Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

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This giveaway is now closed! The winner of the Blendtec Blender is…comment #2,476: Suzi.

It is no secret that I adore cookies. Everyone always asks what my favorite cookie is and I can never answer. I have over 100 cookie recipes on our site and I love each and every one of them. I am always tempted to answer chocolate chip though. You can never go wrong with a good chocolate chip cookie. I decided to turn one of my favorite cookies into the ultimate summer treat-a Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake.

We almost always have homemade cookies on hand at our house. I saw a dozen chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter and decided they would make a great milkshake. I told Josh my idea and he immediately got out our Blendtec blender. We added vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chips, and milk. We let our Blentec do the work while we watched with excitement. I couldn’t wait to taste this milkshake.

Josh poured the shake into glasses and we topped them off with whipped cream and a few chocolate chips. I broke a chocolate chip cookie in half and stuck a half in each of our glasses. I grabbed two straws and we were happily sipping away on our chocolate chip cookie milkshakes. This is the best milkshake I have ever had-hands down. It is a cookie lover’s dream shake!

I used this chocolate chip cookie recipe for the shake, but any chocolate chip cookie recipe will do. I will have to try this shake with my Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies and the New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. See I like to many cookie recipes:)

If you are looking for a sweet summer treat, try this Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake. It is a dream dessert for cookie and ice cream lovers.

And now for a fantastic Blendtec blender giveaway!Β We used our Blendtec blender to make this shake. We have tried a lot of different blenders in our days and we usually end up throwing them out because they never work. Not the Blendtec though! We LOVE our Blendtec. It is a dream machine! It blends everything to perfection and I mean everything. We’ve blended smoothies, ice cream, sauces, dressings, nut butter, etc. It blends everything with ease-even ice. I have been on a smoothie kick lately and our Blendtec makes the best smoothies. It has a special smoothie button that creates perfect smoothies every time. I don’t have to shake the blender like mad for it to grind the ice. It does it all on it’s own.

Josh is obsessed with the “Will it Blend Series on YouTube.” If you haven’t seen any of the videos, you have to check them out. They are fun to watch. Tom Dickson, the star, blends anything and everything in the Blendtec-including an iPhone and iPad. So cool!

To enter to win a Blendtec Total WildSide Blender (Retail value $474.95) leave a comment on this post telling us: “What is the first thing you would make in your Blendtec blender?”


Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Blendtec, but our opinions are our own.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

Prep Time
5 minutes
2 -3 servings


  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 3 chocolate chip cookies broken up
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup milk
  • Whipped cream chocolate chips, and extra cookies for garnish, if desired


  1. 1. Place vanilla ice cream, cookies, chocolate chips, and milk in blender. Make sure the lid is on tight and blend until smooth.
  2. 2. Pour chocolate chip cookie milkshake in glasses. Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and half chocolate chip cookie, if desired. Serve immediately.

Maria Lichty

I’m Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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  1. I would make a fruit smoothie….some berries, vanilla yogurt, a little orange juice and some ice. My son has been bagging for a smoothie…but we left our blender behind when we relocated from Oregon to Alaska…would love a new blender!

  2. I just saw a recipe for a grilled gaspatcho soup that would probabaly be what I would make first. My boyfriend and I just broke up and he got the blender so if I won this would be perfect timing:)

  3. I would make Haitian blck bean sauce. (sos pwa nwa). It is sooooo good but I have actually burnrd out the motors on two blenders making it. Thanks for osting a giveaway!

  4. First thing I would make is my banana/peanut butter shake that I have been living off until this baby comes. My current blender is about ready to die.
    I liked you and Blendtec on Facebook. I subscribed to your email.

  5. I can not believe I do not even own a blender! I went to make Pina Colada*s the other day and realized I didn*t have one! This would be great!! πŸ™‚

  6. I’m in DESPERATE need for a blender. I have the Bullet-on-the-Go and I can’t stand it. Locks up from the ice and doesn’t blend spinach very well.

    If I had a Blendtec I’d make THE BEST smoothie with spinach and top it with my favorite granola and almond butter drizzle.

