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1. We looked out the window and saw this cute little dude watering the flowers with one of my work gloves on. What a good helper.

2. This may make you cry but these boys are impressive.

3. Any peach tree experts out there? We have a peach tree and last year we had a lot of peaches but they were very small. Should we thin the peaches out this year to get larger peaches? Any advice?

4. Have any of you seen this documentary? This is a must watch if you are a consumer of any sorts. We have been pretty good about where we buy stuff but after seeing this we will try to be even more diligent. Change starts with each of us.

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5. Caleb had his first case of vomiting on Tuesday. Poor little guy woke up from his nap and vomited all over himself. Maria walked in on the poor dude. After we got him cleaned up, he laid on the couch for about an hour and then literally popped up and said, “My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore. I am happy now.”  He shared his crackers with his monkey. He is a sweet boy and we are glad he is feeling better.


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1. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Josh and Caleb spoiled me…they always do! I love spending every day with my guys!

2. My kind of cupcake.

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3. For Josh’s birthday we went to Banbury Cross for donuts. It is tradition. I didn’t have a donut, I wasn’t in the mood, but Caleb picked out a sprinkle donut. Good choice!

4. Fun idea for flowers.

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5. On Monday, I had my glucose test. It was the WORST. The sugary orange drink was horrible. I had to plug my nose to get it down. I waited an hour to get my blood drawn and was feeling very queasy. Well, then things got worse. They couldn’t get any blood out of me. They had to stick me three times and then they couldn’t get enough to fill the tubes, so they had to keep trying. I almost passed out and felt sick the entire day! Luckily, I passed the test with flying colors so I don’t have to take the 2nd test and I can eat as many cookies as I want:) SO glad that is over!

6. Fun and healthy summer treat!

7. I have some good news and bad news. Parenthood is coming back for Season 6, but it is the last season! SAD! There are only 13 more episodes left! That isn’t enough for me. I don’t want the show to end!

8. I really want to talk about Nashville, but I will keep my lips sealed in case you missed the finale last night. I will say I have a major crush on Deacon. I just love him! And the Grey’s finale is tonight! I am curious to how they will say goodbye to Christina. I am sure plenty of drama will be involved. That is how they do things.

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9. A giant box of California Avocados! Heaven!! Caleb and I have been eating avocado toast every single day, but we aren’t making a dent in the avocados. What should we make? Any requests?

10. We are going to Hawaii next week! Yahoo! We went to Maui last year and loved every second. This time we are going to the Big Island. Any recommendations for us?

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11. Sprinkles…just for fun!

12. I was in the mood for a little mystery so I read this book. I liked it!

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  1. We were in Hawaii for the first time in April..
    All the way from Toronto with our 8 month old son. We stayed at the Orchid on the Big Island and loved it. Highly recommend it.
    Have a great trip

  2. Be sure to see the volcanoes. There is a tour that you can take on your own. It’s really incredible. Have fun.

  3. *confession*
    I signed up to your blog for the giveaway.. *hangs head in shame*

    HOWEVER!!!! – I love it! All of it! The recipes, the candor, the mutaula appreciation of Grey’s….and Deacon…

    My little guy turned 5months today, & yesterday my husband booked flights for us to take our munchkin to meet his grandparents & the rest of the family for the first time! (my hubby is from PA & I’m from Scotland!) – and tips for flying with a little one?!

    Caleb is a cuti e- have a great trip!

    1. Thank you! Glad you are enjoying our site! Caleb loves flying so he is always great! We got lucky:) We bring popcorn, our iPad, toys, and lots of other snacks. He also loves looking out the window and talking to people! Best of luck with your travels!

  4. I have family in SLC and they LOVE Banbury Cross donuts…they like to post pictures of them on Instagram and tag me to torture me with them!
    I’m so happy that Parenthood is coming back for a final season. I feel that they deserve to know when they are ending so that they can write a satisfying final season and not leave us hanging- hello, Amber possibly being preggo?! You can’t leave us wondering if she is or isn’t!

  5. If you want bigger peaches, you need to thin your tree so they have room to grow. You should leave a fist-sized space between them so they have enough room. We live in Woods Cross, just North of Salt Lake, and I am waiting for warmer weather before I start to thin my tree because I am still worried I might lose some if we get more freeze warnings.

