Christmas Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

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Do you wake up early on Christmas morning and sprint to the tree or do you slowly mozy down the stairs to see what Santa brought?

When I was a kid, I was always the first one up-if I even went to sleep at all. I would always wake my brother and sister up at the crack of dawn. They used to yell at me to go back to bed, but I was always too excited. I used to sneak down to “get a drink of water” and to peak to see what was under the tree.

I love the magical feeling Christmas brings. I have gotten better in my “old age,” but I still can’t sleep in on Christmas morning, gifts or no gifts. I just love being with family, friends, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Christmas breakfast/brunch is another reason to get out of bed. My dad always makes his famous cinnamon rolls. We aren’t going to be in Illinois with my family this year, so we will miss out, but my dad is coming next week and I am sure he will make us a special batch:) Does your family have a Christmas breakfast/brunch tradition?

Today I am sharing a few breakfast/brunch ideas in case you need some help. Enjoy!


Cinnamon Rolls-this is my grandmother’s recipe. My dad has been making them for years and years. They are the best! My dad is famous for them-everyone calls them “Parry Rolls.”

baked oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal-if you want a healthier breakfast option that is warm, comforting, and feeds a crowd, try my baked oatmel. You can double the recipe and make it in a 9 by 13 pan. Let your guests add their own toppings-nuts, brown sugar, fruit, milk, etc.

berry pancake

Berry Oven Pancakes-if you only have a few mouths to feed on Christmas morning, you should WOW them with these fancy berry pancakes. Don’t tell your guests, but they are super simple to make:)


Egg Vegetable Casserole-this casserole is basically a fritatta that is baked in a 9 by 13 pan-perfect for large crowds. It is loaded with veggies and cheese, but feel free to add sauasage or ham for the meat lovers.

lemon biscuit

Lemon Ricotta Biscuits-these biscuits are baked in muffin tins, so you don’t have to fuss with cutting them out. The lemon/ricotta combination is fabulous! Your guests will ask for the recipe, I promise:)

monkey bread

Monkey Bread Muffins-make these muffins for the kiddos-they are easy and loaded with cinnamony sugar goodness. They are Josh’s favorite too-he is still a kid:)

I hope you found  a few recipes for you and your family to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Breakfast/Brunch Holiday

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  1. Too cute. My sister was always the first one up. The baked oatmeal looks incredible. I may need to do up a batch of this. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas

  2. I was always the first to rise on Christmas morning! We do a good breakfast too! Im thinking the baked oatmeal sounds SO good! Merry Christmas Maria!

  3. We have bacon gravy doused over white bread… My grandma makes it usually, but this year it’s my task- since I’m the only one who has bothered to learn how to make it from her… Probably the most unhealthy meal I eat all year… grease with flour and milk- yum:)

  4. Looks delicious. Our family always had a big brunch – ham, eggs, hashbrowns, grits, and Christmas Bread. We usually miss out on it now that I am married and we do the morning with my husband’s side of the family.
    This year I am making orange rolls for Christmas Eve breakfast.

  5. ooo so many great ideas!! Tradition wise, my dad was always a short order cook when it came to weekends and holidays. Crepes for me, pancakes for mom, eggs for my sister 🙂 It was always so much fun!

  6. Great recipes!

    The first thing I do is have a good cup of coffee and eat brunch, then I think about the presents. i like to make the pleasure last!



  7. As a kid, I was the same as you! Not sleeping and rushing to the tree EARLY! My girls are the same… up by 5am 🙂 We spend the morning at home and then go to my parents for omelets… my dad makes amazing omelets and has always made them on Christmas morning for whomever shows up. Have a Merry Christmas Maria). xo

  8. I was a rusher for many years. Then I realized that the experience is over all too quickly, so I began taking it a bit more slowly, savoring the experience. In fact, we now eat dinner before the gift exchange in my family, and then we have dessert. That way there is always something to look forward to!

    When that cinnamon roll photo popped up (and I was not expecting it), there was an instant pavlovian response.

  9. Oh man…the cinnamon rolls and monkey bread are calling my name!!! Just might give those a try Christmas morning!! YUM!

  10. Great ideas! Oh my gosh, those cinnamon rolls look Heavenly. I love your Baked Oatmeal recipe…I made it last week. Yum!

  11. Woah. What a great roundup!! We don’t have a traditional breakfast/brunch yet, but I’m trying to change that since I’m basically the only person in my family who knows how and/or likes to cook haha. The cinnamon rolls look fantastic. I’ve tried the monkey bread muffins before, and they are sinfully good. I gobbled those up in seconds.

  12. I was always the last one up. I’m not a morning person. The cinnamon rolls look wonderful I might have to make these this year! I looking forward to trying them, thanks for sharing your ideas.

  13. I’m definitely going to be trying those monkey bread muffins. They look delicious! (I’ll pretend I have kiddos to make them for of course…lol)

  14. Delicious! We start out with coffee and Bailey’s for the grown-ups, hot chocolate for the kids. Clementine oranges and something baked. Then a big brunch of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, etc. later on.

  15. My aunt always made Monkey bread and I was actually going to request it this year! It has been on my mind lately! I’m going to go check out your recipe!

  16. I love your website, too! My family goes the Baked Oatmeal route (it’s very similar to yours) and it’s delicious. We usually serve stouffers escalloped apples (I know, they’re out of a box and you can make your own!) but it is a delicious topping!

  17. yes this year I am going the healthy route. with all the good clean eating I’ve been doing I’m just so much more inclined to stay with it. I have a bite here and there, but that’s it. thank goodness for oatmeal! it really does keep the sugar cravings are bay for a long time.

  18. Well these look like something I’d run downstairs for. After having kids, there is no such thing as sleeping in. Well its all perspective. Sleeping in now means getting to sleep till eight. Wahoo.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Maria.

  19. Dude, those cinnamon rolls look awesome. We always had french toast and mimosas growing up, but I can totally respect those rolls.

    I’ve had about 2 dozen cookies over the past week, so I am going the standard oatmeal route though 🙂

    Have a fantastic holiday you guys!

  20. Christmas does bring back memories. Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas at home with your cute husband. All your recipes look yummy- how will you ever choose which to make?

  21. These ideas look great! We normally see what Santa brought, then get dressed, have eggs/pancakes/etc, and then open the presents under the tree.

  22. You gave us so many great recipes here! From sweet to savory, they all look so good. Who wouldn’t love those cinnamon rolls?? I’ll take the veggie egg frittata and baked oatmeal, pretty please!! A true virtual feast for the eyes.

  23. Happy Holidays Maria! I love the new site looks really great, you and Gaby have a great web guy =)! I wish someone we baking me those cinnamon rolls this morning, I’m certainly too lazy to make them myself today!

  24. Wonderful ideas! I have another round of houseguests coming and needed some new breakfast options. The oven pancakes really caught my eye, now off to see the recipe…

  25. Mmmmm, I agree with all the other commenters it ALL looks good. Thanks for sharing there’s a few I forgot I wanted to try.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

  26. I cannot even begin to tell you how great these were. I am a cinnamon roll lover and rarely find one that meets or exceeds my expectations. But these were baked for my son and he just couldn’t get enough. I should have rolled the dough out into a larger rectangle to make the dough tube smaller because the rolls were the size of a saucer plate. I only used half the dough because I already had 8 HUGE rolls. I have at least another 8 HUGE rolls in the fridge to be cut and baked. The eight rolls filled a half size cookie sheet. I wish I could upload a photo. Anywho…fantabulous. Kudos Perry