Ultimate Cookie Giveaway {KitchenAid Mixer + MORE}

By Maria Lichty

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and to celebrate I teamed up with Williams Sonoma to bring you the ULTIMATE COOKIE GIVEAWAY!

Get ready to enter the giveaway of all giveaways! The prize package includes everything you need to bake cookies…yes, that includes a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I told you this giveaway is a good one:)

I LOVE all of these items from Williams Sonoma and use them to bake cookies just about every day during the holidays! Tis the season for LOTS of cookies!

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway

The Prize Package

Ok, let’s get down to the details. Here is what the Ultimate Cookie Giveaway includes:

How to Enter

GIVEAWAY is CLOSED! The winner is Kelly Ward!

To enter to win the Ultimate Cookie Giveaway, leave a comment on THIS post telling me what your favorite cookie is! It’s that simple!

The giveaway is for U.S. residents only and will close on December 15th at midnight MST. One winner will be chosen. A big thanks to Williams Sonoma for providing this giveaway! Good luck!


Make sure you check out all of my COOKIE RECIPES! There are SO many good ones to choose from! A few favorites include:

And don’t miss my COOKIE BAKING ESSENTIALS! Everything you need to make perfect cookies! Happy cookie baking!

Get the best of the best!
4 Recipes Guaranteed to be New Favorites


I'm Maria and my husband is Josh. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! Our kitchen is always open!
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    1. My parents have always made loads of cookies at christmas since I was a kid. I love their almond spritz cookies! The holidays just don’t feel right without them. And if we make them any other time of the year, it feels like a sweet bite of Christmas.

  1. While I certainly would never turn any cookie down, there is always something so comforting about a thick, slightly warm, chocolate chunk cookie.

    1. Candy cane cookies are my favorite! But I love all of the Christmas cookies my mom has made over the years. I just need to learn how to make them on my own 😉

    1. I love a chewy, crispy edged chocolate chip cookie!! At Christmas time I prefer a peppermint shortbread cookie! Yummy!

    1. While I’ve ever had a bad cookie, I especially love the Mexican wedding cookies at Christmas, because that is the only time my mother made them. She made them for me, grumbling about having to do so, but I knew they were made with all the love she had for me.❤️

  2. Our favorite Christmas cookie in our household is ‘Aunt Sally’ cookies…a molasses cookie with a hardened meringue like frosting! 🙂

    1. My favorite cookie is oatmeal with chopped pecans and chocolate chips. It is one that my mother always made for her 4 children to have on our long trips from Florida to New York every year.

    1. There’s something so irresistible about a buttery thumbprint cookie. I’m half Cuban so I love to use guava paste in there. I love when it melts and runs a little over the edges and creates this glaze over certain spots of the cookies.

    1. Oh my goodness something so comforting oatmeal raisin cookie I can make 4 do and my sis and can have them gone in a day or two nothing like it

  3. I would have said ginger/molasses cookies, but I recently made monster cookies to take somewhere and now I can’t stop craving them! Maybe a new favorite!

  4. If I had to pick just one cookie, and really how can you even ask that of me, I would pick Toll House chocolate chip cookies. They started me on my path to baking back when I was a child.

  5. Hi, there are just so many cookies I love but I am going to pick the first one I made years ago and it is the Biscoff Oatmeal cookie. My kids, like Josh are allergic to nuts. This was such a fabulous winner. I don’t know how you come up with all these tasty recipes but don’t stop I have followed you since you began this blog and enjoy all of your posts. Merry Christmas

  6. My favorite is a classic chocolate chip cookie, but for a fun holiday twist I’ll swap some of the chocolate chips for chopped up peppermint bark instead!

  7. I love oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and heath bits. And I think using butter flavored Crisco Sticks makes my cookies soft and delicious!

  8. I LOVE ginger cookies with lots of orange zest, especially this time of year. I also have a recipe for some espresso chocolate cookies that I’m looking forward to trying. Thanks!

  9. The Mexican wedding cookies are my favorite (btw I just tried your recipe the other day and WOW!), but I’m also just a fan of Christmas cookies in general.

  10. I love all oatmeal cookies, but my absolute fave are oatmeal scotchies just because they are a little “different” than your average cookie.

  11. Wow. Kind of like picking your favorite child……but if I could only have one kind I would have to say chocolate chip. Thanks for all you do on your blog. I love visiting here!

  12. I love Mexican Wedding Cookies (I think that is what they are called), but will never turn down one of the peanut butter/kisses cookies either:-) I probably make more chocolate chip cookie bars than is necessary, but they make everyone so very happy.

