Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach – This easy lentil soup is packed with flavor, protein, and nutrients. This lentil soup also freezes beautifully, another reason I love this comforting soup.

Lentil soup with spinach and sweet potatoes in bowl

Lentil Soup

I was a little nervous the first time I made lentil soup for Josh. It was early on in our marriage and I wasn’t sure if Josh even liked lentils. Lentil soup is one of my favorites, so I took a risk and made it for dinner one night. I happily discovered that Josh also loves lentil soup. We now enjoy lentil soup on a regular basis, especially during the cold winter months.  I am always mixing up the ingredients to keep our meals interesting.  My latest creation is Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Spinach.

How to make Lentil Soup with sweet potatoes and spinach

Sweet Potato Lentil Soup

I have been adding sweet potatoes to everything lately-risotto, tostadas, biscuits, so why not add them to lentil soup? I can’t get enough! I also threw in fresh spinach because the bunch in our refrigerator was starting to look questionable. I love it when I can put our produce to good use.

This easy lentil soup is packed with flavor, protein, nutrients, and heart-warming goodness. It is a great recipe for January-healthy and comforting. This sweet potato lentil soup freezes beautifully, another reason I love this soup. Make a large pot and save some for later. And if you aren’t sure if your kids or spouse will eat lentil soup, don’t ask, just make it. I am sure they will like it!

Easy Lentil Soup in white serving dish

sweet potato lentil soup in soup bowl with spoon

Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Spinach

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  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 carrot diced
  • 1 celery stalk diced
  • 2 small sweet potatoes peeled and cut into ½ inch cubes
  • 1 1/2 cups brown lentils
  • 4 15 ounce cans vegetable broth
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cans 15 ounce diced tomatoes
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 cups chopped fresh spinach


  • 1. In a large pot, heat the olive oil. Add the onion and garlic. Saute until onion is tender and garlic is light brown in color. Add carrot, celery, and sweet potatoes. Cook until vegetables soften, about 5-7 minutes.
  • 2. Stir in the lentils, vegetable broth, and water. Add the diced tomatoes, bay leaves, thyme, and rosemary. Season with salt and pepper and stir. Cook on medium-low heat for about 35-40 minutes or until lentils are cooked.
  • 3. Add the fresh spinach and stir. If necessary, season with salt and pepper. Remove bay leaves and serve warm.

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  1. One of my favorite things about soup is how interchangeable the ingredients are! You can definitely use what you have on hand and make a great meal. This look delicious

  2. i love lentil soups, but i’ve never tried sweet potatoes in there! what a fabulous flavor combination!

  3. Ohh, this sounds amazing. I love lentil soup, and can only imagine how delicious it must be with the addition of sweet potatoes and spinach. I’m adding this to my recipe file. 😀

  4. I’ve never met a lentil I didn’t like, in soup or otherwise! Great combination of flavors here, what a nice hearty soup.

  5. I adore a good Lentil Soup and love how you kept it vegetarian. Adding sweet potatoes is a great idea too…adds so much flavor and packs it full of nutrients! Beautiful!

  6. This looks beautiful! And sounds perfect for all this freezing weather 🙂 I’ve discovered that my fiance likes lentils much more than I thought he would. Yay!

  7. You know what, I was wondering what to do with the rest of the spinach and sweet potatoes I have on hand. I usually do a soup with kale, sweet potatoes, and white beans. I’m going to try this. Perfect for a cold day like today.

  8. Such a warm, inviting and comforting soup. Perfect for the winter months. This looks absolutely delicious, Maria. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. I love lentil soup. There is a lebanese restaurant near my parents that makes the most amazing lentil soup. I have tried to recreate it but so far haven’t even come close! This looks like a great version.

  10. One of the best things about soup is that you can kind of just throw anything in and it will still taste good! Plus sweet potatoes compliment everything, i’ve found. This looks delicious!

  11. What I love about your lentil soup is that it is colorful. My lentil soup, tasty yes, but not so picturesque. Beautiful!

  12. I am with you Maria, sweet potatoes and lentils are always welcomed over here! Great soup recipe 🙂 xo

  13. We love lentil soup here, too. The addition of sweet potatoes and spinach make this a powerhouse of nutrients!

  14. I’ve been looking for something healthy and delicious and possibly vegetarian. It’s just sounded so right. And your soup has answered the call of my stomach. I can’t wait to try it!

  15. This is my kind of soup, it looks so delicious and filling! I absolutely love lentils, spinach and sweet potatoes in soups. I’m so glad you’ve included them all! What a wonderful recipe, thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

  16. Hi there! Found your blog via Tasty Kitchen and I thought I’d say hi. 🙂 This soup looks super delicious!

  17. Mmmm I love that you added sweet potato into this! It’s seriously my favorite and makes any dish taste even better.

  18. The sweet potato really makes this soup come alive in such a lovely way. Thanks for sharing this idea

  19. I have some spinach that is starting to go too. Using it in a lentil soup is a great idea! This recipe looks wonderful. I love your soup bowls! Thank you for the link out to my orange lentil soup.

  20. Yay! More soup!! I am in such a cozy, comforting, warm food mood lately…even here, where it’s warm. There’s just something about this time of year that will always make me crave these kinds of foods, no matter what the climate! Can’t wait to make this Sunday for dinner! Thanks!

  21. Hello, love your blog and this is a great soup recipe!

    Have you ever blog hopped before? We’d love it if you contributed this awesome soup recipe to our blog hop on favorite soups, it’s a great way to get links back to your site. Really easy too and we’re live until midnight tonight.

