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1. We bought Caleb his first pair of skis. He went skiing at the park and had a great time. He’s a natural!

2. I can relate.

3. We have situations like these in our home on a regular basis.

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4. Caleb was so proud to give Mom her birthday flowers.

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5. Caleb helped Mom blow out her birthday cake…I mean cookie.


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1. Caleb has been asking for hummus and pita chips every day. I have been joining him.

2. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? The puppy won me over in the Budweiser commercial.We still aren’t getting a dog though. I think a baby is enough for this year:)

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3. I made you some wicked awesome chocolate cookies. I will share the recipe on Monday.

4. You Have To Do The Hard Things.

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5. Grapefruit spoons are a genius invention. I can’t live without mine!

6. Friday Night Lights fans you will appreciate 19 Pieces of Advice from Tami Taylor.

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7. I turned 32 yesterday! My guys made me French toast for breakfast!

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8. They also spoiled me with flowers, a nice family meal out, and homemade cookies. I am one lucky lady!

9. These cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat!

10. Love this post about inspiration.

11. Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out my V-day Pinterest board.

10. Who’s excited for the Olympic Games? My hand is raised! I love hearing the “Olympic song” on TV. It makes me want to march around the house:)

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11. My little snow angel!

12. Don’t forget to enter our Valentine’s Day giveaway!

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