  7. The first thing I would make is a green smoothie – my favorite! My blender is a little weak so this would definitely brighten my mornings. πŸ™‚

  8. I avoid using the blender because I hate them, they don’t do what I need them to so it’s hard to say what I’ll make first in my blendtec…probably a Green Monster (I love those) or some powerized oatmeal (flour) to make Mr.s Fields knockoff chocolate chip cookies.

  9. It might sound boring but I would make some type of smoothie. I had a blender that didn’t really blend, so I just sold it at a yard sale. I am blenderless and could really use a new blender. Fingers crossed!

  10. Wow – If I won, I think my first thing I’d make would be a milkshake – probably mocha. It’s my birthday today, so maybe I’d make a birthday cake milkshake!

  11. I have been dreaming of a Blendtec blender for a while now…oh my goodness I want to win this so bad! Pick me pick me!

    First thing I would make is a green juice. I’m obsessed with green juice and it just didn’t happen very well in my regular blender.

  12. Hands down, a banana peanut butter smoothie. I haven’t had one since my last blender went on strike… 4 years ago! Just can’t figure out a productive way to do it with my immersion blender.

  13. I think I would make a smoothie- my son loves smoothies, but nothing we have blends them very well. This looks like an amazing blender!

  14. I’d make this milkshake. It looks amazing! It would also be nice to have a really powerful blender like this one for making almond flour.

  15. I would whip up a fruit smoothie…I lust over those super expensive ones you can buy, but my blender chokes at the first semisolid thing I throw in there. Blender FAIL. Blendtec sounds amazing!

  16. ooh, i’d definitely make a smoothie or milkshake! the high today is 105, so i need some treats to cool me off!

  17. I’m pretty sure the first thing that I make in that blender would have to be the AMAZING looking shake you posted! Yum! I can’t think of much yummier than chocolate chip cookies blended into ice cream and milk!

  18. oh my goodness, this looks amazing. This Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake would be the first thing I make for sure! I would probably add some bananas too!

  19. I would make the Cookie Milkshake – I would like one right now they sound so good! Only addition would be to add malt!

  20. Definitely making this milkshake! Maybe I’ll just do some taste-testing in the meantime and figure out which chocolate chip cookies should go in it…maybe then I’ll have to eat some chocolate chip cookies!

  21. Well- I made the Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies last night and they are TO DIE FOR. I want to use the blender to make the choc. chip cookie milkshake ofcourse!

  22. I’d make the cinnamon-raisin almond butter. I made it last night but my Cuisinart started smoking. I couldn’t believe it.

  23. Liked, following, and subscribed! This blender looks awesome! I’d probably make a smoothie first off. Canned pumpkin, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla protein powder. Yes.

  24. Maria, it is essential that I get a high powered blender like this. Really, I feel like it is the most essential kitchen appliance I am missing.
    Love the shake! I would make soups and shakes in mine….if I win πŸ˜‰

  25. The first thing I would blend would have to be some sort of nut butter! I don’t have a food processor and the blender I have now is broken:( So I would def love to try a nut butter first and then many many other things….including that heavenly looking milkshake!

  26. I would make this (chocolate chip cookie) shake of course! It looks amazing and the texture is perfect, mine usually end up looking like a milky mess. My kids might even listen to me for a whole day if I made this shake! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.
    Following Two Peas and their Pod and Blendtec on Twitter, Liked Two Peas and their Pod and Blendtec on Facebook!!

  27. It’s hot as could be in New Orleans, I would whirl up some yummy cool smoothies for the family to cool off with. Depends on what looks good at the farmers market that day, but something strawberry, peach and spinach sounds YUMMY!

  28. I’m about to start a detox, so the first thing I’d blend up are the detox smoothies I’ll be drinking for a week! πŸ˜‰

  29. The first thing I would make in this blender is most definitely a serious batch of smoothies for my kids. They’ve been desperate since my Kitchen Aid blender kicked the bucket last month. I’ve been ogling Blendtec Blenders for years!!!

  30. Depending on the time of day, I would either make this milkshake (looks amazing) or a fruit smoothie for breakfast!

  31. First of all, this milkshake looks divine. Milkshakes are definitely a guilty pleasure…and a new blender would be extreeeemely helpful in making these indulgences more frequent!

