Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

By Maria Lichty

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How to make banana ice cream with only TWO ingredients! This healthy ice cream is a favorite dessert at our house and it is good for you! You will love this “nice” cream!

Banana Ice Cream in Bowl

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Freeze Those Brown Bananas

Brown spotted bananas were sitting on our counter, staring me down. I tried to ignore them, but they kept haunting me. It seems like I can never eat bananas fast enough. They always turn brown and beg me to put them to good use. I usually bake banana bread, banana cookies, banana cake, or use them in a smoothie. This time I decided to turn them into ice cream since it is so hot outside. I used the popular “One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream” recipe, but added peanut butter, creating a Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe on Love this easy and healthy treat!
Frozen Brown Bananas for Ice Cream

How To Make Banana Ice Cream

I was a little skeptical about this recipe. How could two ingredients create a smooth and creamy ice cream?  There is no cream, milk, eggs, or even sugar involved. I was willing to give it a try though. I had to use up my brown bananas!

I sliced up four ripe bananas and put them on a large plate. I put them in the freezer and let them chill until they were frozen-about two hours.

Sliced Bananas Ready To Be Frozen

I put the frozen banana slices in my Blendtec blender. If you don’t have a super powerful blender, use a food processor. The blender or food processor needs to be powerful to puree the frozen banana slices. It will take some work from the machine:)

Blended Frozen Banana Ice Cream

I pulverized the banana slices for a few minutes, scraping down the sides a few times. Then I blended them again. The bananas will take some time to reach an ice cream texture, so be patient. When the bananas were smooth and creamy, I added in the peanut butter and blended the mixture one more time. I was amazed at the rich and silky texture. I grabbed a spoon and tasted the banana peanut butter ice cream and I was amazed. It was the best peanut butter banana ice cream I have ever tasted. I can’t believe I created this heavenly ice cream with only two ingredients. Plus, you don’t even need an ice cream maker to make this recipe. This recipe really is magical!

how to make banana ice cream

Frozen Banana Ice Cream

If you are looking for a new way to use up your ripe bananas, try this Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream. The recipe is super simple to make and no one will ever know there are only two ingredients involved. I love that this Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream is healthy too! I am going to be dishing up this ice cream all summer long!

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homemade banana ice cream in bowl with spoon
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Two-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This easy banana ice cream is a great healthy dessert or snack. Kids and adults love this NICE cream and it’s a great recipe for using up brown bananas!
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  • 4 large very ripe bananas
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter


  • Peel bananas and slice into ½ inch discs. Arrange banana slices in a single layer on a large plate or baking sheet. Freeze for 1-2 hours.
  • Place the banana slices in a food processor or powerful blender. Puree banana slices, scraping down the bowl as needed. Puree until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Add the peanut butter and puree to combine. Serve immediately for soft-serve ice cream consistency. If you prefer harder ice cream, place in the freezer for a few hours and then serve.
  • *Note-if you have a hard time creating a creamy consistency, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of milk to help puree the banana slices. Make sure you use a powerful food processor or blender!


Calories: 152kcal, Carbohydrates: 29g, Protein: 3g, Fat: 4g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Sodium: 38mg, Potassium: 474mg, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 15g, Vitamin A: 76IU, Vitamin C: 10mg, Calcium: 9mg, Iron: 1mg

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  1. We eat this a few times a week and it is the best with chocolate peanut butter melted on top. Yum!

  2. Frozen bananas + vanilla extract (splash) + sugar (you can skip it but I dont) is always in rotation. I actually TOP it with PB b/c I find the PB to be more satisfying that way and gets less “lost” if that make sense but I do your method too. It’s sooo good!

  3. I’ve never added peanut butter to the banana soft serve but now I must! And I’m pretty sure that would serve just me;-)

  4. Love it!! No cream and eggs in this ice cream…I just want to scream from my roof top and tell it to everyone out there looking out for a healthy ice cream 🙂

  5. mmmmm….i’m going to buy more bananas tonight! i like the tip to let them go longer than you think though. i’ve made just frozen banana soft serve before and it hasn’t been totally creamy, but that’s because i stop blending as soon as the chunks are gone!

