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Lemon Raspberry Bars

Lemon Raspberry Bars

We are less than one week away from the 4th of July. If you are looking for a summer dessert to impress your family and friends, look no further. These lemon raspberry bars will knock everyone’s flip flops off! The bars are beautiful and easy to make, but don’t tell-remember we are trying to impress this holiday:)

Lemon desserts are perfect for summer time. I love making bar treats for holiday celebrations too. They are easy to make, cut, serve, and everyone loves them. These bars have a thick graham cracker crust that is topped with a creamy lemon raspberry filling. The fresh raspberries add a hint of tartness to the luscious lemon filling. The bars are best served chilled and can be made in advance, another bonus. These lemon raspberry bars are a no fuss dessert that everyone will love.

Lemon Raspberry Bars on Love this recipe! Easy to make and perfect for parties or any day!

Lemon Bars

Celebrate the 4th of July with lemon raspberry bars. Everyone at the party will want the recipe for these dreamy lemon raspberry bars. You are welcome to share the recipe or it can be our little secret on how simple these beautiful bars are to make:)

Several of you have asked me about my evo conference experience. It was amazing. My head is still on overdrive trying to process the information I learned. When it all sinks in I will write a post. In the meantime,  make sure you “like” Two Peas and Their Pod on Facebook, I will be posting pictures from the evo conference on our page.

Raspberry Lemon Bar Recipe

Lemon Raspberry Bars

Yield: Makes 16 bars

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour 25 minutes (includes chill time)

These easy lemon bars are a family favorite! Perfect dessert for parties or any day!


For the crust:
1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
6 tablespoons salted butter, melted
1/4 cup sugar
Zest of one lemon

For the filling:

2 large egg yolks
1-14 oz. can fat free sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon zest
6 ounces fresh raspberries


Preheat the oven to 350F. Spray a 8 by 8 inch baking dish with cooking spray. Set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the graham cracker crumbs, melted butter, sugar, and lemon zest. Stir until graham cracker crumbs are moist. Press crumbs into the prepared pan, pressing the crust mixture one inch up the side of the pan. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool to room temperature.

Once the crust is cool, combine the egg yolks and condensed milk until well mixed. Stir in the lemon juice and lemon zest. Stir until mixture begins to slightly thicken. Gently fold in the raspberries. Fold carefully so you don't break the raspberries.

Pour the lemon raspberry filling evenly over the graham cracker crust. Bake for 15 minutes, or until just set.

Cool to room temperature, then chill for at least one hour before serving. Cut into bars and serve. Keep bars in the refrigerator-up to five days.

*Note-use fresh raspberries and make sure you gently fold the berries into the lemon filling or you will have pink bars.

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136 Responses to “Lemon Raspberry Bars”

  1. Lori — June 29, 2010 @ 6:11 am

    I can’t believe the 4th of July is coming up so soon! These bars look absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for all that summer fruit!

  2. Mmmm! This looks like the perfect place to showcase raspberries!

  3. Lynn — June 29, 2010 @ 7:00 am

    Perfect picnic food. Lemon and raspberries are heavenly together!

  4. Tina (Mommy's Kitchen) — June 29, 2010 @ 7:14 am

    Hi Maria those bars look so lucious!! I love anything lemon. I am so glad i got to meet you at Evo!! I had such a wonderful time and your husband is so nice. He cracks me up.

  5. Rachel (S[d]OC) — June 29, 2010 @ 9:26 am

    I can taste those just by looking at them. So creamy and sweet and fruity. Raspberries arne’t quite in season yet in these parts, but should be in a couple weeks and I can’t wait to start playing with them.

  6. Diana — June 29, 2010 @ 9:37 am

    Ohhh those look amazing! I love raspberry w/ cheesecake – even better if there’s lemon involved! This is why I love summer – berry desserts! :)

  7. Heather I. — June 29, 2010 @ 10:32 am

    Mmmm, this is definitely the season for lemons! I have some meyer lemons sitting in the fridge and these sound like a perfect use. Just have to pick up some raspberries now-oh, the sweetness of summer!

  8. Mary — June 29, 2010 @ 10:39 am

    These really sound outstanding. They are a perfect finish for a holiday barbecue or picnic. I hope you have a grand holiday. Blessings…Mary

  9. jen — June 29, 2010 @ 11:09 am


  10. Natalie (The Sweets Life) — June 29, 2010 @ 11:32 am

    AH these are perfect! My gma LOVES raspberry lemon things and she’s visiting in a few weeks. I will put these on the menu!

  11. Megan — June 29, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

    These look amazing! My little sister loves lemon raspberry stuff so I try to make a lemon-raspberry dessert for her every year for her birthday. This one needs to be added to the list!

  12. Cookin' Canuck — June 29, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

    Perfect for the 4th! I like that you brought the lemon flavor into the crust as well.