    The first thing I would make? Well, after this shake, probably a strawberry yogurt smoothie. I love smoothies for breakfast, but my old, decrepit blender doesn’t do so well in the mornings. This would be a huge help!

  32. I’m so bad at making sauces for meals and blame our lack of blender for it. I never want to buy a cheapo one for fear that it’ll just break on me! Blendtec….I yearn for you!

  33. Probably a green smoothie because I make those everyday, followed by a toasted marshmallow milkshake. Because they go together right?

  34. I would make an ice cream shake like my grandma used to make. Tons of homemade ice cream and a little bit of milk. I miss these on hot summer days like we are having now.

  35. Awesome giveaway! I have been so wanting a new nice blender, as mine is a cheap one that I can’t use for half of what I want to use it for! I think the first thing I would make is nut butter! I haven’t been able to do that with my current blender.

  36. The first thing I would make is our favorite Kool-aid slushie recipe. The second thing is that yummy milkshake!

    Already a fan on Facebook.

  37. I would love a blendtec. I plan on giving it to my newlywed daughter and I’m quite sure she would do daily green smoothies and many other yummy creations.

  38. I would make milkshakes and fruit smoothies – lots of them with lots of different ingredients. I would love one of these!

  39. This milkshake looks incredible, Maria! I have heard so many good things about Blendtec blenders and would love one in my kitchen. What would I make first? I think a smoothie would be in order.

  40. I would make smoothies. Nothing is more annoying than having a smoothie with un-drinkable chunks of ice. I obviously have a ghetto blender.

  41. Wow! Well, I am a huge fan of double chocolate Oreo shakes! Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, Oreos. Doesn’t get much better than that! This is certainly the first thing I’d whip up. Your chocolate chip cookie milkshake would be next up on the list! πŸ™‚

  42. I would make a fruit smoothie for sure…love this….follower on facebook and also via email…..THANKS for sharing with us….

  43. The first thing I’d make–I’d be really tempted to make your ccc milkshake. I’ve also been wanting to make some chocolate almond butter I saw on a blog.

  44. The first thing I would make with the blender was a smoothie. I haven’t had a great homemade smoothie in years because nothing will cut up the ice.

  45. First thing I would make in a new blender? The pasta sauce that I was trying to make when the motor on my old one burned out this weekend. πŸ™

    I’ve got my fingers crossed – thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Oooh, this is hard but the first thing I would make would be a strawberry-banana milkshake! They are my favorite and my hand-me-down blender from the ’70s just can’t hack it.

  47. If I won? I’d make Zombie Juice and youtube it to go with my plea to Blendtec to try to blend zombies on their Will it Blend? show! πŸ™‚ Then I’d wash the Blender and make my family milkshakes. I’m thinking the lovely recipe you posted. Our blender broke and we’re really missing our Milkshake Mondays!

  48. I would make a super delicious smoothie to chase away this heat and humidity… and celebrate that tomorrow’s the first day of summer!

  49. The first thing I would make is a Green Monster Smoothie! I’m really terrible about getting green veggies in my diet, but I’m a sucker for a smoothie πŸ™‚

  50. I would make a smoothie! I make a smoothie almost every day for an afternoon snack and my blender is terrible. I have to add the ingredients gradually and stir and shake. I’d love to be able to dump everything in and push a button.

  51. First thing I would make would be a big banana/peanut butter milkshake. I’ve got a recipe I’ve been dying to try, but I don’t have a blender!

  52. I would make …
    1) babyfood! I had a BlendTec briefly right before I lost my job (therefore having to return it.) I miss being able to make quality babyfood!
    2) smoothies – I miss my morning green smoothies
    3) bread – we used it (for the brief time we had it) as a wheat grinder for fresh bread! mmm……

  53. I would make a limeade or lemon ice (a perfect treat for the heat here in AZ). I broke my blender awhile back and have been using my immersion blender since. I would LOVE this blender and would use it ALL the time. Thanks!!!

  54. I would love to have a blendtec! I think the first thing I’d make would be a wonderful frozen smoothie! My blender can never seem to handle the frozen fruit very well.

  55. Oh wow… it would be hard to decide what to make first! Probably a smoothie to test it out. But I would also love to make nut butters, puree soups, blend an iphone πŸ˜‰

  56. I would love to win this! My blender is terrible. The first thing I would blend would be a smoothie. My blender takes forever to even blend up a smoothie.

