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Baked French Toast Muffins on

I eat oatmeal with Caleb every morning for breakfast. It’s our thing. We invite Josh to our oatmeal party, but he rarely attends:) He would rather eat cold cereal or toast. Josh will sit down to watch cartoons though. I think he likes Curious George and Dinosaur Train more than Caleb does:)

When we go out for breakfast, it’s a different story. I never order oatmeal. I don’t want to be boring and oatmeal is kind of boring. I love it, but when we go out, I am ready to splurge. I usually ask Josh one hundred times if I should get French toast or pancakes, hoping that he will get the hint and order one of them so I can have both. He sometimes plays along:) I almost always end up ordering French toast. It is just too good to pass up!

I think Sunday will be a French toast day at our house. It’s Mother’s Day and that means I can splurge. I don’t want to go out because I would rather be lazy and eat breakfast in my pj’s. I am putting Baked French Toast Muffins on the menu for Mother’s Day. Josh, Caleb-are you listening? I am counting on you:)

Baked French Toast Muffins Recipe on

When we do make French toast at home, it is usually Baked French Toast. It’s so easy and everyone loves it, including myself. I recently decided to change things up by making Baked French Toast Muffins. Instead of making the French toast in a big pan, I made it in muffin tins. Bonus points for cuteness, right?

French Toast Muffins on

Who wouldn’t want their own French toast muffin? Especially when there is cinnamon streusel topping on top! Oh yeah! You might even need two muffins because they are that good! Remember, Mother’s Day is a special occasion so it’s ok to splurge. That is what I am telling myself. I deserve a French toast muffin…or two:)

French Toast Muffins Recipe on

I am sure the kids, dad, the dog, and whoever else wants to help make breakfast for mom will have fun making French toast muffins. They are easy to make. And don’t worry, moms are nice and will most likely share. So if you put in a little work to spoil mom, you will get the reward too! Bonus! French toast muffins for everyone!


Caleb couldn’t wait to get his tiny hands on a muffin! That little sneak:) Of course, I am a nice mom and shared with our little pea. How could I say no to that face?

Treat mom to Baked French Toast Muffins on Sunday! I know I am looking forward to my Mother’s Day morning treat. I will get back to my oatmeal habit on Monday.

If you are looking for other breakfast and brunch ideas, here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Happy Mother’s Day!

Baked French Toast Muffins with Streusel Topping on

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Baked French Toast Muffins

Baked French Toast made in muffin cups. These muffins are too cute and a fun breakfast treat!
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For the Muffins:

For the Cinnamon Streusel Topping:


  • In a medium bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.
  • Grease a 12 cup muffin tin. Add about 1 cup of bread cubes to each muffin cup. Carefully pour egg and milk mixture evenly over each muffin tin. You may need to press down on the bread cubes after you pour a little mixture and then pour more. Pour slowly or you will have a mess. Or you can combine everything in a large bowl and then fill the muffin cups. Cover the muffins with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours or up to overnight.
  •  When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. To make the cinnamon streusel, in a small bowl, combine butter, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, and salt. Mix together with your hands, until you have a crumbly mixture. Remove the muffins from the refrigerator and sprinkle the muffins evenly with the streusel topping.
  • Bake for 25 minutes or until tops are golden brown. Let muffins cool for 5 minutes. Remove from pan and serve with butter and maple syrup, if desired.


Calories: 255kcal, Carbohydrates: 37g, Protein: 9g, Fat: 8g, Saturated Fat: 4g, Cholesterol: 97mg, Sodium: 259mg, Potassium: 146mg, Fiber: 1g, Sugar: 16g, Vitamin A: 320IU, Calcium: 91mg, Iron: 1.8mg
Keywords blueberry muffins, french toast

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  1. I’m in love with these, Maria! The flavors, the texture, the lighting you captured with it just bouncing around. Caleb’s little arms reaching up…too cute!

    And I love that wood surface. Is that a DIY project or did you buy it? I need one!


    1. This looks like it would he tasty. I wonder if adding diced apples to the French toast would be good. I will have to try it both ways. I have tried the French toast casserole and the bread was just to soggy, I hope these don’t come out mushy. Have u tried this recipe?