  13. Making me choose my favorite cookie is so difficult! There is one for every occasion. I mostly make variations of chocolate chip cookies (I am a sucker for the Levain Bakery copycat.) However, I am live for a cookie with oatmeal in it (monster cookie, oatmeal chocolate chip). As long as there is never a raisin or peppermint, I will devour it!

    1. Choosing just one is SO hard! We love love love the Salted Carmel snickerdoodles and I have to say my new favorite Christmas cookie is the Orange Pistachio cookies. So different and so so good!

  14. Oh it’s so hard to choose a favorite cookie!! But I’d say your snickerdoodles and flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!

  15. It’s so hard to choose a favorite cookie, but I guess I’d have to say your snickerdoodles and flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!

  16. Your Dark Chocolate chunk, Pistachio and Sea Salt Cookies. I made them last Christmas to give away I had so many compliments I’m making them again this year. Super yummy!!

  17. It is so hard to pick one favorite but if I have to choose just one, I think it is Snickerdoodles. Although I also have big love for molasses crinkles and chocolate chip

  18. Candy Cane cookies! I started making these every Christmas when my son was a toddler! I never knew how much of a tradition they had become until he went off to college. He phoned me just before Christmas break and asked me if I had made them yet. He proceeded to say that “It’s not Christmas time yet until the Candy Cane cookies have been made”! He has now blessed me with 3 grandchildren and they now look forward to them every year as well!

    1. I LOVE cookies in general but any chocolate chip cookie with nuts (macadamia, hazelnuts..) gets me going. Love your recipes, thanks!!!

  19. This is no contest – your Biscoff cookies are my FAVORITE. I’ve been making it for years, and it’s a perfect alternative as well for those who can’t eat nuts because it has a slightly nutty flavor.

  20. It is so hard to decide. Cookies are my weakness. My favorite is a chewy snickerdoodle cookie. Soft and buttery with cinnamon and sugar crunch on the outside. Mmmmm

  21. Your forcing me to pick one favorite cookie! I don’t know if I can but it would probably have to be shortbread cookies, any and all flavors. Your chocolate shortbread is one of my favorites.

  22. My wife is allergic to gluten, celiac disease. So we cope by eating our share of your Flourless Chocolate Cookies.

  23. My favorite cookie is a pumpkin raisin cookie. It is a recipe from a great aunt that I have made since childhood! They aren’t fancy (I don’t make them for Christmas) but they are definitely my kryptonite!! I can’t have them in the house for too long or I will eat them all!

  24. Thank you for offering this giveaway!!
    My favorite cookie is a chocolate chip cookie, especially right out of the oven!

  25. My grandmother’s ancient recipe for butter cookies. To this day, everyone refers to them as Grandmom M’s cookies.

  26. I LOVE THEM ALL however, since I can only pick one it would have to be a family recipe “Aunt Dora’s Italian Knots” she would make them in 2 flavors – the traditional Italian flavor Anise and for us kids (I’m 60+ now…lol) lemon. All had a white glaze with sprinkles….we loved going to her house as kids and now as adults we’re still making them!

  27. I think this changes weekly, but currently – my favorite is snowball cookies stuffed with mini peanut butter cups! So, so good with a cup of hot coffee!

  28. Do I have to pick just one?? Peanut butter blossoms. We roll the dough in red or green sugar before baking. But your hot cocoa cookies look like a new favorite. Will definitely be making some soon. Merry Christmas!

  29. Snickerdoodles are always a favorite but I am definitely going to have to try the brown sugar Carmel snickerdoodle sounds delicious

  30. My mom always made a holiday cookie that had a little well filled with cooked dates and nuts. We called them Date cookies. They bring back the best memories.

  31. My favorite to share with other people are sea salt caramel dark chocolate, but my favorite to hoard at home would be super basic craisin oatmeal cookies!

  32. My favorite Christmas cookies to bake are Russian Tea Cakes (aka Mexican Wedding Cookies or Snowballs) because they are my Dad’s favorite to eat and my Grandmother used to make them. My kids love to help roll them in sugar.

  33. Such a wonderful giveaway! My favorite cookies are monster cookies- peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, & m&ms❤️

  34. My favorite is absolutely peanut butter cookies! Nothing better than warm peanut butter cookies with a glass of cold milk!