  57. Me and my fiance will be getting married soon and this is something we wanted for our new house. We both love fruit smoothies, so I would make a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie with some frozen vanilla yogurt!!

  58. I’d make a smoothie (just like most everyone else!) with pineapple, strawberries, and orange juice. I love my blender for everything BUT anything that requires ice (like a smoothie, of course), so having one that did that for me would be awesome.

  59. I would normally say that I would make a raspberry and peach smoothie if I had a Blendtec – but after reading your recipe for chocolate chip cookie milkshakes I might have to go with that instead! πŸ™‚

  60. Give me the blender and I’d make your spinach and feta hummus because I may or may not be addicted to it. Goes perfectly with homemade wheat thin crackers. YUM!!!

  61. I would make these chocolate chip cookie milkshakes–my daughter would LOVE them! Then it would be fruit smoothies for my little boy. πŸ™‚

  62. The first thing I would make would likely be a smoothie unless it was a hot summer afternoon and then blended margaritas might be the answer. A good dependable blender is hard to come by but worth it’s weight in gold. We have tried many but they typically don’t last.

  63. My brother is getting his wisdom teeth pulled this week and plans on subsisting off of milkshakes for as long as possible. If I made this for him, I think it would make his week! Awesome recipe!

  64. I have been drinking “green drinks” every morning….it has done wonders for my health. I would make one of those!

  65. I saw a blendtec demo at Sam’s once and they made this really nice soup without having to heat/cook anything. The blender did it all (granted it wasn’t piping hot, but still really good) and I have been dying to try it ever since!

  66. I would probably make either an oreo milkshake or a brownie milkshake-love chocolate and our blender we have can’t handle much.

  67. With it being so hot out, the first thing I would make would be a smoothie and the second item I would make would be either hummus or baba ganoush.

  68. I know this is boring but I think I would make a smoothie. I burned my blender out a year ago by blending carrot parsnip soup. It was a sad day. I have since bought and immersion blender but it isn’t the same for smoothies. I miss them so, so, so much!

  69. I’m having trouble leaving a comment, so if this is a duplicate…sorry! If I had a Blendtec blender, I would OBVIOUSLY make this chocolate chip cookie shake! Yum, it looks amazing. πŸ™‚

  70. I would make crepes. I have been craving sweet and savory crepes and they are so easy when you whip up the batter in a blender.

  71. If I won this blender, I would have my husband make a chocolate milkshake. He is the “milkshake maker” in our family. Even now, our grown daughter talks about the milkshakes her Daddy made for her!

  72. I think it would have to be pina coladas. We just got back from a vacation at the beach and I miss it so much!

  73. I would make all sorts of smoothies with this bad boy! And maybe try my hand at slushies as well, because my blender is not fond of ice.

  74. I would probably make baby food in my belndtec for my wee one BUT I would LOVE to make this milkshake for ME! YUM!

  75. I dream about owning a Blendtec!! Espcecially since my roommate is hogging the blender in our apartment. The first thing I would make is definitely a smoothie.. I want to try out that ice-crushing power!!

  76. I would definitely make a banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip milkshake, may favorite. My blender is slow and clunky so a new one would be great!

  77. I would make some sort of fruit smoothie. I love throwing a bunch of different fruits into the blender with some vanilla yogurt or vanilla icecream and making a delicious drink snack out of it. πŸ™‚

  78. The first thing I would make in one of these is a random fruit smoothie. I would take a bunch of ice, whatever fruit I happen to have laying around, and any fruit juice in the fridge. It would most likely be a raspberry/strawberry/banana/rhubarb smoothie because that is what I have right now.

  79. Not sure if I had to post here or on the respective channels, but I signed up for and liked and subscribed to all the fun stuff above! Yay!

  80. I totally want a blentec! I was hoping DH would get me one for mother’s day but he didn’t. Now I’m waiting for them to come to my costco again so I can get one.
    I can’t even decide what I’d make first either a smoothie, ice cream, or soup. Probably all 3 one right after the other. πŸ™‚

  81. I would make a strawberry banana smoothie — everyone’s favorite at our house! And then we would definitely try the chocolate chip milkshake — thinking that would become a favorite right away!