  6. Mmmmm. I did the one ingredient banana thing a few weeks ago, however I added blueberries. Have you seen the kitchen gadget hay are selling on TV on how to make this? Its too funny. Yo-nana or something like that.
    This sounds delish…peanut butter and banana go together like heaven!
    Thanks for the shout out!!!!

  7. That’s it?! So easy a caveman could do it!!
    Who needs all those artificial flavors, colors and preservatives in their ice cream anyway? Definitely bookmarked! Thanks, Maria!
    p.s. Hope you’re feeling well!

  8. Wow, this looks wonderful! We have been making ice cream A LOT (um, like every weekend) this summer since it’s been so hot…so I won’t feel so guilty about making this. Thanks for sharing!

  9. You have no idea what perfect timing this is, as I have bananas giving me the eye on the counter!


  10. Mmm…the perfect simplicity and incredible Summer dessert. Love it! P.S. I’m drooling over your Blendtec blender. Ahh, dream…

  11. I definitely need a new food processor!
    My other one broke down because the frozen banana chunks were too ‘hard’…

    1. I didn’t use the ice cream setting, but I probably should have:) I am sure it would work wonders!

  12. This is brilliant. I don’t have spotted bananas right now, but I’m willing to stop at the store and get the most spotted ones I can find!

  13. OMG – I am soooo on this recipe. My kind of food all the way. Plus it is nice to have a Blendtec to make it in 🙂

  14. I am running downstairs this minute to throw all of my bananas in the freezer. I can’t believe this is possible!? I am excited! it looks SO good 🙂

  15. I love this! I don’t have an ice cream maker so this is perfect (and easy) 🙂

  16. What a fun (and healthy) way to make ice cream! I think I’ll put my kids to work on this one.

  17. I’ve been seeing the banana ice cream recipes pop up all over the place this summer. I suppose it’s finally time to try it! My boys will be in heaven if I hand them a bowl of ice cream and tell them it’s lunch. 🙂

  18. WoW – delicious!! I don’t own an ice cream maker (I know, shame on me) so this will be the perfect remedy to that dilemma. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  19. I was just looking at some over ripe bananas on my counter today trying to decide what do to with them. Normally I through them in the freezer to be used in banana bread or smoothies…but today they are going to be ice cream! Yum!! I love that it is a healthy treat too!! Thanks for posting!

  20. I just tossed 4 bananas in the freezer because we are headed out of town. They now have a purpose when we get back. I’ve been wanting to try this ice cream for a while anyway. I love the addition of peanut butter in this version. Looks like it would be awesome with some chocolate sauce on top. Now I just have to hope my blender will make it creamy. (I so need to break down and get a blendtec.)

  21. you are my hero!! I’m SO trying this!!……..I keep bananas in my freezer, and we always have peanut butter!!…… if I just had a Blendtec! hehe

  22. I can’t believe this could be so easy. I haven’t had the courage to use my ice cream maker. So this might be the first frozen dessert to ease me into the idea. It really couldn’t get more simple. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. I make this 3 ingredient ice cream and add cocoa or carob powder for a chocolate peanut butter shake. mmmm…

  24. I just made a smoothie with my brown bananas… this will be the next recipe I make with the others. Delicious!

  25. I’ve seen this banana ice cream business around before, but the PB addition is what’s really sold me!

  26. Yum! We love making this kind of banana ice cream. Sometimes I add about a spoonful of cocoa powder per banana to mine(or you can add more but you might need to add sugar then) and that’s so good!

  27. That is way cool. I never would have expected bananas to do that. We love frozen bananas dipped in chocolate at my home. I’ll have to try this though-thanks!

