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1. I really love this website.

2. Any Android fans have any advice for me on why my notes never save on my S Notes on a Galaxy Note 3? I used the notes in my iPhone all the time to save important information for a later time. Ever since I switched to the Android, my notes never save. It has been real frustrating.

3. This is amazing!

4. I’ve been staying up late every night to watch the NBA playoffs. There have been some great games! It’s nice to see some good basketball!


5. Caleb Loves to go to REI and he can name almost every product on the shelves. Literally!

6. Caleb can’t wait to see mommy on TV today! Make sure you watch!


1. I am in NYC with Land O’ Lakes, getting ready to be on the TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda! Pinch me now! Tune in or set your DVR’s! I am making our Raspberry Almond Scones. They are my favorite and I think you will like them too:)

2. After the show, I am heading to Seaside, Florida for a girls weekend with some of my favorite blogging friends! It’s a crazy, but fun week! You can follow my travel adventures on Instagram. I will also be sharing recap posts on our blog soon!

photo 2 (32)

3. I recently went to Eva’s Bakery in Salt Lake City. I am so in love. I normally don’t buy cookies from bakeries (unless I am traveling) because I bake too many at home, but I couldn’t pass up their Vegan Chocolate Cookie and their Chocolate Chip Cookie. They were both amazing! I might be back on a regular basis:)

4. Happy May Day! Love the flowers in a bag bouquets!

photo 1 (34)

5. Our lilacs are in full bloom! They are my favorite. I wish they would last all year long.

6. Perfect breakfast for Cinco de Mayo!

photo 3 (30)

7. Josh went to the gym Monday morning and came home with a box of donuts. Doesn’t make sense to me, but Caleb didn’t seem to mind:) I am really proud of Josh for waking up every morning and going to the gym. He is doing great so I guess he deserved the donuts:)

8. Will someone make me this clock? Hint, hint Josh:)

9. I have been really tired lately. I don’t remember being this tired during my first pregnancy. I guess I have a toddler to chase around this time  and the blog has been keeping me really busy. I am not complaining, I just wish I could take more naps:) Why did naptime have to stop? Caleb sometimes cries when he has to take a nap, he doesn’t know how good he’s got it:)

10. I got a manicure and pedicure before I left for NYC. I couldn’t have my nails looking bad on national TV! I got gel nails for the first time. I am loving them so far. I am curious to see how long they last!

11. This sandwich has my name written all over it!

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  1. Can’t wait to watch today! SO exciting! Congrats! Mani/pedi very deserved! I need a pedicure so bad. Josh- I sent the car link to my Josh- he’s going to love that! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Josh, I had the same issue with S Note! I love my Galaxy, but it drove me bananas. I downloaded the ColorNote app in its place, and that one has worked great for me! Haven’t had a problem since. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That sandwich looks delicious! I think my daughter and I are going to have it for lunch tomorrow. That’s exciting that you are going to be on the Today Show. I think I was tireder with the 2nd pregnancy, too. My daughter didn’t always want to nap, when she was 2-1/2, so if she didn’t nap, I didn’t nap. I know I was tired after that baby was born, too, because it was harder to squeeze in a nap,

    Oh, and make sure the older child can’t ever reach the diaper powder. One afternoon, when I thought my older daughter was napping, she was poofing powder all over her room. What a mess. She was about 2-1/2 at the time. Fortunately, she only did that once.

  4. I went through a phase where I was so exhausted this pregnancy too (my third). Come to find out I was iron deficient. After I started taking iron pills I felt so much better! With you not eating red meat you should consider asking your dr to check your iron levels.

  5. Yay! I watched the segment, you did amazing! Loved the color of your shirt. And thank you for the link love!

  6. So many fun trips!! Loved your nail color on TODAY Show today btw. You look great!! Also Caleb looks so grown up in that photo!!

  7. I haven’t watched the segment yet but I am going to see if I can find it online somewhere. I did see a pic on IG and I just have to say – LOVE the outfit you wore. That shade of pink looks great on you!

    Have a lovely time in Florida (it’s pretty darn warm here right now, isn’t it?!) and a great weekend.