Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt

It’s August, it’s hot, and you need a sweet cool down treat! So today I give you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt. I could live off of frozen yogurt in the summer time. It always hits the spot. And if you are thinking you don’t have time to make homemade frozen yogurt, think again! This recipe is super easy. You don’t even need an ice cream maker! How cool is that? Literally, it is very cool:)

To make the frozen yogurt, you whip up a little eggless chocolate chip cookie dough and stir in yogurt. I used Chobani 0% vanilla yogurt. You let the frozen yogurt hangout in the freezer until frozen and that is it! The results are a creamy and dreamy frozen yogurt that tastes just like chocolate chip cookie dough.

I still can’t believe I didn’t have to use our ice cream maker to make this recipe-it is so smooth and creamy!ย I am telling you this is the good stuff! I am a little worried this recipe is too easy to make. I can easily see myself making this weekly or daily and eating it by the gallon:)

Cool off with a big scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt. And if you go back for a second scoop, I completely understand:) For the recipe and step-by-step photos, visit Tasty Kitchen. Thanks Anna for sharing your fabulous recipe!

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  1. This would be so dangerous for me. I have this thing about cookie dough (especially chocolate chip cookie dough). I totally lose restraint and control. I will eat it until I have a tummy ache! I don’t do that with anything else but cookie dough. So suffice it to say, this looks amazing and great job but it’s WAY to dangerous for me. I will enjoy it vicariously through you.

  2. CHO-m-g! Your version of frozen yogurt is like nothing we’ve seen before! Thanks for keeping us in mind when whipping up this sweet treat. Email fans[at]chobani dot com so we can get some fresh ‘gurt your way!


  3. This looks so good – but does it kill the bacteria in the yogurt to freeze it? Chobani is our yogurt of choice too – so good! I stick mine in the freezer a few minutes but don’t want to lose the bacteria but even w/o it I will have to make this because it looks so yummy!

  4. It’s in my freezer right now! I can’t believe I am going to have to wait till it’s frozen aarrghh… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It looks delicious!

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