  2. I have never baked french toast and it has been on my to do list for two years! I think I am afraid I will like it to much! the flavors in your recipe sound so good and the french toast looks simply amazing!!! Perfect for Mother’s Day!! By the way, happy early Mother’s Day!!

  3. I would absolutely love to have this Sunday…..or Monday….or Tuesday….or any day of the week, they look that good!

  4. I love the idea of making french toast in a muffin pan. They look incredible and I don’t blame Caleb for trying to sneak one in I would of done the same…. Happy Mother’s day!

  5. These look divine…and dare I say not quite as messy as French Toast can get, at least at our house!

  6. Wow! What a brilliant combo! I’m definitely trying these for my mom 🙂

  7. Maria, these look delicious! And it would seem simple enough to cut the recipe in half for a smaller family. Can’t wait to try these! Happy Mom’s Day!

  8. These look so yummy. I had to giggle at the end of the recipe when you said to cool for 5 muffins. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your good recipes with us.

    1. Ha! thanks for catching that! I updated the post, although I kind of wanted to leave it. Too funny:)

  9. Happy Mama’s Day! Love that this is made in muffin tins… I’m all about the individual portions! YUM. 🙂

  10. Thanks for posting this! These look amazing (french toast is my favorite breakfast food!) and are actually going to be a last minute addition to this Sunday’s menu. BUT, I just want to mention that I think the 15 minute prep time you list is a little misleading given that it needs to sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Maybe you can make a note about that somewhere near the top of the recipe? Just a suggestion. Thanks!

  11. Maria, this is so genius and absolutely perfect for mother’s day. I LOVE the muffin idea – seriously, I can’t get over how adorable they are! I want some french toast now – muffinized!

  12. Mini baked french toast is the perfect breakfast for mom’s! I love all the flavors, streusel, and that you put them in a muffin tin!!! So yum!!! Your little guy is way too cute for words too 🙂

  13. Such a great idea! These would go super quick in my house… because I’d Eat. Them. ALL!

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    project in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on.
    You have done a outstanding job!

  15. What a great muffin! I love french toast, these would be perfect for Mother’s Day breakfast!

  16. What a great idea! We always do the overnight french toast casseroles. One of my husband’s biggest complaints is that he loves eating the top part of the casserole because it is crunchy. He saw this recipe and wanted me to ask what type of texture the muffin has. Crunchy, soft??

    1. The streusel topping adds a slight crunch. If he likes extra crunchy, you can double the streusel. I always put extra on Josh’s muffins:)

  17. These look wonderful and I am thinking of including these in our brunch items for Sunday! May I ask though, Maria….Is the inside of these muffins slightly eggy? I only ask because when I made baked french toast once (not your recipe, but another one), the inside was fairly soft eggy /mushy. It didn’t bother me so much, but it bothered some family members who don’t like eggy-custardy type things. So i guess my question is: is this like that in any way or is the inside cooked all the way through, like normal french toast? Thanks, Maria, and Happy Mother’s Day!!

    1. The inside is a little eggy, but not soggy. And the streusel topping gives it a nice crunchy texture. I hope that helps. Just make sure you bake them all the way if you don’t want soggy muffins:)

  18. What a cute shot of Caleb reaching up to the counter! Isn’t it crazy how TALL they seem to get so fast?

    Perhaps I’ll declare Sunday Not-Yet-Mother’s Day and ask my husband to make me these muffins, they look spectacular!

  19. Happy Mother’s Day! Today is my oldest child’s 39th birthday. Mother’s Day was on Sunday after she was born on Friday.

  20. Happy Mother’s Day to you!! This looks like an amazing french toast recipe – love that you made it into muffins 🙂

  21. This is a great creative breakfast Mother’s Day idea! As a matter fact, I could even go for 1 or 2 of these myself 🙂

  22. I love french toast, and this muffin version looks wonderful! Might have to try it soon!

  23. I’ve just found your site and really enjoy it! These look so great! I’m going to try and make a dairy-free version and my son is allergic to dairy.

    Off-topic question… what plugin do you use for your recipes? It’s so clean and sleek?