  28. Wonderful combination, I am sure my daughters are going to looooove this ice-cream. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  29. so this wonderful ice cream does not need an ice cream maker at all?! that is amazing news!! I have been wanting to make ice cream FOREVER but every recipe needs an ice cream machine and I don’t have one 🙁

  30. I’ve *heard* of making ice cream this way… I have to try it! So smart…and EASY!

    {ps…thank you so much for the linky love!}

  31. Fabulous innovation – my hubby LOVES banana and peanut butter together. Will be making this tonite!

  32. Oh my goodness! I saw this recipe this morning and knew I had to make it- I was planning on making a smoothie with the very ripe banana we had but made this instead! I’m sitting here now eating it and it is so delicious!

  33. Two of my favorite flavors! I can’t wait to try this. I’m actually sad it doesn’t require a ice cream maker because I just got a new one and have been looking for excuses to use it 🙂

  34. Wow, I haven’t heard of the one ingredient ice cream, but this sounds outstanding! Love that you used peanut butter too 🙂

  35. Saw this earlier today, and had to try it tonight when I got home from work. I don’t have a blender, so had to use a food processor, but it worked great! SOO good!! I will definitely make this again! 🙂

  36. wow i was totally skeptical reading this thinking how on earth will this become ice cream without the milk but it does actually really sound good! and i have that pesky brown spotted banana on the counter waiting to be put to good use!

  37. I love how frozen bananas make such a nice rich and creamy ice cream – great addition of peanut butter. Now maybe just a drizzle of chocolate sauce for a bit of indulgence.

  38. I love finding new twists on banana soft serve. I make a mean chocolate banana soft serve (bananas + cocoa = heaven!) and I can’t believe I never thought to add peanut butter. I have a freezer full of frozen bananas and I think its safe to guess what I’m going to be making!!!

  39. This is awesome Maria!!! I would LOVE to try it… I might have to convince hubby to get me a blendtec just so I can make him this ice cream. 🙂

  40. Duh, peanut butter! Why didn’t I think of that before?!?! have made banana ice cream before and am a peanutbutteraholic. Thanks for the great idea!

  41. I love this recipe – I’m thinking a few chocolate chunks in that one ingredient banana ice cream would make a rather good Chunky Monkey…

  42. Not only is this recipe healthy, it can be frugal! I’ve been making awesome “milkshakes” with frozen bananas, soy milk & cocoa powder for months now & hoarding freckled ‘nanas in the freezer. At my grocery store, they sell bags of the older bananas for $1.49 – it works out to about 30 cents a pound. I keep them cleaned out!

  43. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blendtec blender! Now I think I have to go get bananas just so they can get ripe!

  44. Banana ice cream is the Boss’ favorite dessert. I add a couple tablespoons of cocoa (he likes regular; I like dark), a couple small handfuls of walnuts and a tablespoon of fat-free half and half. I will have to give the peanut butter a whirl (sorry, coudn’t resist…).

  45. Just got done whipping up a batch of this yummy goodness! LOVE-IT!

    My avocados were starring at me while I was eating this straight from the food-processor bowl. Wouldn’t avocados lend the same creaminess that bananas do? What would you pair with them for an ice cream like this?

    1. I’ve made avocado ice cream before-the recipe is on our site. It had more than two ingredients though:)

  46. I love this! I’ve used frozen bananas in a smoothie before, but never thought to let them stand alone as ice cream. And with peanut butter? Even better!

  47. Love this idea. Can’t wait to try it. I wonder if anyone has used almond butter to make this as well?

  48. Looks so delicious! I’ve tried it with just bananas, I def will add some peanut butter into it next time! Thanks!

  49. Gosh I have seen this on blogsphere and have been meaning to try it but now I surely am. Looks delicious 🙂

  50. As someone who has yet to buy an ice cream maker this recipe is right up my alley! Woohoo! I can’t wait to make this…and eat it!

  51. and this is by far a much healthier way of eating ice cream.
    if you happen to go to trader joe’s, they have these frozen choco covered banana slices, that are perfect for using in an ice cream base as this. You really have to try them.

  52. This looks a-mazing! Do you think any old food processor will work? My 3-yr old will love this! Is it a really hard blend?

    1. The bananas do take some time to blend, but a food processor should do the job, just be patient. If you had to add a tiny bit of milk to help, you can! Enjoy!

