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1. I love the NBA playoffs, almost every game is exciting and a nail bitter. I am cheering for the Warriors again this year. They are usually a fun team to watch with exception to their last game. Did you see Blake Griffin in Game one? I don’t believe this was an accident.

2. I want to do this for our family this summer. Looks like a blast to me.

3. Have you heard about this? 500 lightyears is a long time, but never the less this is interesting stuff.

4. I have been trying to get in better shape for about a month now. I go to the gym every morning at 6:00 AM and I am watching what I eat. Every morning I drink a smoothie after my workout. It is easy-skim milk, banana, spinach, protein powder and chia seeds.

5. On nice days, I have been pulling Caleb behind me on my bike. He loves riding in our Chariot. We have a blast together and it is a great workout for me!


photo (20)

1. It’s time for a baby bump picture! Josh took this picture on Easter. Don’t you love my giant Easter egg? ha! I am 25 weeks along and feeling pretty good on most days. I am in that uncomfortable pregnant stage…which will last until I have the baby. Joy! I am also in the in between clothes stage. I went shopping this week and it wasn’t fun. Maternity clothes are too big but regular sizes fit funny. I am feeling awkward all around!

photo 4 (19)

2. Josh made Greek Yogurt Biscuits for Easter dinner. You better believe I slathered mine with butter and honey.

3. I need a big plate of these!

photo 5 (15)

4. Caleb loved coloring eggs for Easter and he LOVES eating them too! I had no idea he was such a big hard boiled egg fan! He has been eating them all week long. I need to keep our fridge stocked!

5. You need to make this spring salad.

6. Can we talk about Parenthood for a second? I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t watched the season finale yet, but I am concerned. Is Parenthood coming back next season? I hear it hasn’t been renewed and that makes me nervous. They kind of left everything up in the air. I need more!!

photo 1 (31)

7. Currently addicted to this salad!

8. I finished The Fault In Our Stars. It was a tearjerker, but I enjoyed it. The movie comes out this summer and I hope it is as good as the book! Ok, I need some book suggestions! I have a few trips coming up and I need some good reads for my travels! Any suggestions?

9. Don’t forget to enter our Le Creuset giveaway! It’s a good one!

10. These cookies are on my must make list!

11. Such a fun way to serve a salad.

12. I am headed to SNAP today! If you are going, make sure you say hi!

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  1. Impressive commitment to the gym, I’m not even awake at 6am! You’re looking fabulous- love the bump!

  2. Love your baby bump! You look beautiful in that dress! I love parenthood and hope they renew for a new season. It can not end like that!

  3. Lovely picture of you at Easter – glad that Caleb loved the hard boiled eggs – they are a good and healthy snack to keep around.

  4. I would be so sad if Parenthood doesn’t come back! I hate to see the season end, and so early. When I was growing up, series started in September and went until the end of the school year, with re-runs over the summer. At least “24” is coming back!

  5. You look gorgeous! Glad you had a wonderful Easter. I love Sarah Addison Allen’s books. If you haven’t read Garden Spells yet, pick it up. On a totally different note, I also loved Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – also becoming a movie.

  6. Before Princess Dianna carried her first child, maternity clothing was designed to sort of conceal the baby bump. When the man in charge of making Dianna’s wardrobe was given the task, he thought something like, “Hey! This is the future monarch of England! No way will we hide this one!” And so began the change in maternity apparel. I’m so glad. You look wonderful. I just wish it had happened in time for my pregnancies!! I hope Caleb will enjoy UNdyed eggs too. You might be making Easter Eggs year round for a while!

  7. My 2 year old has been loving eating the hard boiled eggs we colored also. When we were dyeing them he was only concerned about eating one. I’m wondering about Parenthood too! So much was left up in the air.

  8. I just finished reading “The Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman. It was really good!
    I briefly wondered the same thing about Parenthood when Camille & Zeek officially moved out of their house – it had a sense of finality about it. But I hope it comes back!
    Good job on being consistent with the gym & eating right. I have yet to get on that bandwagon…one of these days!

  9. wasn’t the fault in our stars so friggen good?! i couldn’t put it down.

    have you read the night circus yet?? i loved it. also i’m reading fangirl right now… it’s ok!

    thanks so much for the shoutout for my cookies, lady!!!

    have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, loved the book! I will check out Night Circus, thanks! I can’t wait to make your cookies!

  10. I love your “this and that” posts! Keep ’em coming!

    Love your bump! Wish I had looked that cute when I was carrying my boys!

    A great author to check out is Jojo Moyes. Everything I have read of hers has been excellent!!

  11. I just reserved The Fault in Our Stars at our library (only one before me)

    and have copied the biscuit recipe (along with the recipe for the chicken soup) for this weekend

    and need to ask you – What the heck in that incredible salad – the picture makes my mouth water – I can see avocado, beans, diced sweet potato, purple cabbage – but what else and what is the dressing?

    Entered the Giveaway – did I miss anything else? LOL…

    1. We have just been making it up this week! Everyone is asking for the recipe so I guess we need to post it.

  12. Really excellent picks for the recipes from others to share — looking forward to the Cobb salad and potato wedges sometime soon!

  13. I must join the masses and request the recipe for the salad! It looks amazing!! I too am hoping Parenthood gets renewed – I was bummed when this season ended. Love the dress and your bump – you look amazing!

  14. I love your This and That posts! They are so sweet!

    I am finishing up Me Before You by JoJo Moyes and I have loved it! It is sad, but inspiring at the same time.

    Have a great week!

  15. Just finished a really good book–“Ruby’s secret” by Heather Moore. Also recommend “Dr. Sara’s Dare” and “Joe’s Ghost” by Veda Boyd Jones

  16. Congratulations to you for making to the gym at 6am every day! I always say I’m gonna get up early to go for a run or a walk but it never happens. I end up going in the evening.

    And Maria, I LOVE that pink dress! What a great color. Enjoy your time at the Snap conference. Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. If you like Fault in the Stars check out the author Rainbow Rowell. Similar books but not so sad!

  18. You look lovely in your 25th week, congratulations!!!! I’m sure this little poiece of heaven will bring so much love and joy to the family!

  19. The best books I’ve ever read are Lonesome Dove and Shantaram and I’d recommend them to anyone!

  20. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars too! LOVE it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anything by Jodi Picoult is amazing to me…check her out. Or…Divergent series…Charlie St Cloud…

  21. You are a gorgeous pregnant woman! And I totally love your kitchen. I can’t wait until I get to build my dream kitchen.