  82. Triple digits are rapidly approaching here, so I could definitely go for some fruity blended drinks, especially margaritas!

  83. Well heck! It has FINALLY hit the perfect 80 degrees here in Boise and that means fruit smoothie’s for everyone! (that’s what I would make)

  84. I would make a chocolate banana protein shake for my hubby, because I’m a nice wife like that, and then probably a smoothie for me! πŸ™‚

  85. I would like to make a request: HEALTHIER RECIPES PLEASE

    This milkshake packs about 980 calories, 55 g of fat, 92 g of sugar (thats 22 packets of sugar). For 2 servings as you state in your recipe this is for 2-3 servings. And this doesn’t include any garnish like whip cream and extra chips or cookie crumbles.

    I wouldn’t serve this to my family…I understand a treat every once in a while but this is horrendous. I am sure its tasty but not worth the damage to ones body. If I were to re-make this in to a healthier treat I would do the following:

    Convert to plant based milks like almond, soy, hemp (less fat and sugars)
    Use natural means of sugars like bananas (frozen) or dates
    Use carob chips or unsweetened cocoa

    Just a request…

  86. I like Two Peas and Their Pod as well as Blentec on FB. I check this blog each for great recipes and ideas. I have tried many of them and the recipes are such a hit with my family and friends!

    My children love banana, yogurt, wheat germ and fresh berry shakes before school starts. This blender would be used very fittingly!


  87. i would make a banana milkshake. then a cookie milkshake. then a cupcake milkshake. it’s summertime!! have to have milkshakes. and then i would try making some creamy soup too because i can eat soup any day of the year!

  88. I make a strawberry-banana-pineapple smoothie every single morning for breakfast – and I make it in my food processor. It’s high time I got a proper blender and let me cuisinart take a break… Would love to win!

  89. This sounds completely uninteresting. But I would make a soup. If I got a blender this week it would be a butterbean and basil soup. I have an incredibly cheap food processor that is held together by masking tape and just about works if you tip it on its side but, you know, its effort and its been a while since I had a soup that was nice and smooth like I like it!
    And its been YEARS since I had a smoothie – trying to whack one up in the food processor of fail just makes bits of fruit stick to the sides and judder underneath the non-contacting blades!
    So I might well make this beautiful sounding milkshake. It sounds divine.

  90. It’s hard to say what I would make first – so many uses for a blender. But, since it’s summer, probably a nice cool smoothie or milkshake – yum, now I’m hungry!

  91. I would make a spinach smoothie… I’ve had them before and it’s the only way I like spinach. Because I participate in a produce co-op I constantly have spinach that I have no clue what to do with. A Blendtech would be my solution! It would make us more healthy and less wasteful!

  92. I have a smoothie everyday since I started my 2nd trimester. Ours doesn’t blend ice or even bananas very well, so this would be heavenly!

  93. First off, my husband dreams about owning one of these blenders. Every time they demo at costco he is convinced we are going to buy one. He will sit there for HOURS watching them make everything under the sun.

    Now, to answer your question. The first thing I would probably make is a juice; however, I would be very tempted to make one of the hot pureed soups. If it was up to my husband to make the first thing I think he would do a demo in our kitchen, making the ice cream, juice, smoothie, soup, etc! lol. *fingers crossed I win–it would make for a great anniversary gift!

  94. I would love to make a green smoothie! However, I am sure my kids would take over and the first thing made would be a milkshake of some sort.

  95. I would make a green smoothie! We eat a lot of smoothies in our house and tend to burn up blenders. This blender has been on my wish list for a long time…..the green smoothies do not turn out well in our magic bullet!

  96. Why, I would make a minty milkshake, because right now I’m all about the minty deliciousness of mint! πŸ˜€ And then I’d make this milkshake!

  97. On a weekday, the first thing I’d make would be a healthy smoothie. On a weekend, it will be a vegan “Irish” frappucino.

  98. I would make a smoothie or a milkshake. I like them very very thick so the blender has to be able to do its job well.

