EVO Conference 2012

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Last week I attended my third EVO Conference. I have been every year since the conference started. I love EVO because it is in Park City, Utah at The Canyons Resort-20 minutes from my house, but I also love it because it is a great conference all around.  And the people are the BEST! I love connecting with other bloggers and learning how we can build the community. EVO is so much fun and I always leave feeling inspired.Thanks to Jyl and Rachael for another great conference.

Here are some photos from EVO ’12!

The first night I attended a dinner with Harry and David. Love all of these ladies-Flavia, Sandy, Mary, Heidi, Kelley, Helen Jane, and Alison. Thanks Harry and David for a wonderful evening! Great food and great company!

Riding the Orange Bubble Lift at The Canyons with Kelley, Rachel, and Heidi

Josh took Caleb on the Orange Bubble Lift. He snuggled right in to daddy!

The food workshops were held at the Lookout Cabin at The Canyons. Gorgeous setting!

Kelley, me and Kami

Me and my girl Rachel. Love her!

The Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada sponsored the lunch on Saturday. It was amazing! Heber Valley Artisan Cheese provided cheese for the lunch and we were all in cheese heaven. They grilled up Juustoleipa cheese for everyone to sample. So good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. They also brought this cheese spread that knocked my socks off. Thanks Dairy Council of Utah and Nevada for a wonderful lunch. And Josh thanks you for bringing chocolate milk. He was in chocolate milk heaven:)

I finally got to meet Amy from Mom Advice. We’ve been online friends forever. She is just as sweet in person!

Loved seeing my good friend, Flavia!

Josh wanted to take Caleb down the Alpine Coaster, but I put my foot down. Instead, he got to ride the merry-go-round with Heidi and his buddy, Smudge. He had a great time!

Utah food bloggers! Love these gals! (Photo via Annalise)

Thanks EVO for another great year!

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  1. There are so many ladies I wish I could have met at either BlogHer or EVO…and your posts make me wish I could have gone !

  2. Loved loved loved meeting you! You are simply adorable and wonderful and funny and sweet! I’m glad for every little moment we had.

    Caleb is simply precious – I love his smile and sweet chubby little hands!

    You in real life is one of my favorite takeaways from EVO xoxoxo

  3. Did i hear a rumor that you spoke/taught a class? How did it go? I keep meaning to go to blogher and evo but its been too busy a summer to squeeze it in.glad you had fun.

  4. Aww, wish I could have been there! It looks like a great conference. And I’ll take just about any excuse to escape to Park City for a day or two!

  5. Whew hoo! Super fun time, especially the merry go round so Smudge could hang with her “little brother.” Tell Josh I’ll be sending over the adoption papers. XO

  6. Great memories from EVO ’12. I’m glad I got to finally meet you! I hope you got a photo of your hubs in the stroller!

    1. We enjoyed meeting you as well! And I did get a picture of Josh in the stroller:)

  7. Can I just say that I LOVE that you take your son with you all the time rather than leaving him at home with a sitter/nanny or even his dad …I did the same with my daughter and I feel that is one of the reasons she gets along so well with adults (she is 12) and always has. My daughter has carried on conversations with adults since she has been talking and I am proud of her for it, especially when I talk to her friends who answer with 1 word! Keep up the good parenting! He is definitely a keeper!

  8. Awesome recap, the conference looks like it was a blast! I need to get my butt there next year!

  9. Looks like a great time and so cool to have your little guy with you too! By the way I thought you and Flavia were twins!!