  53. I ended up freezing a TON of bananas last week! I just defrosted a few and made muffins…..I’m hoping to bring them to the hospital for the nurses and doctors (fingers crossed :)). This ice cream sounds totally delicious

  54. This looks amazing! I saw Alton Brown make “ice cream” from frozen bananas before but the addition of peanut butter is genius. I need to add bananas to my grocery list.

  55. This is such an amazing idea!!! I had bananas on the counter that were all brown spotted and I was wondering what to do with them. Unfortunately I made Banana Bread before I read this…but I am definitely doing this next time!!!! Thx for such a fantastic idea!

  56. I made this this morning except instead of peanut butter I used a bit of greek yogurt (~1/3 cup) and some cocoa powder. It’s SO creamy.

  57. The first time I made this I added almond milk and vanilla extract to make it a bit creamier. I put it in 2 small tupperware containers in my freezer so we have some ready to go whenever we’re craving ice cream. I love the suggestion of using nutella, I’ve been trying to decide how to make a chocolate one!

  58. oh my word, this is good. I just made it and it is in the freezer awaiting the dessert hour. Don’t think for a minute that I didn’t take a couple licks from the spatula though. I’m stunned at how creamy it truly is…I was a bit skeptical on that point. I will make this again and we’ve already decided to top it with a bit of Nutella!

  59. Yes! Yes! I had a bunch of bananas just sitting on the counter. And because the Girl Scout Cookies arrived, the poor dears were just wasting away. But by chance, at 3 in the morning I managed to find this recipe. It came out so good I had to wake up my husand to try some. Mmmmmmmamazing!

  60. This was fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!! (Found you via Pinterest)

    We’re trying to incorporate more vegan foods into our diet and the desserts are what get us every time, but this was really creamy and delicious and definitely quenched our cravings for ice cream! 🙂

  61. Tried this and after making home made custard ice cream, this was terrible! I also am wondering how you got a quart of ice cream out of 4 banana’s and 2 tbsp of peanut butter?

  62. You said there is no sugar to make this, each banana contains approx. 28g of sugar. Though this recipe sounds delicious, I’m just adding some fact to it for the health conscious. Would probably be best to eat this towards the early part of the day.

  63. For anyone that’s interested, I made this last night, threw a spoonful of pb in, a little cocoa powder, and decided to toss a spoonful of coconut oil into it, thinking it would incorporate… forgot completely that coconut oil HARDENS when it’s cold. Heh. But the result was that it was like having pb or chocolate chips in there, as far as texture goes. Firm, but then melt-in-your-mouth. It was an unexpected texture, but it worked out pretty well.

  64. Yum! I made this last night. Unfortunately, I think I need a better blender. This might work even better with bananas that have been in the freezer for a while as they tend to get really liquidy. I can’t wait to make it again!

  65. My husband and I tried this last night and absolutely loved it!! So simple and so tasty! We couldn’t believe how creamy it was. Really tasted like we were eating ice cream. Very much seemed like we were indulging when really it was bascially just bananas with a bit of PB. Love this and will share it with friends and family!

  66. I just happened upon this and I can’t wait to try it. I think strawberries with the bananas would be a great combination! Even more healthy!

  67. If we don’t use all of this in one serving can this “ice cream” be kept in the freezer? Or is it more of a one-time use thing?

  68. Are you able to put this back in the freezer when finished? Or will it really only taste best fresh?

    Thanks! This sounds so good!

  69. Perfect also with just a touch of unsweetened cocoa powder also. And Almond butter instead of peanut butter is just as delicious! (For a more tropical tasting dessert, add a touch of coconut milk, but that’s too many ingredients for me!) 🙂

  70. I feel like this would be amazing with real maple syrup and some walnuts! Obviously a bit less guilt free, but so much healthier than real maple walnut ice cream!

  71. My sisters and I just made this recipe, I will give it two thumbs up. It has the texture and consistency of ice cream, and for those like myself who are lactose intolerant this is a great substitute for ice cream.!!!

  72. I’ve been looking at that banana ice cream recipe and thinking I’d like to try it but adding peanut butter. Now I don’t have to experiment on my own, you’ve done it for me! Yay!