  35. Classic chocolate chip is my favorite. Sweet butter & chocolate in each bite, you just can’t go wrong with that!

  36. I love a short bread cookie with it being rolled in lemon curd then it gets rolled in powder sugar. I think it’s called a lemon snow drop.

  37. Our family favorite crave-worthy can’t stop eating them are Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. My favorite make at Christmastime cookie is a Peanut Blossom – peanut butter and chocolate – yum!!!
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway opportunity. I just found your blog this year through Pioneer Woman and have been enjoying all of your posts. Your cookbook is on my Christmas List but I’m pretty sure it will be a Christmas present to me if Santa doesn’t bring it. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  38. Baklava is my favorite (though I’m not sure it’s technically a cookie). I’ve been making it for our Christmas celebration for twenty years, ever since my best friend and I made it for a class assignment in high school. It brings back good memories.

  39. My favorite holiday cookie is chewy ginger molasses cookies. They’re perfect with a cup of coffee and a good Christmas movie!

  40. LOVE the brown butter caramel snickerdoodles. Totally worth a little extra effort & everyone loves them (if there are any left to try 😉 )

  41. Mexican Wedding Cookies. They go by lots of names, yet that’s what my late Mom called them, and they always remind me of her. Every Christmas.

  42. My all-time favorite cookie is Oatmeal Butterscotch! I love butterscotch in cookies. I also love dark chocolate butterscotch pretzel cookies. 🙂

  43. My favorite cookie is Magic bars, with coconut and chocolate. Also love pinnolli nut cookies.
    Love your website.

  44. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies are my fave – can’t duplicate them no matter what I do! I love peanut butter blossoms too. And cookies in general.

  45. My favorite is peanut butter kiss cookies….I know, I know…so boring yet so yummy. A good gingerbread is also a favorite!

  46. My favorite cookie is the classic sugar cookie! It is my dream to be able to make them and give them to my family and friends!

  47. Mexican Wedding Cookies for sure!! (we called them Mexican Wedding Cakes growing up :)) Planning to make some today or tomorrow for our neighborhood party ;).

  48. My favorite cookie to both make and eat is peanut butter with a Hershey’s kiss in the middle. SOOOO good and it reminds me of childhood. I love making these every Christmas! Thank you for doing this!

  49. Your pumpkin cinnamon cookies are my absolute favorite and my family’s favorite during Thanksgiving season!!

  50. Although I have YET to perfect it, divinity is my favorite! My grandma makes it every year and it’s to DIE for! I can’t seem to get the peaks just right, but I will keep trying!

  51. My favorite cookies are your Mini M&M’s Cookies. They are so soft and chewy every single time I make them. I love the mini size, especially for sending in my kids’ lunchboxes.

  52. ONE cookie?? Ugh if I must pick.. Oatmeal Raisin! Love the combo of warm spices, soft cookie and the feeling of eating healthier (because, you know.. oats) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  53. My kiddos & I LOVE your Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (made w/coconut oil) and my husband loves your Snicker-doodles.

  54. My favorite cookie has got to be birthday cake! Sprinkles can be cool as an adult. Love to crunch these into vanilla ice cream.

  55. My husband’s grandmother’s sugar cookies (with homemade icing!) are my favorites by far! We make about a million every year to share with friends and co-workers!

  56. Definitely Peanut Butter Blossoms! I recently started swapping the Hershey kiss with a Reeses peanut butter cup and OH MY. New Favorite. I also like to freeze them, last long and taste better!

  57. My favorite Christmas cookie is snickerdoodle! However, last year we made the peppermint bark chocolate chip cookies for the first time and they instantly became a family favorite and new tradition!

  58. My favorite cookies to eat and bake at Christmas time are Sugar cookies with Christmas decorations made with all colors of frosting. My kids love them and we have a wonderful time making them together.

  59. Peanut Butter Kisses cookies! I love these!! My son is now allergic to peanuts unfortunately and can’t have these cookies. I need to find a new recipe with no peanut butter! Hopefully I can find one

  60. My all-time favorite cookies are chai snickerdoodles – like a traditional snickerdoodle but spiced like a nice cup of chai tea!

  61. I love a butter cookie dipped in dark chocolate but also love a giant chocolate chip cookie!
    Thank you for the giveaway and happy holidays!

  62. I have two favorites. Oatmeal chocolate chip for traditional and your Glazed Lemon cookies for a refreshing sweet treat.

  63. Shortbread or butter cookies! So simple and sooo good. Bonus points if they are dipped in chocolate and have sprinkles!