  99. I would make this Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shake first thing!! This sounds awesome as well as the Blender. After I splurged on this milk shake I am sure there would be a smoothie a day for quite some time. I mean really if it will do the smoothies without the hassle I am up to it:)

  100. My toddler loves smoothies and it’s a great way to get her to eat yogurt so I would make her a smoothies – probably with frozen chunks of mangoes!

  101. If I got to the blender first, I’d make a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. My absolute favorite!

    If my husband got to the blender first he’d probably do his own version of “will it blend” with goodness knows what from around the house. πŸ˜‰

  102. I would definitely make this milkshake.. this is something my roomie and I would devour!! And of course my daily tropical fruit smoothie!!!

  103. Ooo, nice blender! I have been wanting to make a homemade frappucino. That’s what I’d try out first! June 25 is my birthday, I hope I win this as a present!

  104. I love your site! I pathetically don”t have a blender, so I would go crazy & make everything all at once! Lol

  105. I would make my absolute favorite smoothie… banana, plain yogurt, frozen berries, vanilla protein powder, and water. Yummmm. Probably throw in some homemade peanut butter, too which would be made in the blender so I guess that means peanut butter would be the first thing to make in the blender!

  106. I would love to make the Green Guru Smoothie as well as others and of course your chocolate chip cookie milk shake
    Green Guru Smoothie
    1 California Avocado
    3 oz Romaine Lettuce Leaves
    1 medium cucumber with Peel
    1 cup Pure Coconut Water
    1 medium Banana
    1 tsp Xagave Organic Raw Agave Nectar

  107. I would love a new blender! I think mine is starting to die on me from my constant smoothie making! The first thing I would make would probably be a tropical smoothie πŸ™‚

  108. I would definitely try the chocolate chip cookie milkshake recipe first…then probably a strawberry-blueberry-banana smoothie! Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. The first thing I would make would be a big ‘ol cherry-chocolate malt, with fresh cherries blended in! Not just a milkshake, mind you, it has to be a malt!

  110. The first thing I would make is nut butter. My blender now can’t really handle that kind of load and I have been dreaming about nut butter. Ohhh and almond milk. I am tired of the store bought kinds and would love to start making my own.

  111. I do believe the first thing I’d make is your chocolate cookie shake! If I had a better blender I’d be making shakes all the time. My blender is a KA and I’ve had it for quite some time but it just doesn’t measure up – I usually use my food processor to make shakes!

  112. First thing we would blend is a lotsa greens smoothie! I’ve never had a blender that can handle them like I’ve heard the blendtec can! What a gift that would be!! Thank for the chance to win :)!

  113. Well, I was thinking it would be a fruit smoothie, but after seeing the chocolate chip cookie milkshake, I think I’ve changed my mind.

  114. Every morning I make a green smoothie with coconut water, banana, mango, pineapple, and lots and lots of spinach!

  115. My trusty vitamix just bit the dust, and I’ve been dying to try the blendtec! I woud make my kids’ and my favorite green “milkshake.” Milk, a frozen banana, LOTS of fresh spinach, a bit of coconut oil, a dash of cinnamon and ice. Yummy!

  116. The first thing I would make is a giant smoothie! My blender is in dire need of replacement because it keeps coming apart at the bottom when I try to make smoothies, so I end up with smoothie all over my kitchen counters!

  117. My very first recipe would be for a margarita to sip while I ponder the hundreds of other ways to use my blender!

  118. I would make a chocolate milk shake made with chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm! I hope I win!

  119. Hmmmm. What would I make? Some sort of smoothie for my boys for a decent, school’s-out-for-the-summer-not-rushing-to-get-out-of-the-door breakfast. What a beauty that blender is! It’s way out of my league!

  120. I would most definitely make a fruit and yogurt smoothie, my favorite, as well as my toddlers! Then I would make this recipe because it looks amazing!!

  121. I desperately want a Blendtec but can’t yet justify it. I’d make my daily kefir smoothies in the blender. Best thing for my health ever!

  122. I would make my favorite pomegranite margaritas! My blender doesn’t do a good enough job chopping ice so I don’t like to make them at home–just not the same!

  123. I’ll make Orange Julius with my family. It’s one of our favorite movie night treats! Thanks for the give away!

  124. A summer fruit smoothie to share with my 4 yr old who loves to “mix stuff up”! Or maybe a cool summer pina colada to share with my husband. Anything would be made easier with a blendtec!