  13. sippitysup — June 29, 2010 @ 2:52 pm

    Those are so beautiful sweet and tany and luscious! I can just tell. GREG

  14. Mags — June 29, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

    OK, I’m desperate for a red, white and blue recipe for the 4th of July. I’m thinking of adding in some blueberries to this recipe and calling it patriotic. Please don’t hate me, I’ll link back to you, of course. And as always, my first born child is offered up to you as well. He’s now 28 and requires minimal care.

  15. stephchows — June 30, 2010 @ 7:05 am

    mmm love sweet tart bars like this!

  16. jake — June 30, 2010 @ 7:27 am

    if you dont want to end up with “pink” and are not the gentlest folder, freeze the raspberries before hand.

  17. Tabitha — July 1, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

    Just made these today – glorious! I absolutely love them. Not too sweet, not too tart. And your previous commenter was very right – the addition of lemon zest to the crust really adds a subtle, lovely extra hint of lemon. I’m trying hard to not return to my fridge to eat the rest. Substituting blueberries instead of raspberries would be great as well, I think.

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  20. Sharlene — July 3, 2010 @ 8:51 pm

    Mmm these look perfect for a picnic or an afternoon on the back porch! They sound so refreshing!

  21. Y — July 4, 2010 @ 5:15 pm

    What a beautiful, bright and Summery treat! I recently made lemon icebox pie, which is sort of similar, except you serve it straight from the freezer. I love how you used raspberries in your bars as well.

  22. Lynne — July 4, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

    I made these bars for a picnic yesterday. I doubled the recipe before I realized that I only had one can of sweetened condensed milk. I used 8oz cream cheese instead and they still came out beautiful. I also used blueberries because the grocery store didn’t have any decent fresh raspberries. The texture and taste of the bars made them hit at the bbq!

    • twopeas replied: — July 6th, 2010 @ 7:25 pm

      Love your adaptations! I will have to try the bars with blueberries next time!

  23. Dana — July 5, 2010 @ 11:47 pm

    Those look really terrific Maria! I just love a graham cracker crust and we are starting to get amazing raspberries in Seattle. Nice job and I’m so glad you had fun at the conference!

  24. Christina — July 6, 2010 @ 5:29 pm

    I made these bars to bring for dessert to a 4th of July recipe this weekend, and WOW! Such a hit! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe that will definitely be put to use again soon.

    • twopeas replied: — July 6th, 2010 @ 7:23 pm

      Glad the bars were a hit at your party. Thanks for letting us know!

  25. Jane — July 8, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    These were beyond delicious!! Thank you for sharing this recipe, it is a new favorite. I am going to post them on my blog soon and will give you all the credit and link to you. Thanks again!

    • twopeas replied: — July 9th, 2010 @ 4:07 pm

      So glad you enjoyed the bars. I can’t wait to see your post!

  26. Becca — July 9, 2010 @ 12:17 pm

    These are my favorite new summer go-to dessert! Easy, tasty, and gorgeous in my lime green dish :) Thanks!

  27. Mandy — July 12, 2010 @ 8:34 pm

    I came across this recipe (and your cool blog) the other day while I was looking for a new lemony dessert to serve for a casual party. I’m a private chef, and I made these tonight for my clients. Wow…what a delicious (and so easy!) dessert. Rave reviews! A keeper.

    • twopeas replied: — July 13th, 2010 @ 6:37 pm

      Mandy-thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you often. Glad you and your clients enjoyed the bars.

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  29. Daphne — July 20, 2010 @ 11:50 am

    I made these and they were a HUGE hit! I posted them on my blog so come check it out sometime. Thanks for a great recipe!

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  32. Donna — August 24, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

    Hi Maria – I’m making this to take to a friend whose wife was killed in a plane crash yesterday. Looks homey and yummy and comforting!

    • twopeas replied: — August 25th, 2010 @ 7:58 am

      Donna-sorry to hear about your friend. I hope these bars help cheer them up.

  33. Megan L — September 5, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

    I’m making these for Labor Day but I want to make them in a cupcake tin so everyone can grab their own. Will I need to adjust cooking times much for this?

    • twopeas replied: — September 7th, 2010 @ 5:42 am

      Just watch them, you might need to take them out early by a couple of minutes. Great idea! Enjoy!

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  36. Christine — October 26, 2010 @ 4:49 pm

    We just had these for dessert and OMG are they good! Even my very picky DH complimented them a few times and called them “delightful”!

    • twopeas replied: — October 26th, 2010 @ 5:17 pm

      These are a favorite at our house. So glad you liked them!

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  40. Keri — June 6, 2011 @ 10:32 am

    Have you ever used frozen raspberries? I am dying to make this but can’t find any good fresh raspberries.

    • Two Peas replied: — June 6th, 2011 @ 3:14 pm

      I haven’t used frozen raspberries, but I am sure they would be fine. Let me know! Enjoy!

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