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1. We bought Caleb his first pair of skis. He went skiing at the park and had a great time. He’s a natural!

2. I can relate.

3. We have situations like these in our home on a regular basis.

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4. Caleb was so proud to give Mom her birthday flowers.

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5. Caleb helped Mom blow out her birthday cake…I mean cookie.


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1. Caleb has been asking for hummus and pita chips every day. I have been joining him.

2. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? The puppy won me over in the Budweiser commercial.We still aren’t getting a dog though. I think a baby is enough for this year:)

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3. I made you some wicked awesome chocolate cookies. I will share the recipe on Monday.

4. You Have To Do The Hard Things.

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5. Grapefruit spoons are a genius invention. I can’t live without mine!

6. Friday Night Lights fans you will appreciate 19 Pieces of Advice from Tami Taylor.

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7. I turned 32 yesterday! My guys made me French toast for breakfast!

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8. They also spoiled me with flowers, a nice family meal out, and homemade cookies. I am one lucky lady!

9. These cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat!

10. Love this post about inspiration.

11. Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out my V-day Pinterest board.

10. Who’s excited for the Olympic Games? My hand is raised! I love hearing the “Olympic song” on TV. It makes me want to march around the house:)

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11. My little snow angel!

12. Don’t forget to enter our Valentine’s Day giveaway!

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  1. Omg Caleb on skis… too adorable! I’m SO psyched for the Olympics; can’t wait for the opening ceremony!

    Happy birthday, Maria! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Have really been enjoying your recipes. Have been snowbound in NYS and so been trying lots of them. Your pics are adorable. We just had our second grandchild, get this-a boy 9#’s7oz. and 23″long. Our third grandchild will be born in July and join a brother who will be 3. Had 2 boys/a girl ourselves. Those boys kept us hopping! Our kids all around your age. Hope you’re feeling better. Our daughter still not feeling great. Think she is having a girl. I was very sick the whole 9 months with her. Glad she was the last or I don’t know if we would have had any others. It was the “pits”!

  3. The cuteness factor is through the roof!! Caleb is adorable on his skis and as a snow angel. Birthday Blessings!

  4. Good mornin, Happy Birthday Maria and many more Sweetie…I just can’t wait till thurs…love this and that means I get to see you guys…Caleb so adorable can’t wait to see him every week! And I just love to see your baby belly getting bigger and bigger You look gorgeous preganant not many mothers can say that…Have great day! Love the floweres josh great Dad! hugs countrygirl350

  5. Cookies are my favorite food but This and that ends up being my favorite post each week. Josh gave me a couple of good laughs that I could also relate easily to and I shared with my husband. Maria you passed on some advise that I’m passing to my high school daughter. Your traditions mirror our families own. No big fanfare, just time together and simple gestures of love. These make the best memories. Happy birthday, and thank you for sharing with us each week.

  6. Happy Birthday! Great to see your boys spoiled you. Looking forward to that chocolate cookie recipe. ๐Ÿ˜‰