Living Room Tour

Two Peas and Their Pod Living Room

We have gone on a tour of our kitchen and pantry and now it is time to show you our living room. Our living room and kitchen are actually one open space, but they do have their own feel. We love the open concept design and wanted to have a big open space for entertaining.

Come on into our living room and we will show you around!

Living Room Tour

Front door is painted Tricorn black by Sherwin-Williams, Table is from Wayfair, Lamps are from Wayfair, Mirror is from World Market, Wire Basket from Wayfair, Olive Basket from Wayfair

When you walk in our front door, you walk right into the living room and kitchen area.

When we were designing the house I told our builder Tom, from The Fox Group, that I wanted shiplap in the staircase. He loved it and went for it…and then he continued the white shiplap throughout the entire living room. Best decision ever. We LOVE it. It is amazing what a little shiplap will do to a room. All of our walls and shiplap are Bright White by Sherwin-Williams.

Living Room Tour

We have built in cabinets on the south wall with a fireplace and television. I insisted on the fireplace and Josh insisted on the television. We are loving them both, compromise is a wonderful thing:)

Living Room Tour

Capital chandelier from Lighting Design

Here is a look from the upstairs!

I looked for a rug for this space for a LONG time. When I heard that Loloi Rugs teamed up with Magnolia Home and Joanna Gaines, I knew I had to check out their rugs. You all know I am a huge Joanna fan, who isn’t, right? I immediately fell in love with the Kivi Ivory Quarry Rug. It is SO pretty and perfect for the living room space.

Living Room Tour

Leather Chairs from Room & Board, Pillows from Room & Board, Couches from RC Willey, Pillows from Room & Board and HayneedleEnd Table from Wayfair, Coffee Table from Joss & Main, Tray from World Market, Plant from Crate and Barrel

Living Room Tour

On the east side of the living room, we have a wall of Pella windows and doors that open up into our outdoor covered patio. We love being able to open up all of the windows to create an indoor and outdoor entertaining space.

Living Room Tour

Here is the view from the patio. We love opening up the doors for parties, BBQ’s, or just to let the boys play outside. We love the fresh air.

Living Room Tour

This is the view from the kitchen.

Living Room Tour

I knew we had a lot of built in cabinets, but I didn’t really realize it until I had to decorate them. Luckily, I had some friends help me. One of my friends, Leslie, even painted me two beautiful paintings to help fill the space. I love them!

Living Room Tour

To decorate, we used cookbooks, cutting boards, and other random things I already had and then we went shopping at World Market to fill in the gaps.

Living Room Tour

Wall art from Minted 

Thanks for taking a tour of our living room. We love cozying up to the fire, watching football, and snuggling with the boys. This room really makes our house feel like a home.

Read more about our home here.

Disclosure-this post contains some affiliate links. Thank you to the brands that partnered with us on our living room: Loloi Rugs, Magnolia Home, Room & Board, Wayfair, Sherwin-Williams, World Market, Lighting Design, and Joss & Main.  Photos by Scott Davis. 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I wouldn’t be surprised if I found this article in HGTV or something, your home is very well put together. 

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! What a beautiful room to draw inspiration from. It’s great to hear about where you purchased items from. I always learn about a few new places to look for home decor from your posts!

  3. I do love your living room – it’s so well organized and decorated. The carpet is absolutely gorgeous and I absolutely agree on the shiplap.

  4. Beyond stunning!  I love everything about your house…from the ship lap, to the black doors, to the Dutch door to the wonderful uncluttered feeling!!  And that pantry… the design world, we would call that “valuable white space”… in your space lets the eye “breath” and isn’t cluttered with stuff.  Ahhhhhh…… 

    P.S.  Every single recipe I have ever made of yours has been a home run….but I have to say my most favorite is the Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles!

  5. Your space is beautiful! I have a quick question about the doors that fully open to the outdoor space as we were thinking of doing something similar.  Do you not have bugs in Utah? Because we have lots in Virginia and I can’t figure out how open doors would work with that issue! I do love the look.

    1. Hi Kim-we do have bugs in Utah, but they really aren’t that bad. We notice a few more flies when we have them open, but not too bad. We eventually want to put a drop down screen off the covered patio.

  6. Thank you !! This was so fun.  You have good taste and are a very good house keeper honey !
    May God bless you with a hunger for His  holy word !

  7. Maria, I have kept up with all your building and now just love seeing your decorating. It is just lovely and I like everything you have done. You should be very proud to have accomplished so much. Are you planning to do classes in your fabulous kitchen? Thanks for sharing. Gail Robins, Kelley’s grandma in Ptld. OR

    1. Hi Gail-thanks for your comment. We hope to teach some cooking and baking classes soon. I hope all is well!

  8. Maria,
    your house if gorgeous!!!! WOW, beautiful. . and loved the way you decorated everything! Dream house!

  9. Beautiful!
    Regarding your TV, where are you hiding all the components such as the cable box, DVD player, sound controls/speakers and such? We are about to do a similar design and can’t figure out a good way to hide the components and especially our Bose subwoofer.

  10. Absolutely beautiful, Maria! Love the large open space and all the light. It looks so inviting!

  11. Gosh, your home is simply breathtaking. I have serious shiplap envy. It looks perfect in the space.
    I have two question. First, with two active little boys, how on earth do you keep everything looking so  perfect? I imagine Caleb and Maxwell love sliding in their socks on those lovely floors!
    Second, I love the look of the Pella patio doors but what about bugs? Every time I see doors that expand open but have no screens, I think of all this little creepy, flying things that could come pouring in both during the day and especially in the evening. I am sure you have bugs in Utah so I am curious as to how  you deal with the problem. 