  73. Thank you for sharing this! I love ice cream, but my digestive system does not lol. I made some and it was surprisingly delicious. I added a dash of cocoa powder for a chocolate taste.

  74. I would like to know once you make it, can it be refroze and portioned out for a later date? Or does that ruin its consistency…

  75. This is so good…so easy and the best part is its healthy! I drizzled a little Hershey’s syrup on top of our sons but it’s good with or without. Used my Ninja Pulse…took a few times of scraping down the sides but it did the job. Smooth, creamy and yummy. Thank You!!

  76. I don’t have a blender or processor.powerful enough. Think i could blend the ingredients together and then freeze?

  77. This sounds great! I’m thinking I can also use the frozen ice cream to make smoothies. Yum! Thanks for the tip!

  78. Just made this and it’s very good! I added chia seeds to mine to give it more texture and nutrients 🙂

  79. Wondering if you make more than what u can eat in one sitting if this stays ok in the freezer or if it gets funky? You have NOOOO idea the absurd amount of frozen bananas in my freezer. I get cussed out every time my hubs opens the door and they fly out!

    1. I have put some in the freezer, just let it come to room temperature for the soft serve texture.

  80. I am dying to make this I’m lactose intolerant so eating ice cream has always been tricky for me. My boyfriend just quit eating dairy and was sad when he realized that he was giving up a lot of his favorite sweets too. He’s going to be so excited, thanks!
    I was wondering though…Can I make this in bulk and store it? I’d love to make some the night before entertaining.

    1. Yes, you can store it in the freezer. I like to let it sit on the counter for a few minutes before scooping so it has a creamier texture.

  81. Thank you for this simple recipe. I most certainly will be using this one. I’m a whole-food vegan and this is a perfect dessert for me. I’m trying to incorporate more recipes into my blog, especially those that can be made using a blender. Thanks for the recipe and I look forward to learning more.

  82. I’ve got to say that i already try this recipe so i didn’t had peanut butter so instead of that i use nutella and i just love it!! thank you so much! i made it for my guy and he just love it 😀 thanks for this wonderful recipe!!

  83. Do you have any idea how much sugar and fat is in this? Ripe bananas and peanut butter have an astronomical amount of sugar, and the fat content alone from the peanut butter is enough to rethink adding that anyway. For people allergic to bananas, like me, the more healthy option is a non-fat yogurt. Less sugar, less calories, and less fat…even a peanut butter kind.

  84. thats awesome, I always make smoothies with my ripe bananas and always mix it with ice, ice cream, table spoon of peanut butter, sometimes mix in watermelon inseason, and some strawberries or blue berries, I throw in a couple of multi vitamin tablets, pour in lowfat milk or just juice or water. I then let her rip with the grinder. Its awesome. One of these a day or every other is what I drink along with regular eating schedule. I have lost a lot of weight from 225 to 175 lbs. Some of the weight is muscle fat also. I stopped eating hamburgers and other types of red meat. I do have a rib or steak once and a while. I eat a lot of cereals and nuts, and love vegetables and fruit. I have almost stopped eating salt.
    Take Care

  85. Oh. My, Gosh. I just added powdered pb and a splash of almond milk and it is SO GOOD, with very little fat and only natural sugars! As an ice cream addict, I think this might have changed my life. My blood cholesterol levels thank you. 🙂

  86. This is dog friendly too! I used sugar and salt free peanut butter and some organic bananas so me and my dog had a nice treat 🙂 I ate most if it though… haha

  87. Found on Pinterest and made last night. I only made one serving and used mixed pb2 for my peanut butter. I really enjoyed the flavor; had a few chunks though. I definitely think I will need to put it in the freezer to harden up a bit more after blending next time. Would also consider this mixture as just a nice shake. Will make again for sure!

  88. This is fabulous! I’m always looking for healthy treats for the grandchildren. And, I always have ripe bananas around! Thank you so much!