    You can check out our blog hop here:


  22. I made something like this last week when Randy was doing his cleanse. He tolerates lentils but doesn’t love them. But let me tell you, he INHALED this soup and professed his love for lentils! I’m not expecting it to last but I’m going to make some soon before he changes his mind… 🙂

  23. I just bought a big bag of lentils last week at the store, and now I know what I’m going to do with them. Great recipe!

  24. I made this wonderful soup last night, and my husband pronounced it “the best lentil soup i’ve ever had.” Better than Jane Brody’s? i asked. “Yup,” said he. Thanks for a new favourite!

  25. I just made this with three substitutions: I used sweet yams instead of sweet potatos, I didn’t have thyme so I used oregano, and after I added the spinach, I threw in a couple of dashes of balsamic vinegar. and OMG this is delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe!

  26. I made this soup yesterday……omg……it is the best soup ever. I can’t say enough about it.
    Thank you so much for this recipe. What a keeper!!!!!!!

  27. I feel the same way when I make lentil soup for people, am never sure if they will like it! I grew up on lentil soup and LOVE it. I just made a version of it this past week with spinach and red bell pepper, so good! Will try with sweet potatoes!! Yummy!

  28. Yesterday was a rainy day, perfect for a cup of soup. After a quick trip to the market, I put this together and let me tell you, it was absolutely de-lish. And it is every better today and the flavors mingled! It made a HUGE pot for hubby and I to enjoy during the work week. Thanks so much for this recipe, will be making it again and again!

  29. Hi Maria –

    Coming from a crazy Italian family, I have been eating and making lentils all my life but have never added sweet potatoes or rosemary – and I cannot believe how much better lentil soup is now that I have tried your recipe! I have made it a couple times, combining my mom’s way with your way, and every time it comes out absolutely delicious. I just told my mom about your recipe tonight and now she can’t wait to try it. So long story short, thank you. 🙂

  30. Just made this & even my 1 y.o. & 4 y.o. enjoyed it. I served theirs before adding the spinach but still, that’s saying something. I think the tomato-y base really brings out the sweetness. Definitely great for kids.

  31. Great but remember to rinse the lentils as otherwise you can get a lot of scum on the soup. Packed full of flavour, just about to batch freeze mine!

    1. Darn, thanks for that. I forgot to rinse them and wondered why I had that scum but got it off ok. I don’t know how I forgot!

  32. This soup is officially my new favorite! My daughter and I are vegans and are always on the prowl for tasty, filling soups. This one is definitely a keeper. It was so delicious and hearty. I used black lentils, KitchenBasics veggie broth and an extra can of diced tomatoes with garlic and onion. Thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful soup!

  33. My husband and I made this soup tonight and it was very hearty and delicious! Our friend tried it and loved it as well! Next time I’m going to leave out the tomatoes though because I unfortunately am not a fan of tomatoes. 😛

  34. Maria, this soup looks simply fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us all! ~ Melissa

  35. Before I make this recipe, I want to know if I need to soak the Lentils overnight. I doesn’t say to in your recipe, but I have heard that they need to be soaked overnight. I purchased green because I couldn’t find brown lentils and they are dried lentils, not canned, if canned is even available.

  36. My mother-in-law has been making lentil soup for years and years. When I made this one for her, she immediately wanted this recipe! It is a great one! Thank you!

  37. I am making this again today and love to smell it bubbling away on the stove. It’s healthy comfort food with great flavors and textures. So delicious and our friends and family all devour it. Thank you!

  38. I am new to using lentils, but I love them.. This soup looks delicious.. I imagine it is… I have made a number of your recipes and they have all turned out well, so I look forward to trying this one

  39. I just made this soup and it is sooooo very awesome….. … Do u happen to know the nutritional info for it????.. It seems to be healthy but I just wanted to log my calories… I’m on a diet.. this soup is soooo filling and I am hoping that it fits into my daily calorie allowance

  40. I was wondering about the nutritional values for this soup as far as protein and calories per bowl… I made the soup and it was very good… plan on making it again

  41. This is amazing. I made it last night- without the spinach because my husband doesn’t like it and less liquid because we like our soup thick- and it was devoured!

  42. Delicious! Made this tonight and my husband, who doesn’t really like sweet potatoes, was raving about it! Definitely a recipe we will keep on hand and make again!

  43. Absolutely amazing!!! We loved it. I tweeked it a bit because I did not have all of the ingredients. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil, turmeric and some tomato paste as well as 1 can of petite diced tomatoes. Only used 1/2 of a tablespoon of fresh rosemary. I am going to make this again next week for some friends.

  44. This soup was outstanding and truly delicious. I added a few extra carrots and some quinoa because I didn’t have enough lentils and about 1 1/2 tsps of sugar because all vegies benefit from a little sugar!!

  45. This soup looks great! I was wondering if it could be made in a crockpot and what adjustments and temp/time you would make?

  46. When you say “sweet potatoes,” do you really mean yams? Just want to make sure, as their consistency and flavor vary a bit. Thanks!

  47. 5 stars
    i enjoy making your cinnamon rolls and cheesecake truffle brownie.my son was surprise when he woke up this morning. he said the cheesecake truffle brownie was a good change because i always make him plain old chocolate cake for his birthday.If you ever decide to publish a cookbook let me know.

  48. 5 stars
    I’ve commented before but I have to come back and say how much I love this soup! I make it every couple of months and freeze the leftovers so that I can eat it at least once a week. It is easy to customize and tastes delicious. Thanks for sharing! 

  49. So delicious. I used fire roasted tomatoes, which had some spice, which added a nice touch. This will be a family staple – so hearty and satisfying.