  125. Well. Using cooking utensils at home is not ‘optional’ in our household due to celiac disease and other food allergies. I lust after the Blendtec blender, so I’ll hop into your giveaway!
    The first think I would make in my Blendtec blender: Blueberry Vice-cream (coconut milk) – Chocolate Chip Cookie (Gluten-free, vegan, et cetera) milkshake. Quite a mouthful! I guess I’ll just call it the Ellie Surprise.. MMmmmmmm.

  126. The first thing I would make is some kind of fruit smoothie. I’m pregnant with my first child and have had cravings for cold and fruity things since the start.

  127. I would L.O.V.E. a Blendtec blender! Fresh strawberry margaritas in the summer and the best cheese soup ever in the winter. Thanks for the chances to win!!

  128. I am a major ice cream fan so I would have to initiate the blender by making an oreo milkshake with homemade oreos, yum!

  129. I also followed two peas and their pod on Twitter. That should do it, right! lol Thanks so much for everything!!

  130. If I won this awesome blender, I’d use it to make horchata for my girlfriend. She loves the sweet, cinnamon-y taste, especially on a hot summer day! Ah, nothing like horchata to go along with some phe-NOM-inal al pastor and barbacoa tacos. Especially if they come from a taco truck!

  131. I would make a green smoothie! Give them to my kids all the time. They eat veggies great but for leafy ones its helps.

  132. I’d make a smoothie with a banana, fresh berries from the farmers market, a splash of coconut water, and a handful of homegrown spinach! πŸ™‚

    This blender is actually on our baby registry so I can make my own baby food for the lil babe arriving this winter!

  133. Currently using an old, leaky, hand-me-down blender, so an upgrade would be appreciated. First in the queue? I’ve been wanting to try a “green monster” smoothie, so I will probably start with that.

  134. First will probably be a green smoothie (almond milk, spinach, banana, frozen blueberries). But second will be a cookie milkshake!

  135. I would see what happens when peanut butter, nutella, marshmallow fluff, jam, chocolate sauce, and two frozen bananas get whipped up in the blender.

  136. I already subscribe to your RSS feed but I’m not sure if that counts so I signed up for email too πŸ™‚

  137. If I were to win this blender (and I would be SO ecstatic if I did because I’m a poor college student) I think I would make either an orange Julius smoothie or a strawberry milkshake, my favorite!

  138. Funny, I was just going to do a healthy cookie dough milkshake recipe today…but changed my mind, lol. This looks amazing!

    I would make…a green smoothie! Yum!

  139. I would make a skinny-tini πŸ™‚ My friend made this recipe that involves Crystal Light and vodka for an afternoon adult beverage by the pool πŸ™‚

  140. The first thing I would make would be a healthy ‘green’ smoothie – strawberries, yogurt, melon, flax seed oil, and spinach! My blender broke, so I’m no longer able to enjoy my smoothie every morning πŸ™

  141. I would actually give this blender to my sister because she does not have one… but I can almost guarantee that the first thing that she would make is a smoothie! She is training for a marathon and has told me that she wishes she could make smoothie for after her runs in the heat.

  142. I would make smoothies for every meal…I love them and never make them because I get so annoyed with my wimpy blender!

  143. I am a Green Smoothie girl and make one every single day but believe it or not I don’t have a blend tec or a vita mix and am dying for a better blender! This would be a perfect fit for me.

  144. I would absolutely love the opportunity to make smoothies in a blendtec. I have experienced the same problem as you regarding the blenders all burning out. Thanks for the opportunity to win….love your site. πŸ™‚

  145. oooooh! You got me hooked on that milkshake! That is the first thing I would make. Hope I win! LOVE your blog!

  146. A chocolate covered strawberry “milkshake”- vegan coconut ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate and fresh strawberries!

  147. The first thing I’d love to try in the Blendtec blender would be banana ice cream…..seeing all these blogs talking about using frozen bananas to make ice cream, as a low fat/low calorie alternative to ice cream. YUM!

  148. I think the better question is what wouldn’t I use it for? But if I had to chose right this moment I’d make a malt…gotta love summertime!