  24. Love this idea and I can relate to Josh, whenever I see oatmeal at the bfast table, I start with my toast and jam!

  25. I eat oatmeal every day as well, but when I splurge, it’s waffles, French toast, or pancakes. For weekends, I love making a baked French toast, also. I love this twist, and they’re adorable. The single serving size is just perfect. Great idea!

  26. French toast is one of my fav breakfast items so clearly I love these muffins! Great idea. And happy early mother’s day!

  27. Maria,
    This looks so delicious–I bet a day old loaf of French would absorb even more custardy goodness.

  28. Oh my goodness, Maria! These muffins are genius!!! Perfect for celebrating mother’s day.

    Hope you have a great one 🙂 I’m sure your guys will spoil you!

  29. These look delicious!!! What a sweet little face getting one of his mama’s muffins! (Melt!) xoxo

  30. I never know whether to go sweet or savory when I go out for breakfast…but if I can make these at home then it would make the choice a LOT easier! Such a fun breakfast treat!

  31. These look wonderful. I wonder if I can get someone to bake these up for me tomorrow for mother’s day? Caleb is too cute sneaking a muffin:-).

  32. I just put these together and put them in the fridge. I can’t wait until morning to bake them! Thanks!

  33. Teeny tiny baked French toast. I love it. And I love the cinnamon factor. I want to be eating these right now. Can’t wait to try them.

  34. These looked amazing. Helped my daughter make them yesterday so she could “cook” for me today. We had to leave them in for an hour and the middle was completely mushy. So sad cause the top was amazing!!!

  35. How cute is French toast as a muffin? These truly are cute, Maria! But, not nearly as cute as Caleb. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day! xo

  36. Thanks for the inspiration– a fun new twist on a family favorite. They turned out incredible!

  37. Wow! Two of my absolute favorites, all wrapped up into a sweet little bundle. I have to try this!! So yummy 🙂

  38. So I baked these just yesterday for my mom as a pre-Mother’s Day treat. They were amazing! We’re natural french toast lovers in my house. I was excited when I found this recipe and I was elated to taste how well they came out.

    I left them sitting for about 4 hours, which seemed to work well enough. I had some problem creating the streusel; it came out as more of a spread the first time, most likely due to my level of applied “smooshing”. But the result in the end was the same – a crunchy top with a great tasting bread body. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  39. These look AMAZING! They would be a perfect breakfast for a holiday or houseguests! I can’t wait to make them.

  40. ummm these sound amazing. Can you believe that I’ve never “baked” french toast before. must try stat!

  41. Lovely muffins! Just a quick question. Can we mix the bread with the egg mixture and then add it to the muffin pan? Will this affect the texture of the muffin?

    1. I haven’t tried it this way. If you do try it, mix very gently so the bread doesn’t get mushy.

  42. So I tried these yummy muffins for Mother’s Day and, it’s probably me, but these were a HOT MESS! My first mistake was forgetting to grease the muffin tins. I ended up throwing them away because they were such a mess! And mine were definitely soggy too. They tasted fine but I think if I did it again-first of all, I wouldn’t forget the grease spray! :-/ and I think I might use jumbo muffin tins. My muffins spilled over so badly and made a huge mess on the pans and in my oven! Like I said, I’m sure it was me-your muffins look gorgeous. Hope everyone else has better luck! 🙂

    1. Make sure you grease the muffin tins well and pour the liquid in slowly so it can soak up. Sorry you had a mess!

  43. These look sooo amazing! I’ve been wanting to try a french toast muffin and yours looks perfect. I laughed when I saw that pic of your little boy, that is totally my two girls every time :).

  44. Could I pour the milk etc. over all the bread then just divide that among the 12 cups? I can just see myself not getting enough liquid in some and too much in others. Or is there a reason not to do that?

    1. Sure, you can try it. Just be careful to not over stir so the bread doesn’t get too mushy and broken up.

  45. Made these last week for Mother’s Day and they were a HUGE hit. Fantastic recipe, and I love that, unlike most baked French toast recipes, there is very little butter!
    Just thought I’d mention though, that even pressing the bread down while I filled the muffins with the egg/milk mixture, it took a really long time and still made a mess. I had to use a soup spoon to ladle small amounts bit by bit. It occurs to me that, wouldn’t it be much simpler to just mix everything in a large dish, then divide into the muffin tins when you’re ready to bake them? 🙂
    My son is demanding them again, so I’m making them now, to bake tomorrow.