  64. If you are forcing me to choose just one… I think polish kolachky’s have to be my favorite to bake (ok, and eat!)

  65. My favorite cookie recipe is my mom’s Spritz Cookies. They melt in your mouth. So, so good!! Whenever I make them they are devoured instantly!

  66. My absolute favorite is a childhood favorite. Mrs. Hazelton, our local home economics teacher, made her amazing Tea Cakes every Christmas. Not brothers and I anxiously awaiting her gift of tea cakes to our family.

  67. My favorite cookies are Carmelitas. Chocolate, salty caramel, nuts, and a shortbread crust. They have ALL the flavors I love. Thanks for this great giveaway 🙂

  68. Changes, but currently really into the Olive Oil Shortbread with Rosemary and Dark Chocolate from Smitten Kitchen. They are delicious, quick, and not too sweet.

  69. My Grandmother’s jam jams from Newfoundland. We looked forward to her “parcel” every Christmas. sniff sniff….

  70. I’ve always been a sucker for Girl Scout Thin Mints! To get my fix, I mix chocolate protein powder, Sweetener, warm coconut oil, mint extract and form them into flat cookies and refrigerate. I get the minty chocolate taste I love without the guilt. ♥️

  71. Oh, fun. Hard to pick favorite, but Great Aunt Verna’s Scotch Shortbread is probably the one. Can be dressed up or not. And supposedly taste better after storing for a while, but I never find out.

  72. I love sugar cookies of any kind, but my favorite is Christmas cut out sugar cookies. We’ve made them every year since my kids were little. Now I’m starting to make them with my grandkids. They love to help roll, cut and paint them with the icing.

  73. Gosh, I don’t think I have a favorite cookie. I have a recipe for a dried cherry and pistachio biscotti that I love. And I’m always up for something chocolate mint!

  74. My favorite cookie has to be the classic chocolate chip!! I would love to get your cook book to get your amazing looking Chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  75. Hi! My name is Manuela and my boyfriend is Josh! Haha! We both love cooking a lot and our mixture of influences (mine: Brazilian and Italian; his: American and Mexican) gives us lots of inspirations to work with and, I must say that, the outcomes are unbelievably delicious.
    A good mix of recipes is your delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies covered with Brazilian white chocolate Brigadeiro and topped with fresh raspberries. So good!

  76. Gosh, there are so many cookies to choose from. I like all kinds of cookies, but a good chewy chocolate chip cookie is hard to beat!

  77. It is so sad and disappointing that the contest is only for US residents. I have tried so many of your cookie recipes and would have loved to get that KitchenAid. Anyways all the best to all the participants.

  78. Sweetie my favorite cookie recipe hands down is your shortbread cookie love to have them with cup of coffee because there not to sweet..‍♀️

  79. My favorites are Coconut Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Soooo delicious! Fabulous giveaway, just in time for the holidays!

  80. My all time favorite is snickerdoodle, but at Christmas, hands down is a cut-out sugar cookie decorated with icing is my family’s favorite.

  81. My favorite is simple butter cookies. They remind me of baking with my mother. She has the recipe on this ratty piece of paper and then the recipe was lost.

  82. My favorite Christmas cookies are shortbread cookies, the recipe has been handed down from my Great Grandmother❤️

  83. So many favorites but I love a good peanut butter cookie! Then again, warm chocolate chip always hits the spot and oatmeal raisin dunked in hot tea never disappoints. I love cookies!

  84. My favorite cookie for the holidays is Pizzelles, my Grandma started the tradition and sold them at her local church for 2 dollars to surprise my grandpa with their first TV for christmas. After my brother and I were born we started the tradition of making around 50 dozen of pizzelles every year to give to teachers, neighbors, local businesses, and friends. It is one of my favorite holiday memories, and so special that my grandma has been making them for over 60 years.

  85. Sweetie my favorite cookie recipe hands down is your shortbread cookie love to have them with cup of coffee because there not to sweet..‍♀️

  86. What a great give away! My favorite holiday cookies are Russian Teacakes! I just love the buttery flavor coated with powder sugar.

  87. Two Peas and Their Pod’s Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are our all-time family favorite cookies! Our friends love them too!

  88. My most favorite Christmas cookie is the Date Nut Pinwheel. From the time I could remember this was always a must-have for the holidays.

  89. So many cookies, so little time. If I have to pick just one, I think I’d choose peanut butter cookies. Especially at this time of the year.

