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1. Shadow Lake-a view from one of my mountain bike rides in Park City this week.

2. This cracked me up. I remember watching Jonny Carson as a kid.

3. Our weather has been in the high 90’s and in the 100’s this week and I find myself wishing for ski season to get here. Maria saw me looking at ski gear online the other day and about freaked out. She isn’t a fan of winter and wants summer to last forever. I can’t help it though, I miss skiing!

4. When I was in college, I hitchhiked for almost two years. Not because of any social experiment, but because I was already going into debt for college so I was not going to go into debt for a vehicle. I am not recommending anyone or anybody to do this,  I know it is dangerous, this is just what I did. I heard this story on NPR and reminisced about my hitchhiking experiences. I remember the elation of getting a ride immediately, the confusion of people cursing me to get a job as I was hitchhiking to or from work, or the sadness when I ended up walking all the way home to my apartment about 5 miles.


5. Caleb plays in the sprinklers almost every day. He loves it!


photo 1 (53)

1. We had a Happy 4th! Pancake breakfast, BBQ, homemade ice cream, and a few little fireworks to please Caleb.

2. The countdown is on! Less than a month until I have this baby! I packed a hospital bag this week and washed all of Caleb’s baby clothes. We are getting ready!

3. I want a scoop!

photo 2 (52)

4. We went to an outdoor concert at Deer Valley over the weekend.  We enjoyed a killer picnic and listened to Kenny Rogers. He put on a good show and you can’t beat the location! It was a perfect date night!

photo 3 (46)

5. And let’s take a second to talk about this Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownie Pop that was in our picnic basket. AMAZING! I devoured every single bite of mine so I asked Josh if I could save his for later. He loves me so of course he said yes…and because he devoured the lemon pound cake:)

6. Fun spatulas for summer!

photo 4 (38)

7. Craving of the week-Ritz crackers with Justin’s peanut butter! I can’t get enough!

8. My watermelon obsession continues. Can’t wait to make this!

9. We started watching Mad Men this week. I am not hooked yet, but I think it has potential.

10. Quote of the week. I wish I would have learned this earlier in life. I collected too many things when I was younger-key chains, Lisa Frank stickers, everything ladybug and Sylvester (yes, the cat), and stuffed animals. Now, I only collect dishes, but I HAVE to since it is part of my job:)

11. Fun little table for a picnic!

12. Dream yard!

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  1. 1 month! Crazy town! Can’t wait to see that little cutie! I know Caleb is going to be an amazing older brother too. So happy for you guys

  2. Love the picture of the 3 of the you! I’m sure that Caleb will make a great older brother. By the way Josh, I love winter also, not fond of being hot and humid especially in MI.

  3. That brownie pop looks incredible! So happy for you that baby is almost here! That watermellon fruit leather literally made my mouth water. YUM.