  46. Oh geez. Just posted and then saw that the person before me said the exact same thing. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to eat an extra one to make myself feel better!

  47. Do you put these in the oven right out of the refrigerator when left overnight? I have seen other recipes for baked french toast that let it come to room temperature before putting it in, or putting it in while the oven warms up. Thank you! I will be trying these this weekend!

  48. I just made this in a 9X13 pan and 2 out of 4 kids like it, but more importantly hubby thinks it is great! The taste is great but I am not a fan of the texture. I think next time I make it I will let it sit out a bit and not put the pan straight into the oven from the fridge. My streusel topping came out more like a spread but hey I just spread it around on top =). I also increased the bake time to 40 minutes so it was heated all the way through. Thanks for sharing this recipe can’t wait to make it again.

  49. I had no room in my fridge, so I just let it soak overnight in a bowl, then scooped into muffin cups when I was ready to bake them. It worked out great!!! Next time I might try using maple syrup instead of the sugar in the french toast batter bit. Will let you know!

  50. This is an amazing brunch item. My family loved the different twist to our ordinary French toast! I used Almond milk instead of regular milk and it gave it extra sweetness! Thank you

  51. We run a small B&B and wonder if these would freeze well and could be thawed and warmed some how…what would your advise?

  52. I just made these for my mother and her friends, for after their prayer group. They absolutely loved them! the recipe is so simple but they have such a great impact. Thanks for the recipe.

  53. i don’t like desserts much. but this recipe impressed me to taste it. I even wished to have a byte from my pc. ..

  54. Maria…this was simply the perfect home-made french toast I’ve had!! Ever time I make french toast at home, I’m never happy with the appropriate coating on my bread. The usually get soggy and tend to break bread. But putting them in a muffin tray was the best solution!

    I saw the recipe this morning and couldn’t resist from trying it. I used a cupcake tray instead of a muffin tray and hence halved the ingredients from your recipe. Also, I did not have enough time to refrigerate it. Still the french toast was really fluffy. My only disappointment was they had risen so well when taking out of oven,but went down after it cooled. Anyway it still tasted super yum!! Thanks a lot Maria 🙂 You made my weekend 🙂

  55. These are delicious! I added the egg mixture to the bread, mixed by hand until all bread was coated, then added the mixture to the muffin tins and refrigerated. They turned out amazing and it wasn’t too messy. Now I’m going to try and freeze some of them. Hoping that works. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this recipe. It’ll be a favourite for years to come!

  56. I make them with roasted pecans & dried golden raisins too. For special treat time – I use croissants and serve with fresh berries and whipped cream.

  57. I thought it was much easier and cleaner to soak the bread in the bowl full of liquid and let that sit before putting it into the muffin tin.

  58. They look delish. Being in the UK, can I check, when you say French Bread, do you mean like a baguette or brioche? x

  59. Thank you for sharing this ‘pretty’ French toast muffin recipe. I just made it and my whole family loved it. Especially my little 2 year old. Thanks so much. Now I’ve got to check out the rest of your site!

  60. OH.MY.HEAVENS!! I put these together yesterday afternoon and baked them up this morning and they are a huge hit in my house! I did soften my butter to make it easier to mix and softened a bit too much but I just added a smidge more flour until it was sort of crumbly and they still worked out just perfectly! The only thing I might try differently next time is to add the bread crumbs to the egg mixture before I put in the muffin tins, it was indeed messy!! Of course that could be because I am not the most graceful individual in the kitchen too!! Fantastic no matter what though! PS-I found your recipe pinned on Pinterest through Clean Mama!!

  61. Hi, I made these but they completely fell flat when they came out of the oven. I ate them anyway and they were still yummy while they were warm. I do want to try again, do you know where I might have gone wrong? Thanks!!

  62. I’m making these for the second time tonight. They are so delicious! And still perfect heated up in a skillet. Thanks for the recipe!

  63. These look amazing – I am baking them for my (DIY) engagement brunch tomorrow! Do you think they’ll work with muffin tin liners? I want to dress ’em up a little for our spread.