  89. I just made some of this, and I have to say. It’s AMAZING. Not only is it easy (after freezing, it takes less than ten minutes to prepare), but it’s actually tasty and sweet and super creamy. I will definitely be making it more often, as I consider it a guilt free dessert. P.S. I halved the recipe and it made two to three servings.

  90. I cant believe how amazing my banana peanut butter ice cream turned out! This will be a new desert to my healthy living! Thank you all for the wonderful idea!

  91. What if I have 4 whole bananas in the freezer already? Can I just defrost them a little and blend with peanut butter?? (You know how they are kind of mush after being frozen..)

  92. What if I have 4 whole bananas in the freezer already? Can I just defrost them a little and blend with peanut butter?? (You know how they are kind of mush after being frozen..)

  93. What if I have 4 whole bananas in the freezer already? Can I just defrost them a little and blend with peanut butter?? (You know how they are kind of mush after being frozen..)

  94. OH MY WORD I just found this recipe and ran in the kitchen to use up my frozen bananas and it was AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you!

  95. Oh this is delish! I already had bananas in the freezer. I topped it with mini choc chips and drizzled caramel sauce on top. My 10 year old daughter loved it.

  96. Hi! looks so good! I have the same blendtec blender and I’ve been trying to make banana ice cream but it never actually gets to the ice cream consistency. Which button did you push? thank you!

  97. This looks fantastic. I am looking to make vegan ice cream for the vegans in my family! Please can you tell me, can this be frozen again once made and stored?

  98. Why am I just now hearing about this? love the simplicity and flavor! Banana FWT! I can’t eat ice but I can eat this.

  99. I just tried to make this with my Vitamix and Cookie butter and I just ended up with liquid bananas. I used the frozen dessert setting on my blender but it never firmed up. So sad!

  100. I have some over ripened bananas in my fruit bowl side eyeing me. Was going to use them for banana bread but I’m going to make instead. Looks delicious

  101. I’ve tried one-ingredient ice-cream made from frozen bananas and it was delicious! (not to mention the fact that it’s healthy, too!) I like the idea of adding peanut butter!

  102. I was wondering: why can’t you blend the banana’s and peanut butter before and freeze everything after? It seems it would make the blending easier. I have a Vitamix but I still find it hard to blend.

  103. My son gave me a Yonana Banana Ice Cream Maker for Mother’s Day… this is the next recipe I’m going to try!

  104. I love peanut butter banana ice cream!! This just reminded me that I have some bananas that are becoming a nice brown color. I’m sure I’ll make this soon 🙂

  105. Omg. I just did this. I can’t beleive I hadn’t tried it before!!! This is amazing!!! So simple and so good. It really took care of my sweet craving!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  106. Just curious to know. About how many calories are in 1 serving of the ice cream? by the way I tried it and made it and it is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! ☺

  107. I’ve always thought that making ice cream at home is labor intensive and calls for expensive cream which is a complete turn off.

    But now with this simple 2-ingredient recipe, I’m so eager to try it out myself. True, it’s magical!

  108. As pointed out by someone above, can we blend the banana and peanut butter before keep it in the fridge?

    Will it turn out hard as ice?

  109. Thanks. Great recipe. Especially for the kids. I Just gave this to my son and he ate the lot. he loved it.

  110. okay so yes this idea is soooo awesome. especially since I’am experimenting with Paleo desserts. I just made banana, peanut butter and cocoa powder!! Its a winner!!

  111. This is absolutely terrific! It couldn’t be any easier! I added chunky peanut butter and it was delicious! I actually had some for breakfast today. Why not?! I’ve never had anything taste so good without other things added to it. I highly recommend it!

  112. I peel and freeze my bananas as they turn brown- just cut into thirds. I seems to always have a stash ready in the freezer for occasions such as THIS ONE!!

  113. Can you blend it and then freeze? Just thought this might be easier on the blender if you have a fairly rubbish one like me?

  114. i think I will try this with my Nutrabullet, ( Magic Bullet). We make smoothies with it all the time and use frozen fruit. So I think it will handle it.
    All I need are some bananas.

  115. i have a blendtec but aren’t just frozen bananas too dry for the blendtec to handle? I’m afraid to do this without any liquid ingredients. youdidnt need any liquids?