  90. Almost impossible to choose! I’ve never met a homemade cookie I didn’t like!
    Love your snickerdoodles and especially love those soft pumpkin cookies. People always love those whenever I make them.

  91. Chocolate chip cookies AND Frosted sugar cookies. 🙂
    I make your candied pecans for gift giving every year……always a hit!

  92. I have to go with Chocolate Chip cookies – all my children ask for them and I have taken them to all their sports games and events over the last 35 years!

  93. My favorite is chocolate chip with pecans, but I never met a I didn’t like! Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway! ♥️

  94. Your Chocolate Crinkles are my favorite. I love how the melted chocolate gives them an elevated taste! I just made a batch last weekend. Thank you!

  95. Chocolate chip is the perennial and always cookie… but shortbread, peanut butter and meringues are all essential too!

  96. My mom just called them butter cookies. She made them every Christmas. They are made from butter, powdered sugar, regular flour and rice flour. They literally melt in your mouth. She got the recipe back in the late 40’s I believe and made them every Christmas. I’ve kept up the tradition and my daughter is now making them for her family.

  97. There’s nothing better than molasses cookies sprinkled with a little sugar. I make dozens every year because my grandchildren devour them.

  98. While I love all of your cookie recipes, Maria, my all time favorite has to be my grandmother’s molasses cookie recipe. I have an old, yellowed copy with measurements in “pinches” and “add until batter is stiff.” Every time I bake a batch I am transported back to her kitchen.

  99. Thumbprint cookies – super small ones to pop in your mouth and they melt into crumbs and you taste the jam and cookie!

  100. About 40 years ago the Barre Times-Argus (in VT) printed recipes for Disappearing Peanut Butter Cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (with dark molasses). Those continue to be my favorites after all these decades.

  101. Peanut Butter Blossoms are my ride or die. They bring back such fond memories of my childhood, my dad HATES peanut butter, and each time my sister and I would eat a cookie we would kiss him on the cheek and he would freak out.

  102. My favorite are Magic Cookie Bars, the kind with chocolate chips, coconut, nuts and sweetened condensed milk, with a graham cracker crust.

  103. It’s such a simple cookie, but the first cookie that came to mind were peanut butter blossoms – they are a holiday staple and I make them every year. My family also loves your Oatmeal Cranberry Sandwich Cookies with White Chocolate Creme Filling – they are so decadent and festive they have become a repeat cookie the past several years at the holidays. Happy Holidays!

  104. Fudge Nut Bars…..a layer of chocolate fudge sandwiched between two layers of chewy oatmeal goodness…a family favorite and must for the holidays!

  105. Mine is an old Italian recipe from my grandmother. They look like chocolate meatballs so that is what I call them.

  106. My favorite cookie is this chocolate salted caramel cookie i make with salted caramel chocolate bars, you can use milk or dark chocolate and you must sprinkle some sea salt on top when they are done baking. THEY ARE AMAZING

  107. Favorite cookie of all time has to be soft sugar cookie rounds with buttercream icing and Christmas red and green sprinkles!

  108. Fudge Nut Bars…..a layer of chocolate fudge sandwiched between two layers of chewy oatmeal goodness…a family favorite and must for the holidays!

  109. Basic sugar cookie cut outs with icing – my sister and I spent many a Christmas break decorating them at my grandmother’s house. They were always the centerpiece of the Christmas dinner dessert table!

  110. I LOVE sugar cookies. Also chocolate crinkles. And snickerdoodles. And ginger snaps. Okay, I don’t know that I’ve met a cookie that I didn’t love!

  111. Peanut butter Reese Cup Tassies and Snickerdoodles are tied. Probably because my grandmother always made them, but mostly because they’re delicious!!! ❤️

  112. I love a good snickerdoodle year-round! Christmas time I love peppermint chocolate cookies! Thanks so much for this giving — this is so neat and fun 🙂

  113. Love cookies so hard to say. If I had to pick one “true” cookie, I’d have to say Oatmeal Scothies.

    If you go by recipe names online I’d have to go with my Granny’s version of Peanut-Butter Chocolate Oatmeal “No-Bake Cookies”. We’ve always called them Oatmeal “Candy: though.

  114. I can’t help it but i have to go with a classic Chocolate Chip cookie. A cookie with a glass a milk and the day is instantly better.

  115. My favorite cookie is maybe more of a pastry -rugelach.
    My favorite cookie is a New York style linzer cookie – no nuts in the dough – still looking for the perfect recipe – most make a shortbread cookie, but that’s not exactly right.