  64. Made this great recipe this morning for my little Bean! The flavors were wonderful. The appearance, however, was… sunken. My muffin tops sunk as soon as they cooled. I didn’t have time to refrigerate the egg/bread mixture for 2 hours… was that the problem? Thanks for your advice! Would love to make them again!

  65. My first thought was, “A whole cup of bread cubes will fit into one muffin cup?” I thought perhaps it was a typo but since no one else commented otherwise I guess they must fit! Have you ever tried oatmeal pancakes for a change (and compromise)? Simply soak a little oatmeal, cinnamon sugar & raisins for 5 or 10 minutes, mix in your pancake mix and cook. Yummy!

  66. These were really good but a complete pain to get out of the muffin tin – even with a greased muffin tin. I’d recommend putting everything in a Pyrex dish and baking it. You’ll get the same great taste and will save you the trouble of trying to scoop them out without breaking apart. I also added fresh blueberries before baking.

  67. Just finished making these for breakfast. Tried a sample and thought that little pieces of apple would be a great addition to the recipe

  68. These look wonderful but I’m wondering….is there any reason I couldn’t toss the bread pieces together with the egg mixture before putting in themuffin pan?

  69. Can’t wait to try these! I’ve tried one of your other recipes (the flourless oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies) and they were amazing! Also wanted to add that my two boys (ages 4 and 5 months) are named Joshua and Caleb too. 🙂 We love the meaning of those names.

  70. Hi, could I make this in a 9×13 pan, or a cupcake tray? If I use either one of them, would you know what the baking times would be? Thank you!

  71. Just made these for a ladies bible study and they were a huge hit. I didnt have white sugar so i used brown sugar and it worked great! I also made them the night before and reheated them in the morning and they were awesome. Thank you! 5 thumbs!

  72. Made this today! Loved the taste- all the flavors blend really well together. I ended up letting it cook for 30 minutes instead of 25 because it looked like it needed it. The texture came out pretty soggy – and the muffins were nice and puffy when they came out of the oven but after sitting in the tins for about 10 min, they had fallen in so that there was a crater in the middle. Have you ever had this happen before? I would love to make them again, but would like to find a solution to the appearance!



  73. Thanks for the recipe. Our 30th anniversary is coming up next week and I think I will surprise my wonderful hubby with these. He loves french toast. Sounds easy and delicious.

  74. I just discovered this recipe. It looks so delicious. I have a question. Do you remove the crust from the french bread?

  75. These look so delicious. I can’t wait to make them, and I’m sorry if this has been asked, instead of putting the bread in the muffin cup and pouring the liquid over the bread, can you stir it all together and then load the muffin pan?

  76. Does it matter what type of bread you use? I’m thinking cinnomon rasin, pumpkin spice, or gingerbread flavored from pepperidge farm.

  77. I’m excited to try this recipe! Did you use all of the loaf of bread, crust included, or just the soft inside for the cubes?

  78. This is a great recipe. I found this Christmas morning and made it last minute as I was not sure what to make for my family as we were busy finishing up the last few things. It will become a part of our recipe save book for my girls as they are learning to cook and collect favorite recipes. We will also keep them in the freezer from time to time for a quick breakfast or pick me up snack as we have 5 children and always look for a fast yummy snack. Thank you so much.
    Have a great 2014 year!

  79. Wow the image from this post seems to have been seriously stolen all over the internet. 🙁 Such a bummer. I am glad I tracked it down to its rightful owner though because YUM this sounds so up my alley! Pinning to THIS post now!

  80. Made these today while off work for a SNOW DAY in South East Texas. My house smells wonderful and they are absolutely AWESOME! Will definitely keep this recipe handy.

  81. Made these tonight for breakfast in the morning. I was able to fit the loaf into the tins but not all of the liquid…is that normal or should it all fit?

    1. All the liquid fits for me, but if you didn’t use it all, I am sure they will be fine! The bread soaks up the liquid.

  82. Made this for brunch with friends today. It was a big hit!! I had leftovers for dinner – I doubled the recipe 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful recipe. Will def make this again.

