea still comes in waves, but I am managing much better. My midwife warned me that I would start showing earlier since it is my second baby and she was right! This week my belly popped! Josh says he still can’t tell, but I think he is just being nice. Husbands are supposed to say that:) I can definitely see a bump.

9. Speaking of baby bumps, do you want to see pictures of my growing belly? I know lots of pregnant woman take weekly pictures of their baby bumps, but I didn’t do this with Caleb. We have pictures along the way, but I didn’t document my belly on a weekly basis. I guess I just don’t see the appeal of watching me get fatter and fatter?:) But if you would like to see my baby bump grow, let me know. I will see what I can do:)

10. Make a statement with your necklace.

11. I got a massage at the Grand America Spa and I think I need to make it a weekly tradtion…at least until the baby comes:) It was heavenly!

12. I am headed to Alt Summit today! You can follow my ALT adventures via Instagram. It should be a smashing time!

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  1. Heck yes to pictures of your cute little bump! I am totally making that soup. Glad everyone is feeling better. Have fun at the summit

  2. Wow those are some yummy looking bagels… definitely brownie points!!! I hope your son is feeling much better now, poor little thing! xx

  3. Hope Josh does not get his wish for the Super Bowl. I have been for Denver but Sherman was so ugly not sure who could want Seattle to win.
    Good ideas on the list. Hope you are feeling better and that Caleb is well now.

  4. I get a kick out of bump pictures! I never think of it as someone getting fatter and fatter, but rather, seeing their baby grow! Week by week or month by month ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Aww,poor thing feel better sweetie :-),I loved to see how that cute tummy grows took pics of my sis’s she didn’t want but told here in the years to come you’ll be glad you documented everything and then you can show the kids they love stories like that hehehe,Glad everyone is feeling better Have a great day! hugs to you all

  6. Caleb is such a doll…I am glad he’s feeling better. And I DEFINITELY popped with my second…by 9 weeks I could no longer hide it!!

  7. I used to love Einstein Bagels until I found out they all have HFCS in them! Same with most of Walmart’s fresh-baked bread.

    Why, oh why, is there HFCS in such foods!?

  8. THANK YOU for a great This & That article! (I always enjoy reading them, but this one was particularly interesting) I clicked on your links and absolutely loved all of them. And yes! Please post pictures of your growing bump. I truly enjoy your website. Thanks again.

  9. Yes-s-s baby bump pictures!!!! If your comfortable showing off your new little “pea”
    I’m jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Aww poor Caleb! He sounds like he’s in good hands though. And yes, of course we would love to see some pictures of your little “pea” and your new haircut! I’m sure you both looks wonderful.

  11. Love your recipes – my freezer staple is the zuchini oatmeal coconut & chocolate chip cookies. Hope Caleb feels better soon, and congrats on adding another pea to the pod – once a month pic’s would be great to see.
    And because I’m from Seattle and feel the need to weigh in…Let’s put the Sherman thing in perspective – it was an adrenlin pumping caught in the heat of the moment comment. He’s a great guy, a good role model and a very smart man. He’s human just like the rest of us and he’s apologized. We’ve all done and said things in the spur of the moment too. I’m just glad mine wasn’t in front of millions of people!

  12. Congratulations on getting off crutches and the new baby on the way! How exciting. I hope your little guy is feeling better. There’s nothing worse than having a sick kiddo!

  13. Sorry to hear Caleb was unwell. My daughter had the same thing last weekend…headache and fever and that was it, but it was intense while it lasted. It’s awful seeing them suffer.

  14. I think baby bump pictures can be cute. I do not think they have do be done weekly though. There have been really cute ideas on different way to keep record or see the progress of the baby bump. It is always fun to be able to take creative ideas with baby bump pictures.

    I love those 18 daily habits post. That had some really good tips. So was the ordinary things. Those reminded me of some of my goals to get back in touch with my family more before me and my husband have to move out of state to our next base.
    I have been struggling with working on making the meal plans. My husband is slowly adjusting to trying new things. I still have yet to figure out what he hated about Chicken pot pie soup when everyone else loved it.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing my Cream Puffs! You’re little boy is such a cutie! And Einstein Bagels are the best, especially the blueberry and asiago.

  16. It’s so natural to watch your kid sleep when they are sick, to make sure they are okay. My oldest was really sick when she was a year old with a high fever. She went to sleep and even though I would wake her up every couple of hours to change her and try to feed her some milk and give her some Tylenol, she basically slept for 24 hours. Her fever broke and she was much better. But I hadn’t slept the entire time and was exhausted! ๐Ÿ™‚