  116. It looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it, but because of my schedule I’d have to do it in the weekend for the the whole week, so my question is: Does it still have an ice cream texture if you put it in the fridge for a few days?

    1. Yes. I like to let it sit out for a few minutes before serving so it is softer. I love soft serve ice cream:)

  117. OMG did not really believe this would work, but it did.
    This was a hit with my family and we will make this again
    This summer. Thank you for this recipie.

  118. Hi

    Thanks for this recepie. I really love this combination. This is cost effective and easy to make. I tried this recepie and kind of came out ok. But I had one problem. After freezing this over night it was so hard. What can you propose to keep this soft like a commercial ice cream.

    If you can write to me on my e mail address it will be nice.


  119. I have to be honest, I’ve been curious about this banana ice cream thing for a while, but I was reeeeeally skeptical. But OH MY GOSH, I finally got around to trying it (this version, with peanut butter), AND I CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH! It’s so delicious; it’s hard to believe you’re essentially just having banana puree. No more dairy ice cream or faux-healthy froyo here!

  120. just tried this on a hot 102º day – it was amazing! thank you for literally changing my summer! can’t wait to share this! -kelly

  121. This is a super easy recipe! We have a Vitamix so the mixture was super smooth. I added some crushed up semi-sweet chocolate chips before I froze it – it was great! The only thing I would do differently would be to add more peanut butter because the mixture was very banana-y. I also think some espresso powder or cocoa powder would be great in it.

  122. I know this is 3 years old, but I came from your banana bread pages and am wondering whether you’ve tried buying 4 fewer bananas?

  123. This is soooo yummy! Its unbelievable just made a small batch for the first time and I love it! This will definitely be my go to snack from now on!!!

  124. Oh what a lovely idea! Peanut butter and banana go great and for some reason you don’t see many places selling this as a staple. Nice one!

  125. I tried this ,now I make it all he time. I even showed friends because didn’t quite I always put bananas in my freezer to save Just run the frozen banana under warm water, peel and slice. Great now guilty snack.

  126. I tried this w/o peanut butter and 1 tsp vanilla but after freezing the end product was so hard I couldn’t dish it out.

  127. I have been wanting to try a banana “nice cream” for so long now. Can it be done with un-ripe bananas as well?

  128. I made this for my husband who is an Ice cream fanatic and has been missing it since we started the paleo journey. It was FANTASTIC! He really liked it. I did as well and I’m not usually a sweets person.

  129. So yummy! I’m not even a peanut butter fan (so I added some Nutella too) and it was delicious. It was very difficult to blend and I had to keep ramming it down onto the blade with a wooden spoon: (maybe because I don’t have a very good blender or maybe because I froze the banana for 24 hours!) but it was worth the hassle. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

    1. I haven’t tried freezing it after, it might make it too icy. Let me know if you try it!

  130. My version includes vanilla frozen yogurt and cocoa powder in addition to the bananas and peanut butter. Sooooooooooo good!!! You could use Rice Dream if you want to stay off of the dairy.

  131. May I offer a tip? When your bananas get too soft , but not ready to discard, peel those bananas and put them in a good freezer bag, and freeze! It makes it even creamier. 

  132. i still have not tried this method but that’s about to change since you used my favorite combo! totally don’t mess with banana and peanut butter .
    Have a great weekend, Maria.

  133. Just made this and it’s awesome! Only thing is it’s definitely only enough for 1-2 people! Which is OK! Thanks for the recipe!

  134. I tried this with a variation, by adding a couple if tablespoonfuls of glorious honey, and Walla, a most delicious ice cream you can imagine. You can vary the flavour by adding some instant coffee powder. Keep blending, and enjoy

  135. I just made this and I added a tiny little bit of milk to give it a more creamy consistency and it was very good.

  136. 5 stars
    I don’t have a blendtec or vita mix so when I mad this in a food processor without the peanut butter then it came out mealy. Does the peanut butter help texturize this?

    Yes, I added some cows milk.