  83. Great recipe! They were super yummy. As some people had suggested, I mixed the bread and liquid and then put it in the muffin tin. I think that this is an easier way to do things. I also took 1/2 cups of milk out and put two extra eggs in because I like my french toast really eggy. The only issue that I had was getting the darn things out of the the tin – as some people have mentioned, they really stick even though I oiled generously. Has anyone figured out a solution for this?

    1. Ours always come out ok if I grease the tin really well. You can try paper liners!

  84. Have you tried mixing the bread, eggs & milk first the distributing evenly amongst the muffin tins? This recipe sounds great and cannot wait it try it!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  85. Are these muffins good the next couple days after? if so is there a special way to keep them or make them good for the next day? I’m going camping and wanted to make them to bring for breakfast but we only have a convection oven so would like to make them before I leave.

  86. Thank you for sharing this delicious looking recipe!!!! I was wondering if it could be made in mini muffin trays. I need them for church so everyone could enjoy them. My thoughts were they may be too small and be hard. I know I would need to adjust the cooking time. Just wanted to know your thoughts. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  87. Those look amazing! Would they still be good the next day? I want to make them for a potluck but I dont have time in the morning so do you think if I make them a day before, they’ll still taste good the next day??

  88. Made these for Mother’s Day. They were a HUGE hit and everyone enjoyed them (so much we were all a little too full to do justice to the lovely lunch my daughter made us, I’m afraid). Thanks for a fantastic recipe that will now be one of my ‘frequent flyers’.

  89. These are amazing! To help keep the mess to a minimum whisk the egg mixture in a large measuring cup with pour spout – then you can easily pour it into each muffin tin. Enjoy! They are great!!

  90. I have 3 ramekins in the fridge now, and I can’t wait to bake them in the morning. My 19 year-old can’t either!

  91. This recipe sounds great for a big buffet breakfast outside after soccer practice – for about 40 girls. Have you tried freezing them? To make enough I need to make them ahead and then warm them up. Thanks!

  92. Yum. I am soooo making these! I am thinking that some finely chopped apples & walnuts added to the mix would be delicious 🙂

  93. I bought pre-baked french bread but its still slightly doughy. I am thinking I will need to finish baking the loaf. Do i want to bake it until its golden on the outside? OR should I tear it up and bake it in chunks so the inside cooks a little? I obviously don’t want dry muffins but I would be OK if they weren’t as moist as bread pudding.

    Thanks for the recipe i’m looking forward to making this for my family tomorrow 🙂

  94. I always wonder if you are using larger sized muffin tins? Can’t imagine using standard (2.5″x 1″), but maybe so.

  95. I’m hoping to make these wonderful looking French toast muffins for Xmas morning. I have a question though, your directions say to use 1 cup of bread pieces per muffin cup. How does that even fit? Is it a typo? Thank you in advance! Happy holidays and I hope to hear from you very soon!

  96. made these for New Year Morning. Putting together the muffins was a mess and then they made a mess in the fridge (which could have been because the cookie sheet with the creme bruele was put on top of the muffin pan) Needless to say they were delish and a big hit. I’ve just whipped up a new batch tonight to make and freeze. I ended up pouring the egg mixture in big bowl with the cut up bread (challah) and kept turning while the mixture was soaked in. I then put the mixture into the muffin tin and it was SOOO much easier. Thanks for the awesome tweak to TPW’s recipe! Love your site and recipes. 🙂

  97. Just tried these, and the kids went bonkers. I just cubed a whole loaf of potato bread, and they turned out great! I froze the leftovers (not much) to see how they reheated, and they were almost as good. So now I’ve done a batch with multigrain bread that I keep in the freezer so the kids can heat up something easy and good on school mornings. Yum!

    1. Spray the muffin tins well!! I did this and they came up easily right after taking them out of the oven.

  98. These look so good but when I attempted to make them, they didn’t turn out at all. They puffed up in the oven but when I took them out, they sunk in and were completely soggy. I even baked them for about 40 minutes to try to fix it. What did I do wrong? Would love to try them again! Thanks! (They still tasted good- my nephew ate about 3 of them )

  99. I made these for a baby shower brunch last weekend. They were a hit! I also made an easy syrup with bananas and pecans that went with it perfectly. So easy and yummy! Thank you!