  6. What a fun “real life” post with added links too, I love it! and those glucose test are the worst I hated all four times I had to do it. GAG. So glad you passed. I have never tried avocado toast YUM! This is a no brainer but guacamole is a must in my fam. Have fun on your up coming trip! and lastly thank you for the link to my Watermelon pops I appreciate that. xo jen

  7. Nashville’s finale I thought was more like a normal episode. I was a little disappointed, but I won’t spill any beans. I gave up on Grey’s but came back to it at the end just so I could see how they say goodbye to Christina. Knowing how Shonda Rhimes is, it should ne very interesting.

  8. I’ve read you can freeze avocado. Might want to do some research about it so you can make your stash last longer!

  9. Maria, have you ever had an avocado shake? They are so good and easy to make. My husband has been making these for me since I’ve been craving for them. The Ravenous Couple posted a recipe on their website or you can Google for others.

  10. Poor Caleb, but I’m sure monkey enjoyed the snack. 🙂

    There’s a lot of driving on the Big Island from what I recall..but lots of coffee bean “farms” and volcanic rock!! Have a wonderful time .

  11. When we visited the Big Island 5 years ago & found this website that shared the best places to go by locals, . We also have my mother in law who lives there. But take a trip around the whole island, you can do it in a day. Visit the waterfalls in Hilo.

  12. Me again, you have try the malasada (sweet bread) so good you can get at almost any bakery. Try the Scandinavian Shaved Ice in Kona, make sure you put the scoop of ice cream in the center. If you like seafood try the Fish Hopper in Kona (also serve steaks) but best Fish & Chips I’ve ever had, fresh fish. If you make it in to Hilo stop at Ken’s House of Pancakes, great big menu and everything on the menu is delicious & available all day.

  13. Christine already answered, but I just wanted to pitch in about the peaches. I went to a fruit tree class over at the Conservancy District a few weeks ago and the teacher said to let the little fruits get about a half inch big and then thin them to one every few inches. She said when the fruits touch (same thing with apple trees) that’s what attracts bugs and diseases and stuff. Also, the trees are programmed to set more fruit than they can properly support and develop. (shrug) Nature is funny.

  14. Re: avocados; use it to make a “pesto” and toss with any kind of cooked pasta. You use the mashed avocados, with a little lemon zest/juice, as your sauce for the pasta. And then you can basically throw in any other accoutrements you like or want to add. Fresh herbs, other complimentary type veggies….the possibilities are endless really… It is SO good! I thought it would be weird or not tasty but boy was I wrong. It is out of this world delicious. And I’ve tried it with a nuttier whole wheat pasta too, which was even better! Give it a try. I bet your little boy would inhale it! ; )

  15. I second the comments on thinning your peach trees. I’ve also found that as my trees are maturing (about 5 yrs old now) the fruit is getting bigger with each year.

  16. On the Kona Coast, visit the Kona Historicak Society. They maintain a historic coffee plantation that is a glimpse into the area’s history. Fascinating even for non-coffee drinkers. Volcanoes National Park is very interesting. The macadamia nut farm in Hilo is also interesting…& tasty! If you have a day to spare & transportation, take a loop drive around the island; you’ll see why it’s called “The Big Island”! South of Kona you can visit the furthest southernmost part of the U.S.A., & to the north you’ll go through an area that looks like Wyoming. It’s where Parker Ranch is located, Hawaii’s beef ranch.

  17. Hi,
    I see in one of your above photo’s that you have a Thermador oven. Do you also have a Thermador cooktop? I am going to replace mine and it’s a toss up between Thermador and Wolf. The only down side that I have been able to find is the “star” burners, being difficult to clean. Is your’s gas or electric?

    1. We have all Thermador appliances and love them all! We have the gas range. We love the star burners! The top grates come off and they are actually easy to clean! I love the heat control, the low simmer function is awesome! They also heat up very quickly! It doesn’t take long to boil water!

  18. There’s a seahorse farm (yes seahorses!!!) just south of the Kona airport that is sooooo worth a trip. You even get to hold one! Check it out, You’ll all love it.

  19. I know the Volcano Natl Park has already been mentioned – but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s such a beautiful area and if you can go at night. The lava glows and looks fantastic. We also drove to the beach from the Volcano Natl Park and you can stand on land that is younger than yourself (or at least it was younger than me!). Kinda fun to see black sand and black beach. Enjoy your trip!

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