    1. Thank you! Our house is pretty easy to keep clean now that everything has a place. The boys have a toy cabinet downstairs and they get them out to play and then put them away. We also have a rule of no eating in the living room. They do love running around in circles. It is fun! We don’t leave the doors open all day, just when entertaining or when we are outside. We will get some flies in the house, but nothing too bad. We will eventually put a screen on the outside of the patio.

  12. Great job Maria and Josh! Want to see it in person. Congratulations. Looks comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

  13. love the layout of your furniture. What are the dimensions of your living room? We are building a house and am wondering if our living room is big enough for this layout

  14. Stunning home!  I hope you will share more.  I am especially interested in seeing how you decorated the boys’ room.  

  15. Love your Living Room especiall fireplace wall. Regarding your TV, where are you hiding all the components such as the cable box, DVD player, sound controls/speakers and such? We are about to do a similar design and can’t figure out a good way to hide the component

    1. All of that stuff is in one of the built in cabinets. We also just got a large sound bar that sits on top of the fireplace. It is pretty sleek, so it doesn’t bug me too much:)

  16. What a beautiful home! Love how when you walk in the front door you can’t see the stairs.  Also love how the doors open to the patio so the whole house is open! Very nice!

  17. This house is amazing. Stumbled on your post today and I’m blown away. Especially love your swinging patio doors — just gorgeous 🙂

  18. Thank you for sharing!! This living room is such an inspiring space! How comfortable at the couches in your opinion? Really interested in getting those! 

  19. Hi!  Your home is beautiful!  How many sq feet is the first floor?  Curious how much space is required to accommodate that type
    Of layout. 

  20. You have a beautiful home. I am currently remodeling my family room and I keep coming back to your home for inspiration. Would you be comfortable sharing where you purchased your leather chairs and the color of leather you picked. Again, beautiful taste.

  21. I love your living room rug!  I have been searching for one for a LONG time!  This looks it might be a fit for me!!
    Are you still happy with the quality and wear?  

  22. Can you please tell me where you got your circular metal/iron 12 light chandelier from in the living room? I’m redoing my living room and need to replace the chandelier and this is the style I’m wanting. I like this particular one better than some of the others I’ve seen on Pinterest!

  23. Hi – I am absolutely in love with your home. Great ideas (two fridges in house, not in the garage, a water fountain!!) you’ve incorporated here!
    I noticed that your stairway is open to up AND down. Up, I am sure are bedrooms. Curious what you’ve done w downstairs, especially since you have an open stairway. Any chance you’ll be sharing that space as well?
    Thank you!

  24. Your home is absolutely amazing and very inspiring to me during our remodel.  Do you happen to know the finish used on your concrete patio? 

  25. An open fireplace in a white living room is not a really well thought out idea given that you want to use it for something except letting the dog sleep there. Otherwise very pretty!

  26. I’m very interested in getting the same couches! How are they holding up? In the reviews, some people mentioned that the back cushions start to sag, and that the fabric pills. Have you noticed any of that? Also, are they easy to keep clean? I have 5 young children and need something that can be easily wiped down! Thank you so so much!

    1. We are still loving the couches. And they are easy to clean. You can also buy the warranty where they will come clean your couches.

  27. Hi there! After a few years what do you think of the functionality of the folding doors in the living room with little kids? We are building a new home and planning to put them in as well but I’m trying to ensure it’s functional for daily life with toddlers. Thanks for your input!

  28. Hello! We are building a house with a very similar layout and to say I’m obsessed with your house is an understatement. I would be so so grateful if you could answer a few questions I had about your home. How large is the windows/doors in the living room and how large is your covered deck attached to it. My biggest fear is losing natural light in the living space due to the covered porch. It doesn’t look like this happened with you guys. Also, how tall are your living room ceilings? Thank you oh so much! 

  29. Beautiful, thank you for posting. Helps me trying to design my living room. Can you please tell me if that rug is 8×10 or bigger?

  30. Hello! I understand you stained your floors in weathered oak. Did you do a different stain for your railing, shelves, stair treads, etc.? If so, can you please tell me what it is? You have a beautiful home! Thanks!

  31. Can you please please tell me what the dimensions of the living room is? We are building And finding a layout is a nightmare! I’m wondering how many square feet I need for that layout.

  32. Hi Maria and Josh,
    I just found your site- love it!
    and your beautiful house- can you share what living room FLOORING you used?
    My husband and I are just getting started with remodeling our 30 year old house and we could use your help!
    How blessed you are with such a beautiful family – boys are sweethearts!
    Thank you for sharing and God bless you,

    1. The floors are white oak and the stain is weathered oak. Best of luck with your remodel!

  33. Do you show the floor plan of your home- it’s very similar to what my husband and I are working on but I’m curious where the mud room/laundry are and if there’s an office? Absolutely Beautiful!!

  34. Your home is beautiful. Can you tell me the dimensions of the great room? I am designing our home and the size of your great room is exactly what I want.
    Thank you

  35. Hi,

    Your lounge room is beautiful.
    I am wondering if your lounges are the same size or is one bigger?