  100. Can you freeze these? If so, do I thaw and put on the topping before warming up? I am cooking for 25 young adults on a campground and I have my fifth wheel oven to cook out of. I just need to prep everything as much as possible before I go. Any other suggestions?
    Thank you!

    1. I haven’t tried freezing them. If you do, I would bake them as the recipe states and freeze. The topping is baked into the muffins.

  101. We loved this idea so much! Looks delicious and it’s just perfect for back to school ideas for breakfast. We found it on Pinterest and shared your blog with our readers.

  102. I had 1 cup of egg mixture leftover after I poured and filled the 12 muffin cups. I squeezed in as much as possible they are to the brim some overflowing. Not sure what went wrong- any ideas? Thanks! I’m sure they will still be delicious though!

  103. Yum! These are delicious with a bit of butter and syrup. I added a cup of raisins in the bread mix and half a cup of chopped pecans on top.

  104. Do I need to refrigerate these muffins? We bake at school and are short of time but would really like to use your delicious recipe.

  105. These look like the perfect breakfast treat! One question though; are these good the day after? Or do they need to be served immediately?

  106. Could you make these a couple days ahead, keep in the fridge, and then just reheat a little before serving? Thank you!

  107. I had some French muffins from Costco. I loved them but they no longer make these so I have been looking for a recipe to make them my self. I found them on your web site and who’d like to have the recipe for them. my PHONE @ IS (664) 827-1463 OR MY CELL IS ( 661) 330-422

  108. Wow! Just finished having your French Toast Muffins for dinner and they’re fantastic. It’s just my husband and me, so another plus, I can freeze some for another night:) Thanks, I’ve wanted to try this for ages! Hugz:) ps
    Is it ok to post this  recipe on my blog with a link back to you of course:)

  109. Ty for your recipe. First time my tried it, they loved it! They eat it on their way to school. I also tried it with sausage. Ty again!!!…..

  110. I made these bad boys this morning and goodness are they to die for! I had a raging craving for French toast and this was more than satisfying. I used apple raisin cinnamon bread, added additional rasins, and also added walnuts to the crumble. Be careful with these….I could eat all of them in one sitting. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!!! 

  111. Hi 🙂 These look delicious. I’m sure I can but have you made them the day before? Does the freshness hold up ok? Thank you! 

  112. Made this without the Streusel topping and didn’t follow the quantities to a T, but the end result was good. I liked the subtle flavor of the vanilla and cinnamon. Will definitely make again.

  113. 5 stars
    Great recipe! We followed the recipe, made them the night before and refrigerated. Popped in the oven in the morning and everyone loved them. No changes needed.

  114. 5 stars
    Made this today for breakfast. Really good french toast. I’m going to make these for my Easter brunch. These will be really easy to serve to a crowd. I popped some in the freezer as I want to see how they hold up. I think the next time I will use muffin pan liners as they tend to stick even when the pan is greased.
    Thanks for the recipe.

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    Made these today for a Mother’s Day Brunch and they were spectacular and yummmmmy !!! Will definitely make these again  … great easy recipe .. thanks 🙂

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    French toast is my thing too!
    What size loaf did you use in these? Will a baguette work?
    Thanks for the help,

  117. I’ve made this recipe 3 times. Always delicious. The crumb topping is a nice finish. I’ve always used the Walmart soft $1 French loaf and I keep having liquid leftover. I should use less milk/ingredients.
    Muffins make it a cute look for having it with company. Love that you can make the night before. They reheat very well in a toaster oven and also a regular oven.

  118. I make these every Christmas brunch! A huge hit! Make ahead and sit overnight in Refrigerator. Have streusel made ahead. Add streusel in morning and bake! We add a glaze! Love these!

  119. I made them twice and both times it required way longer than 25 minutes and both times, they sunk in the middle after cooling. What am I doing wrong?

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    I’ve been making this rector at least 8 years. It’s fantastic! There is no bread/fruit combo you can go wrong with, here – a great use for bread that’s seen better days. Thanks!

  121. Why did my muffins deflate when I took them out of oven? I did use cupcake liners. Would that make a difference? I followed recipe as printed.

  122. I’m making these today. Why can’t you just mix the bread into the egg mixture? Wouldn’t that be easier?