    1. Mine started out mealy, but then I kept pushing and it magically clumped together into a smooth cream. Keep going!

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    Really delicious. I’m not an ice cream fan but I loved this. I have a nutribullet but even so this put it through its paces thoug so I would recommend only lightly freezing the bananas. 
    Just making it again now for treats over the weekend!! 

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    Yummy! Better than the fake stuff. Yes you can’t just scoop it out of a container, you have to make it. So worth the time and effort. And if you swap the bad stuff for this, you will lose weight. I did. And I didn’t even have to diet. Thanks good idea.

  139. I love this recipe! My kids just don’t eat bananas and often they are thrown! I think that by making an ice cream out of brown bananas, at least they will eat them:) But can you suggest anything other than peanut butter?

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    Turned out well but not as showed on the picture. Very nice soft serve can’t believe just 2 ingredients

  141. Haven’t made it with peanut butter but, with bananas, yes. In fact, I have the frozen fruit healthy ice cream maker. Kids love it.

  142. Do you know how many calories it is? I am watching my calorie intake and am wondering how many calories is in it per cup?

  143. Being hyperglycemic, I don’t get to sample many desserts, but this one I can have!

    Bananas just give the rest texture. The peanut butter. And the cinnamon regulates my blood sugar so this just works!!!

    Thanks for sharing =) Always looking for refreshing desserts that don’t kill my workout for the day.

  144. I love banana, and the trick that you give us to pulverize it after freezing it is excellent. I am always looking for excuses to eat bananas and this is the perfect way to enjoy this ice cream together with my family in the TV room. Thank you.

  145. I didn’t realize it was possible to make ice cream like this.
    Particularly banana is my favorite fruit for sweets.
    Does this recipe work with the blender?
    Thank you!

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    I tried making it but I didn’t pre-slice the bananas. They probably could have been frozen a bit longer too. The end result was a bit soupy. Any tips on getting the best consistency? I probably answered my own question!

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    Why arent there recipes that just have recipes? Every recipe it seems has a personal journal entry describing how the author discovered the recipe, what it means to them personally, photos, anecdotes, personal epiphanies. Can we just get a dang recipe without reading your screen play?

    1. 5 stars

  148. 5 stars
    Ok, so instead of staying with nice cream, I made it a little naughty but adding a crushed Crunchie bar before letting it firm up before serving .. topped with a date caramel sauce. Not going over the top here, not at all .. lol. Love the recipe … thanks!

  149. Ok, so instead of staying with nice cream, I made it a little naughty by adding a crushed Crunchie bar before letting it firm up before serving .. topped with a date caramel sauce. Not going over the top here, not at all .. lol. Love the recipe … thanks!

    1. You can put it in the freezer, but the texture will change. It will get solid and not creamy. If you do freeze it, let it sit out for a bit before enjoying.

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    Good mix, with a dash of milk works as an instant smoothie too without the freezing. Also unripe banana and lowest sugar peanut butter blend for diabetics , nice change from acidic citrus.

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    This is so easy and yummy! Love the smoothness the bananas give this. I did need 2 T of cashew milk in my kitchen aid blender to get it to mix. Thanks for an easy recipe!

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    Big hit with my toddler AND husband. Added a bit of a dark chocolate bar for some extra crunch. Will definitely make again!

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    Fantastic recipe. I had 8 frozen bananas floating around my freezer driving me nuts so I was so glad to find another way to use them other than banana bread again. I also have a Blendtec so it worked well. I appreciated the tip that it takes patience and you must stop regularly to scrap the sides down. I’ll definitely make it again. Thank you.

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    I made this a couple nights ago and delicious! I will be making more in the near future! I even went out and bought more bananas to make more. Even my husband loves it which surprised me because he’s not really a big fan of fruit in general but he loved this! I’m becoming more aware and cautious of what I put in my body nowadays and this is a perfect treat for something sweet! Thank you for sharing!

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    How can something so simple taste so divine!? It took a few minutes for the bananas to turn creamy but once they did, they were amazing. I added some chocolate chips in my serving bowl but salted peanuts would be great too. Thanks for sharing the post.