  116. Pick a favorite cookie? That’s like asking me to pick a favorite grandchild!!

    Ok, I guess the cookie that gives me that warm Christmasy feeling the most are kleinur.

    They’re a Scandinavian cruller that’s flavored with cardamom, cut into diamond shape, slotted, twisted and fried like a donut until golden brown.

    The ultimate dunker!! ❤️

  117. There is nothing that is more all-year round as a classic chocolate chip cookie! When I first saw you sprinkle salt on them, I was doubtful, but It honestly took the cookie to a whole other level! Best cookies ever for sure!

  118. I’ve recently made your Classic Snickerdoodles recipe – I had never made that cookie before. They were delicious! But I have to say that my favorite cookie right this minute is Chocolate Covered Cherry cookies! Man I would love to win this package – 2019 has been very rough and to win this would just be the sweetness that I need!

  119. What a great giveaway, Maria and Josh! My favorite cookie is a warm oatmeal, chocolate chunk, and cranberry cookie dusted with sea salt flakes- yum-a-lum!

  120. Mexican Wedding Cookies, also known as Russian Tea Cakes are my very favorite cookies. I absolutely love them with a cup of ☕️. I’ve been making them for many years

  121. My favorite cookie is a super thin ginger crisp. They are as light and delicate as snow flakes yet have all the yummy flavors of a big gingerbread man in tiny bites. The scent is always pure Christmas and I love how it fills a room with the mix of holiday spices

  122. My favorite Cookie has to be either snickerdoodles or muddy buddy cookies! This would be an amazing giveaway to get!! Love your cookbook

  123. Favorite cookie is a recipe from my mom. No real name but a cut out cookie made with sweet butter, and the usual ingredients but only the egg yolks that are cooked and then smashed/strained over the dough. She only called them Sweet-Butter cookies but they have been a family favorite for years. Suspect they were a hand-me-down recipe from my great grandparents’ German bakery. My son used to call them “wax” cookies because you dip them in the beaten egg whites for a glaze before cooking,

  124. I love the Chocolate Crinkles!! Rich, moist and chocolatey!! The best, along with homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. Mouth watering right now!!

  125. Italian Ricotta with Sprinkles!! So light, fluffy… before you know, you’ve eaten had the pan and have to bake some more!!

  126. My favorite Cookie has to be either snickerdoodles or muddy buddy cookies! This would be an amazing giveaway to get!! Love your cookbook

  127. Mexican Wedding Cookies have always been my favorite! I always made them with my mom. Now I make them for my own family, and coworkers

  128. I have to say this time of year I’m a huge fan of your coconut lime snowballs!
    Traditionally I’m a chocolate chip cookie fan.

  129. Cookie Press Cookies. So fun to make for holidays or anytime. Merry Christmas to you, Josh, Caleb and Maxwell. Thank you for all you do for your followers. It’s so appreciated!

  130. Chocolate chip. It’s more than just a cookie in our home. It’s time spent baking together with my kids. It’s a time to sit together with a treat and a glass of milk after school, sharing our memories from the day. Chocolate chip cookies have created so many amazing memories in my kitchen ❤️.

  131. My favorite cookie is a Kiflies. The sour cream dough and the walnut, brown sugar and cinnamon filling are the best. My husbands favorite is Pignoli. I only make them for special occasions and Holidays.

  132. Chewy chocolate chip and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies. These are my ultimate favorites. Although I try to limit my sugar intake cuz I do have a sweet tooth, I love bake these and keep a stash hidden (from my husband who loves these too) for when my cravings arise.

    What can I say…… cookies…… such bliss! LOL

  133. My favorite is the melt in your mouth shortbread cookies which I love to eat while reading highlander romances.

  134. Mexican wedding cakes always been my favorite cookie, the rich buttery nutty flavors are so good!

  135. My favorite is the classic chocolate chip, dipped halfway in chocolate coating. That extra touch of chocolate sends it over the moon!

  136. My favorite cookies right now are your brown butter-salted caramel snickerdoodles! I made a batch of them for thanksgiving and they were the first dessert gone that night.

  137. Oh gosh I hope I win this! Thank you for this amazing contest. Ok so my favorite cookie is not an easy answer as I love cookies. If i have to choose one i would have to say chewie gooey chocolate chip cookies with nuts! Happy holidays!

  138. Never met a cookie I didn’t like, but there’s a cookie shop in NYC called Schmackarys and they make a maple bacon cookie with actual bacon pieces in it that is to die for.